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July /August 2000


WORLDS MARTIAL ARTS ELITE BOOK to premier at upcoming WHFSC INTERNATIONAL MILLENNIUM BASH on September 1st and 2nd…..Well, ladies and gents, its finally here!!! It contains the names of ALL OF THE MEMBERS OF OUR ELITE COUNCIL TO DATE. It also features the bios and pictures of those noted personalities in the world martial arts community who took the time to send in their material for publication (for the record, not all submissions qualified). Registered with the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C., this is not a "pay for fame" publication as most are ( there are some notable exceptions such as the outstanding publications put out by member, GRANDMASTER EMIL FARKAS of California, etc.) but an honest attempt to list the names and bios of those who are well known in the martial arts industry today. We are proud of the way it turned out….If you are not coming to the WHFSC function on September 1st-2nd….You can still order your copy by sending $30.00 plus $3.00 postage for each to the WHFSC Hombu. Our foreign members should add $9.00 extra to cover postage for each book ordered. HURRY and order yours now before this first edition is sold out!!

How can you tell if an event is LEGIT?…..Word has it that our website roster has been the target of solicitors bent on making a profit from our membership…..If you receive a martial arts invitation of any type from an outside source, please make sure to contact Headquarters about it….We have heard of several doing "follow up" phone calls for their mailings…."Why"???, because they can "make up" things more and not be held accountable for what they say (a standard "salesman’s" approach), more so then if they put it all in writing. All in an effort to persuade you to attend. So, the next time someone solicits you by phone call after receiving a mailing from them, TELL THEM you want what they say to be put in writing and to SIGN IT. This way, you can hold them to what they say….Better yet, let us know, so that we can fill you in on what’s going on.

Rankin’s new Hombu in England nearing completion in May

GRANDMASTER WILLIAM RANKIN of LAN-KIN-FA JUJITSU in England wrote to say that after 34 years of his RED ROSE MARTIAL ARTS CLUB being in existence, that they are now moving to a new Headquarters….The new building which will be located further down the way from its present location on St. George’s Quay in Lancaster will have two independent 24'’x77’ training halls, male and female bathroom facilities with showers, a 1st floor caf� shop, viewing area and kitchen with storage areas.

GRAND SLAM at the U.S. OPEN CHAMPIONSHIPS……. GRANDMASTER GLENN WILSON of Florida reports that his PAI LUM TAO Warriors dominated all the categories of competition in this recent event proving the "strength" of PAI LUM TAO Training…..Glenn also has four new videos on the Pai Lum Tao System, as well as a book being marketed by UNIQUE PUBLICATIONS AND if that weren’t enough, will be featured in the new MASTER DON "THE DRAGON" WILSON film, "REDEMPTION" playing "what else"……A Martial Arts Master…..CONGRATULATIONS GLENN, we are all VERY PROUD of your accomplishments! (and those of your student, MASTER DON "THE DRAGON" WILSON)….For those of you who will be attending our September function, Glenn’s warriors will be doing the honors of opening up the ceremonies with a Double Lion Dance….

Also being featured at the upcoming September 1st-2nd banquet will be the signing of contracts to bring American grandmasters from the WORLD HEAD OF FAMILY SOKESHIP COUNCIL to Russia on a yearly basis as sponsored by the RUSSIAN FEDERATION OF RUSSIAN MARTIAL ART and the Russian Government. This will be a martial arts FIRST!…..Day long seminars AFTER the event on Sunday- September 3rd will feature GENERAL ALEXANDER RETUINSKI and his Russian R.O.S.S. System and SOKE HANNS VON ROLBECK teaching his KI-JUTSU System from Germany.

VIDEO-TAPE BEING MARKETED IN RUSSIA…..A video-tape featuring YOURS TRULY, GENERAL ALEXANDER RETUINSKIH, PROFESSOR NEAL HUMMERSTONE and Master Bram Frank is scheduled for distribution and sale throughout Russia. The tape features seminars that were held in February in St. Petersburg, Russia for elite military personnel, security agents and martial arts instructors who were attending from different nations.

GRANDMASTER GLENN PREMRU, Soke of the OKINAWAN KARATE FEDERATION in Arizona reports that they have changed their website address. The new address is www.okf1956.com

Due to OVERWHELMING SALES, the price of MAESTRO PETER URBAN’s 6 CD set entitled THE DOJO 2 – THE TALKING BOOK has been reduced to $47.50 to make it available to those students and sensei of karate who could not afford it before. To order your historical presentation of this great American Karate genius, send your money order to: Garry Gascoyne Enterprises, 12 Bumpus Rd., Plymouth, MA. 02360-3512. Shipping and handling for the CDs is $3.00 USA/ $6.00 Canada/ $26.00 EUROPE….Also note that the Maestro has a NEW BOOK out which is also being offered by Garry Gascoyne Enterprises entitled CHINATOWN DOJO – THE PHILOSOPHY AND PSYCHOLOGY OF KARATE TRAINING. This special limited edition book is selling for $25.00. Shipping and handling for the books being the same as for the Maestro’s CD package shown above.

NEW MAGAZINE TO PREMIER SOON…….DR. RIC BLACK of Ft. Myers, Florida reports that his new magazine entitled MARTIAL ARTS LIFE is scheduled for release in October. The WHFSC September Banquet will be featured in the premier issue over a 4 page spread…..For more information on MARTIAL ARTS LIFE Magazine, you can contact DR. BLACK at 8695 College Parkway, Unit 342, Ft. Myers, Florida 33919.

GRANDMASTER IAAN CYRUS of Pennsylvania has officially retired from the F.B.I. and is now on Staff as a Doctor in the Alternative Medicine Department of Jefferson University Hospital. Aside from being the talented inheritor of the Korean Art of CHOSON DO. He is also a licensed Practitioner of Oriental Medicine. Iaan will be Heading the Oriental Medicine Department of our new College of Martial Arts once it is formed.

GRANDMASTER DANNY GLOVER from North Carolina (one of many champions produced by the legendary GRANDMASTER ERNIE CATES, also a member of our Council) recently won a Gold Medal in the National Ju-Jitsu Championships held there recently….This is actually the SECOND TIME he has achieved this feat in consecutive years! He is the Soke Dai of GRANDMASTER ERNIE CATES, Judo legend and Founder of NEKO RYU JU-JITSU…….Speaking of Professor Cates, one other legend was "introduced" to the martial arts by him that we forgot to mention in an earlier newsletter……as a young Marine just getting his feet wet, the great Karate champion, Grandmaster Joe Lewis received combat training from Ernie!……Also asserting the skill of his teacher in the combat sports arena was Shihan Brian Long, son of GRANDMASTER BOB LONG of New York who recently won a Kickboxing Championship in the "Big Apple"…..CONGRATULATIONS GENTLEMAN!

SOKE HARRIS WARREN was recently appointed to the Board of Directors of the U.S. JU-JITSU FEDERATION created by HANSHI GEORGE ANDERSON (another member of this great council)…..CONGRATULATIONS Harris!…..SOKE WARREN will be speaking about the U.S.J.J.F. at our Annual Meeting on September 2nd, as well as doing what he does best, conducting a Ju-jitsu seminar at the WHFSC Annual Seminar Symposium held the same weekend.

AND NOW TO OUR LATEST MEMBER…..We are proud to report that the inheritor of the 7 STAR PRAYING MANTIS SYSTEM, GRANDMASTER LEE KAM WING from Hong Kong just joined us…..WELCOME to our elite family, Grandmaster Lee!

IN THE MEDIA THIS TIME AROUND……BLACK BELT Magazine features articles on MASTER RICKSON GRACIE, the passing of GRANDMASTER NGO DONG with comments on the use of training dummies in practice by MASTER BART VALE and GRANDMASTER JIM ARVANITIS……INSIDE KUNG-FU features an article with cover story on MASTER JACKIE CHAN with a mention of the recent victory by legendary Kickboxing Champion, MASTER DON "THE DRAGON" WILSON ……MARTIAL ARTS COMBAT SPORTS features a mention of MASTER RICKSON GRACIE……MASTERS OF COMBAT Magazine features HANSHI DAN TOSH and SOKE SID CAMPBELL putting their martial arts talents together for an article on Shorin-Ryu power strikes……GRANDMASTER Magazine features an interview with the "Father of Modern Pankration", GRANDMASTER JIM ARVANITIS…..and finally, THE KARATE VOICE features GRANDMASTER JOE WILLIAMS on the cover; its publisher, KRATIOS MASTER VASILIOS KATSAITIS with articles on YOURS TRULY, GRANDMASTER JIM ARVANTIS, GRANDMASTER JAMES LACY, MASTER JEFF SPEAKMAN, and GRANDMASTERS DANIEL VERKERKE, DOUG DEVLIN and YOGI SEGARRA from Canada.

Well, this concludes our issue for this bi-monthly period…..For those of you who will be attending our Annual Meeting / Hall of Fame - Seminar Symposium next month, I’ll see you there!…..We’ll have plenty

Of fun and action to report in the next issue…..Until then, stay AGGRESSIVE and FAIR in all that you do.

Sincerely yours in martial arts brotherhood,

Professor Frank E. Sanchez

Founder/ Executive Director International


NOTE: The WHFSC has been in existence since May of 1993 and is a private enterprise of Soke Frank E. Sanchez in service to its grandmaster membership. Any requested changes, additions or deletions to its membership roster must be in writing. All 2 year membership certificates are not automatically renewed and MUST be renewed by written request to our Headquarters.