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RUSSIAN PRESS CONFERENCE - (left to right) Panel Moderator, Alex Fefel (interpreter), Grandmaster Retuinskih, Grandmaster Sanchez, Grandmaster Wilson, Richard Price & Nikolay Travkin (interpreter)

Just returned from a trip to Russia with SI TAI GUNG GLENN WILSON and BLACK BELT Magazine’s Publisher, RICHARD PRICE doing seminars and a concert show for Russia’s International Martial Arts Festival which also featured Russian Representative, GENERAL ALEXANDER RETUINSKIH….It was a great week in BEAUTIFUL St. Petersburg, Russia with everyone doing a FANTASTIC job in demonstrating their particular form of martial art! SPECIAL THANKS to BLACK BELT Magazine’s RICHARD PRICE for coming along and covering this historic event. One of the highlights was the presentation of awards on February 19th to President Putin’s representative by our Council. All in all, a grand event punctuated by good media coverage, press conferences and great people ….Who could ask for a better weekend??!!!

MY APOLOGIES to my Island brother, OLOHE SOLOMON KAIHEWALU for getting it WRONG in the last issue about his family art of LUA. It originated in North Kohala Kona, the big Island of Hawaii and NOT Samoa!….Must have been drinking too much Tuba (an alcoholic beverage made from coconut milk) when I wrote that….SOLOMON is very proud of his HAWAIIAN ROOTS. The art of LUA HALAU O KAIHEWALU originated from his Grand Father who taught his Father , who than passed on the art to SOLOMON……The 52nd reunion for LUA by the way, takes place on June 22nd – 23rd in Kona, Hawaii and is open to the public. For more information on the event, you can contact OLOHE at thelua@hotmail.com

SOLOMON by the way, is also involved with Grandmasters Chuck Norris and Bob Wall and their WORLD BLACK BELT, INC. Website. We will have information on this site available at our upcoming Annual Meeting/ International Hall of Fame/ Seminar Symposium on August 31st – September 1st in Orlando, Florida.

SI TAI GUNG GLENN WILSON tells me that a new movie by his student, Honorary WHFSC Member, MASTER DON "THE DRAGON" WILSON will be premiering in April on the HBO Network. The HBO Premiere showing of the film called "REDEMPTION" also features Glenn in the movie as well as another well known student of his, Cynthia Rothrock, so be watching for it!

Heard from good friend, GRANDMASTER SAM KUOHA in California that he was asked by the Producers of the TV series, Ripley’s "Believe It Or Not" to try and break his world ice breaking record set some years back . Sam broke the ice with his head and was debating the pros and cons of doing such a dangerous feat again….As busy as Sam is with his personal appearances, seminars and projects he has temporarily "shelved" the idea….With two new books coming out this month under Unique Publications and writing his autobiography, he has little time to concentrate on anything else…..Daughter KA’IMI is also making "waves" with her acting talents and will be moving to Los Angeles to pursue a career in acting….For those of you who have not seen her in action, she is one "heckuva" martial artist. Combine that with good looks and charisma and she should go far in the movie industry!

If you’ve visited our website recently, you noticed the addition of a new REFERENCE LETTERS Section to our site which adds even further credibility to our already prestigious website…..If you haven’t, please take a look at it by pulling up our website at http://bushido.org/~whfsc In the weeks to come, we will also be adding a new AMBASSADORS listing, showing those who have been specially chosen to represent our Council in specific areas of the world because of their high visibility in the martial arts community.


Attached is a nomination ballot for our upcoming Hall of Fame which takes place on August 31st – September 1st in Orlando, Florida (you can also fill out the on-line submission form from our website)….Remember that the success of each years’ event depends on YOU. So, we are asking you to go "all out" in nominating as many REPUTABLE people in the world martial arts community as you can for this years’ gala affair (don’t forget your students for the student category!)…..As in years past, these events have ALWAYS lived up to their billing of having the "best of the best" in one place. If you have never attended this event before, you owe it to see for yourself what you’ve been missing!….Make your hotel reservations now, by calling the Radisson Hotel’s International Toll Free Number of 1-800-333-3333 and mention the "International Martial Arts Hall of Fame Room Block" to obtain your room discount at the "Radisson Hotel Universal" (formerly the "Radisson Twin Towers)…..Remember the event takes place the weekend of August 31st – September 1st, 2001 in Orlando!

World renowned book author / martial artist, GRANDMASTER EMIL FARKAS is busy as usual with several projects going on at once….He just completed Volume I of a 3 volume set of videos entitled "THE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF SELF-DEFENSE. The 3 volume set will cover all aspects of practical street defense from hand-to-hand combat to defending oneself against all types of weapons. Also being produced is a video-tape ENCYCLOPEDIA OF THE MARTIAL ARTS which features a who’s who in the martial arts, a description and history of all styles and systems, major and minor weapons, martial arts in the movies and television, etc….He has also been working with world Karate champion, Tokey Hill on a book entitled "The Family Guide to the Martial Arts" geared to the novice who wants to get into the martial arts…..Lastly, did you know that our own EMIL FARKAS is also a professional magician and gives private magic classes in L.A. (aside from teaching the Stars martial arts) ???….. He is now doing a series of combined magic/ martial arts seminars for children which is "catching on like wildfire"!….If you are interested in having HANSHI FARKAS conduct this type of seminar at your school, you can e-mail him at EmilFarkasKarate@aol.com

CONGRATULATIONS to good friend, GRANDMASTER JIM ARVANITIS, the "Father of Modern Pankration" on the recent wins by Eric Hill, one of his certified "Thaskalos" (GR. "instructor") in the recent "BattleJax, the premiere mixed-styles martial arts event in Florida; and Eric’s student, Hannah Lewis- Rosenblum who won both the "Rival Classic" and Free Style Fighting Championships" in Lakeland and Davie, Florida respectively…..WAY TO GO!…..JIM also has two new websites for Pankration, they are www.channel1.com/pankration and www.spartanacademy.com

LEGENDARY MARTIAL ARTIST, GRANDMASTER LEO FONG has been working on scenes from his upcoming movie, THE FIST OF FONG DRAGON TO DRAGON according to a nice letter I received from his wife, Minnie over the Christmas Holidays…..I am sure it will be a "winner"!

The "enforcer", PROFESSOR GARY DILL, Leader of one of the largest Jeet Kune Do Organizations in the U.S. recently changed the name of his Association Newsletter to reflect today’s modern times…..It’s now called "THE STREET SAMURAI".

CONGRATULATIONS to DR. JEDAN FIGUEROA on his first KOKUSAI JUJITSU KAIKAN NO MEISEI (International JuJitsu Hall of Fame) held in Dorado, Puerto Rico. Opening up the ceremonies for the event was the Mayor of Dorado, the Honorable Carlos A. Lopez Rivera.

PRESENTING HIS SIDE OF THE STORY AND IN DIFFERENCE TO MIKE ANDERSON’S CLAIM ON HOW FOAM KARATE GEAR CAME ABOUT IN OUR LAST NEWSLETTER…..Our own GRANDMASTER GEORGE ANDERSON states that it is his belief that the idea actually originated in Akron, Ohio when they were experimenting with nitrogen expanded foam wrapped with elastic cloth to fit the hand….Having played a big part in the historical development of sport Karate, GEORGE offers some pretty convincing evidence, citing names and places to substantiate his claims.

AMERICA’S LONGEST RUNNING TOURNAMENT COMES TO NEW JERSEY ONCE AGAIN……GRANDMASTER GARY ALEXANDER’s 37th ANNUAL I.A.M.A. "2001" CHAMPIONSHIPS takes place April 1st at the Sheraton Hotel in Piscataway, New Jersey. For more information, you can contact the I.A.M.A. at 732-287-5755 or E-Mail: garyalex@bellatlantic.net

INSTITUTE OF APPLIED ASIAN STUDIES is now a REALITY…..Incorporated in Delaware, this new Institute of Higher Learning for the Council was put together under the supervision of GRANDMASTER RON BALAS who holds a Doctorate in Psychology. For more information on the new Institute, you can contact Ron at ronbalas@gte.net The first Doctorial candidate for the Institute is GRANDMASTER DOUG DEVLIN, co-founder of the POLICE MARTIAL ARTS ASSOCIATION of Canada.

SOKE GERARDO CANTORE, Head of the Shinshinkan World Karate Organization reports from the Suzan Honinji Temple in Sarnak, India that WHFSC members wishing to train and visit with him can contact GERARDO at GERARDOCANTORE@HOTMAIL.COM You would be able to stay at the Temple and practice while also taking part in meditations, sutras, mantras, etc. during your stay.

In Hawaii, SOKE EDWARD BADIANG, Head of SEITO DO KARATE, reports that the forthcoming movie "Pearl Harbor", filmed in part on Oahu, Hawaii will be out soon. According to ED, the stunt work he performed for it was some of the most dangerous he has ever done.

Lastly in International news, we would like to wish HANSHI TOM HUNNICUTT of Arkansas a speedy recovery from a past Karate injury which is causing him problems right now and also our CONDOLENCES to PROFESSOR LARRY HILTON of Illinois who lost a mentor and Father figure in Grandmaster C.G. Pat Burke…. We wish you both spiritual strength to pull you through this time of trial. …..


AND NOW TO OUR LATEST MEMBERS……From Costa Mesa, California, we have SHODAI SOKE DAVID DYE, a well known martial artist featured in magazine articles and on PANTHER VIDEOS. He is the Founder of SHUYOKAN RYU…..From Sylacauga, Alabama, we have the President and Executive Director for the INTERNATIONAL MATSUMURA SEITO SOCIETY and Soke of SHORIN RYU MATSUMURA SOKEN DO KARATE, GRANDMASTER DAVE SHELTON…….Franklin, Arkansas brings us HANSHI CURTIS FUTCH, a 6 time decorated military hero; Founder of the AMERICAN FREE STYLE KENPO SYSTEM and 9th dan President of the ALL OKINAWAN OZARK MOUNTAIN KARATE ASSOCIATION, INC. ….From the Netherlands, we have the legendary GRANDMASTER JON BLUMING, one of the few legitimate 9th dans in JUDO existing in the world today and to our knowledge the only living 10th dan in KYOKUSHIN (Oyama Style) KARATE….. and finally from Osaka, Japan, our latest Honorary member, and one of the highest ranked females in Aikido, 6th dan MIYAKO FUJITANI….WELCOME TO OUR ELITE FAMILY OF THE WORLD’S GREATEST MARTIAL ARTISTS!

IN THE MEDIA THIS TIME AROUND……The February issue of BLACK BELT Magazine features GRANDMASTER BILL WALLACE in an article about his "SUPERFOOT" SYSTEM while the March issue of BLACK BELT has a cover photo and interview with MASTER RICKSON GRACIE…..The March issue of INSIDE KUNG-FU mentions SI TAI GUNG GLENN WILSON’S 2000 PAI LUM TAO Conference held in Orlando, Florida along with GRANDMASTER ERNESTO PRESAS’ celebration of 30 years of teaching (CONGRATULATIONS ERNESTO!) while the April issue mentions MASTER DON "THE DRAGON" WILSON’s new film REDEMPTION along with DR. MAUNG GYI instructing at a recent BANDO camp in Colorado…..The March issue of MARTIAL ARTS & COMBAT SPORTS features an article on the 5th Annual "Dragonfest" with photos of GRANDMASTER DOUGLAS WONG, GRANDMASTER SAM KUOHA and KA’IMI KUOHA……ACTION MARTIAL ARTS NEWS features GRANDMASTER JURG ZIEGLER on the cover with martial arts column by JUNG SHEE JAMES LACY……and the KARATE VOICE features an editorial by KRATIOS MASTER VASILIOS KATSAITIS, columns by MAESTRO PETER URBAN and JUNG SHEE JAMES LACY (note the WHFSC t-shirt that James is wearing!) with articles on YOURS TRULY, GENERAL ALEXANDER RETUINSKIH and members of our new WHFSC Masters Division, MASTER NICK HINES and CARLOS VELEZ II.

Well, this brings us to the end of this January – February Newsletter…… I pray that all of you are enjoying good health and prosperity and until our next newsletter, stay AGGRESSIVE and FAIR in all you do.



Sincerely yours in martial arts brotherhood,

Grandmaster Frank E. Sanchez

10th dan judan

Founder/ Executive Director International


NOTE: The WHFSC has been in existence since May of 1993 and is a private enterprise of Soke Frank E. Sanchez in service to its grandmaster membership. Any additions or deletions to its membership must be in writing. All 2 year membership certificates are not automatically renewed and MUST be renewed by written request to our Headquarters.