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NOV-DEC 1999


From: Grandmaster Sanchez




It seems like only yesterday when this Council first formed itself and there were real questions as to whether it would be able to sustain itself or not over the years…..There were questions regarding its structure, people saying that it did not fit the typical "Association" structure and would quickly fall apart……Well, 6 years later we are still around……They said we couldn’t keep all these grandmasters together without fighting because of their egos……Well, guess what, it seems our people have grown closer together over the years instead of apart, and then there were the outlandish "poison pen" remarks by people who couldn’t qualify for our Council or who were ousted for one reason or another (not to mention their "stooges"!) designed to bring us down….."I don’t think so, fellows"…..Try taking a more "positive" approach to life by doing something "good" for a change or at least sign your name to what you say, than maybe someone will take you seriously (our lawyer, for one)……All in all, the WORLD HEAD OF FAMILY SOKESHIP COUNCIL has proven that its here to stay…..We were the FIRST American grandmasters council to come into existence in 1993 and now there are dozens of "imitators", BUT only ONE world council like ours…..We are the BIGGEST and the

BEST. The names on our membership roster say it all, just take a look at our website!


GRANDMASTER YOUSEF SHIRZAD of the INTERNATIONAL SHINZEN KARATE Organization in Tehran – Iran is looking for new people to qualify as representatives for his organization. Please contact Yousef at his Hombu address of: P.O. Box 16765-1699, Tehran – Iran, if you feel you might be able to recommend anyone.


Grandmaster Jim Arvanitis


GRANDMASTER JIM ARVANITIS, the "Father of Modern Pankration" appeared recently on "WARRIOR TALK " Radio to denounce the farce going on as the "Olympic Pankration" movement…..Word has it that certain criteria weren’t met to achieve the goals of getting Pankration into the Olympics…..There are some "good people" being mis-lead about this according to Jim…..Be watching for Jim’s "open letter" in BLACK BELT Magazine…..


Our member in Russia, GENERAL ALEXANDER RETUINSKIH is back in good health since the blood clot incident which happened to him in New Jersey (as reported in our last newsletter). From the virtual newsletter which the American branch of his organization puts out, he was last seen "Bouncing about the training halls in Russia, throwing Spetsnaz (Russian Special Forces) Trainers with a smirk!"


NIKOLAY TRAVKIN of the AMERICAN ANNEX OF RUSSIAN MARTIAL ART under Alexander is reporting a special offering for members of the WHFSC. Please see the enclosed flyer in this newsletter. If you have a computer, you can also access their special website created especially for WHFSC Members at http://amerross.com/whofsc.html The offering is a great one for those serious about grappling. The Russian form of grappling is certainly one of the most sophisticated in the world. The package offers an insight into both GENERAL RETUINSKIH’s patented R.O.S.S. System and the mechanics of movement development in standup – groundwork transition. An excellent value and addition to anyone’s library!


DR. GLENN J. MORRIS, Author of the AMERICAN NINJA MASTER Books and MARTIAL ARTS MADNESS has moved to Lake Charles, Louisiana and has been hired by McNeese State University’s Speech and Theatre Department to teach Organizational Communication, Interpersonal Communication and Public Relations. He recently married Dr. Tamra Temple and was promoted to 9th dan in Bujinkan Budo Ninjutsu by Dr. Masaaki Hatsumi……His art of Hoshinjutsu has also been accepted by the Australian Government as one of the first combat/ non-sport martial arts to be accredited in "The National Martial Arts Instructors Accreditation Scheme" (NMAS)……With all that being said, CONGRATULATIONS Glenn on the marriage and your outstanding accomplishments!


SHIHAN SILVIO MORELLI of Australia in conjunction with the WORLD ALL STYLES ORGANIZATION is hosting the 1ST WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS in Melbourne, Australia on October 2000. The event is officially being sponsored and covered by his magazines, "BLITZ", "AUSTRALIAN TAEKWONDO" and "INTERNATIONAL KICKBOXER" which have worldwide distribution. All members are invited to attend.


Another "plug" for our INTERNATIONAL HALL OF FAME coming up September 1st-2nd of the year 2000…..Again, if you haven’t done so already, please mark your calendars for that date……Our 6th International millenneum bash being held in celebration of the new millenneum will be held on these dates at the Radisson Universal Hotel in Orlando, Florida. This is a CONFIRMED DATE. To make your reservations in advance call their International toll free number of 1-800-333-3333 and mention the "INTERNATIONAL MARTIAL ARTS HALL OF FAME" to get your room discount. (our International membership should also schedule their plane reservations early to get the best possible price for air travel there). We will have a F-A-N-T-A-S-T-I-C TIME…..If you missed this years’ event, take a look at our Hall of Fame photo essay on our website at http://www.Bushido.org/~whfsc or look at the full page ads in the January 2000 issues of BLACK BELT and INSIDE KUNG-FU (now on the newstands) to see what you missed……Next years’ event will be even more SPECTACULAR!


ON A MORE SOMBER NOTE, two of our elite membership have passed on……GRANDMASTER KANG BAN CHUAN of Singapore died on Saturday – November 6th at 10:00 am Malaysia Time. He was well known for his "IRON TECHNIQUES" of the Shaolin and taught the instructors class at the Shaolin Headquarters in Singapore. Better known as "THE IRON HEAD OF SHAOLIN", he was the 50th generation inheritor of Southern Lohan Kung-Fu. He is survived by his highest ranked desciple, GRANDMASTER JURG ZIEGLER of Switzerland, also a member of his Council…..In Hawaii, Kajukenbo practitioners, as well as WHFSC Members mourn the loss of Kajukenbo great, AUGUNG TONY RAMOS. Plagued with recurring strokes, GRANDMASTER RAMOS finally succumbed to a massive stroke on Sunday – November 14 at his home in Wahiawa, Hawaii……Both will be sorely missed by this Council.


KYOSHI SID CAMPBELL and HANSHI DAN TOSH were in Burbank, California on November 22nd for a photo shoot sponsored by MARTIAL ARTS AND COMBAT SPORTS Magazine. They have a joint article on Shorin Ryu Speed Striking which will be coming out soon and this may be the prelude to a cover featuring both gentlemen…..If so, it will be the first time two Shorin Ryu Masters have been featured on the cover of an American martial arts magazine!


PROFESSOR GARY DILL of SDS JEET KUNE DO recently received appointments to GRANDMASTER JOHN PELLEGRINI’s INTERNATIONAL COMBAT HAPKIDO FEDERATION and WORLD MARTIAL ARTS ALLIANCE…..He will be on the Advisory Board of both organizations…..GRANDMASTER NEAL HUMMERSTONE of Florida also recently received an appointment as representative for the AMERICAN ANNEX OF RUSSIAN MARTIAL ART…..Good to see our members networking…..This is really "what it’s all about"!


As membership in the WORLD HEAD OF FAMILY SOKESHIP COUNCIL becomes more and more difficult to attain, we are proud to announce the admission of one new member to our worldwide organization…..From Argentina, KANCHO GERARDO CANTORE . He is Soke and Founder of the SHINSHINKAN KARATE DO System…….WELCOME TO OUR ELITE FAMILY, KANCHO CANTORE!


IN THE MAGAZINES THIS MONTH……BLACK BELT features GRANDMASTER BILL WALLACE’S Column……INSIDE KUNG-FU features mentions of PROFESSOR WALLY JAY and Honorary Member, MASTER JACKIE CHAN……The "new" KARATE ILLUSTRATED (formerly KARATE/ KUNG-FU ILLUSTRATED) features MASTER DON "THE DRAGON" WILSON’S Column……MARTIAL ARTS AND COMBAT SPORTS (formerly MARTIAL ARTS ILLUSTRATED of California, not the English publication by the same name) features a mention of Honorary Member, MASTER JACKIE CHAN……KUNG-FU/ WUSHU features an article by JUNG SHEE JAMES LACY and mention of Honorary Member, MASTER JACKIE CHAN……MARTIAL ARTS TRAINING has an article on HANSHI RAY GERANEO’s training methods for shin development……and BUDO INTERNATIONAL (Kampfkunst International) features critiques on YOURS TRULY, SHIHAN PETER BROWNE of England and PROFESSOR JOHN DENORA of California after a recent seminar in San Diego, California….The reviews by the magazine were EXCELLENT by the way (although they were in German and had to be translated by good friend and Council Member, PROFESSOR KLAUS ROMMINGER. I originally received a copy of the issue from a student of mine in Germany who happened to see the review on myself. He was proud of the fact that I was praised highly in it and sent it to my attention. It’s nice to know you’re appreciated!).


On the seminar circuit as reported by members (this seems to be a "dry period" because of the holidays!)……PROFESSOR GARY DILL’s SDS USA held an Aiki-Jitsu Seminar in Tahlequah, Oklahoma on Dec. 4th……SOKE DANIEL VERKERKE of Canada held a seminar on knives on Nov. 21st……and PROFESSOR WALLY JAY was honored with a special martial arts lifetime achievement award banquet and ceremony on November 13th in San Jose, Calif.


Well, this concludes our bi-monthly issue for November – December 1999….Please have a safe and happy holiday season everyone and remember to stay AGGRESSIVE and FAIR in the NEW MILLENNIUM!



Sincerely yours in martial arts brotherhood,

Professor Frank E. Sanchez

10th dan judan

Founder/ Executive Director International


NOTE: The WHFSC has been in existence since May of 1993 and is a private enterprise of Soke Frank E. Sanchez in service to its grandmaster membership. Any requested changes, additions or deletions to its membership roster must be in writing. All 2 year membership certificates are not automatically renewed and MUST be renewed by written request to our Headquarters.