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WHFSC Members, PROFESSOR WALLY JAY (represented by his son, Leon Jay), GRANDMASTER RON VAN CLIEF, PROFESSOR BILLY DAVIS, GRANDMASTER RONALD DUNCAN, PROFESSOR CHAKA ZULU, SIJO DOUGLAS WONG, SIJO AL DACASCOS, MASTER DON "THE DRAGON" WILSON (Honorary) and MASTER JACKIE CHAN (Honorary) were honored in a recent 2 hour TV Special presented by actor, Wesley Snipes entitled THE FIRST TRIBUTE TO THE MARTIAL ARTS MASTERS OF THE 20TH CENTURY ....The show which was pre-taped in Harlem, New York was broadcast nationally on Cable TV this August ....CONGRATULATIONS gentlemen on a job "WELL DONE"!

Professor Tiwanak of Hawaii laid to rest.....

PROFESSOR MARINO TIWANAK, WHFSC Member and legendary Founder of CHA-3 KENPO in Hawaii died recently of a heart attack. Tiwanak's son, Mike called to report the death to the WHFSC Hombu and flowers were immediately wired to the family .....WHFSC Members are asked to keep the family in their prayers...... Cards of personal condolences can also be sent to the family at: 98-1222 MAHIPUA ST., AIEA, HI. 96701.

WHFSC Member and American Jujitsu Pioneer, PROFESSOR WALLY JAY of California was also felled by a recent heart attack and underwent a Triple Bypass Operation. The Founder of SMALL CIRCLE JUJITSU is currently recuperating at his home in Alameda......Please send your get-well cards to Wally at: 2055 EAGLE AVE., ALAMEDA, CA. 94501.

GRANDMASTER HAROLD LONG, one of our staunchest members and one of the legends of ISSHINRYU KARATE in America was diagnosed recently with Pancreatic Cancer....Formerly a resident of the U.S. Naval Home in Mississippi, Grandmaster Long moved back to Tennessee to be with family.....His address is currently unavailable, but will be published for well wishes once it is known.

PROFESSOR EDWIN MALEY of Tampa, Florida was honored by the City of Tampa with "PROFESSOR EDWIN MALEY DAY" on July 17, 1998. The good professor who is one of the world's most well known Judokas has the distinction of having the oldest self-defense school in Florida....Ed was also honored recently by U.S. JUDO INC. with their first ever, OUTSTANDING LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD for his 50 years of dedication to the sport of Judo......CONGRATULATIONS ED!

Don "the Dragon" with Grandmaster Stone in Largo, Florida

HONORARY MEMBER and martial arts movie star, DON "THE DRAGON" WILSON has promised to make an appearance at our upcoming International Hall of Fame on September 5th in Orlando.....Also coming is the legendary FRANK DUX of "Blood Sport" Fame.......Substituting for PROFESSOR WALLY JAY at our Inernational seminars on September 4th will be SIGUNG GLENN WILSON of the GONG YUEN CHUAN FA PAI LUM TAO System and HANSHI GEORGE ALEXANDER who will be demonstrating pressure points from the WHITE CRANE System.....More on this spectacular weekend at the Radisson Twin Towers in our next newsletter......So, please be watching for it!

GRANDMASTER RON "THE BLACK DRAGON" VAN CLIEF will also be in attendance at our upcoming September 5th event and has a new novel which will be out next year entitled "NO DOUBT' THE RON VAN CLIEF STORY". The 5 time world karate legend's book will be the basis for a major motion picture movie on the life and times of "The Black Dragon"......A MUCH DESERVED accolade to a TRUE martial arts HERO!


WHFSC Members, Jan De Jong of Australia (top - 2nd from left) and Andy McGill of England (top - far right) with seminar leaders in Europe

PROFESSOR BILLY DAVIS of New York reports that he now has a NEW Tax Exempt C3 Non-profit 501 Corporation for the promotion of martial arts events......

GRANDMASTER S. SRINIVASAN from India reports that he will be leading an Indian Karate Team to Toronto, Canada in the beginning of November 1998 for the WORLD KARATE CHAMPIONSHIP being organized by the WORLD KARATE ASSOCIATION in Canada.

Lastly, in Council news.......We now have a new WHFSC WEBSITE which originates from Canada, courtesy of SOKE DANIEL VERKERKE of Cambridge, Ontario. The Internet address is: http://www.Bushido.org/whfsc.htm  and will feature the WHFSC Newsletter and miscellaneous pictures of our illustrious membership......THANK YOU DAN for doing such an outstanding job of putting this Website together for us!

IN THE MEDIA THIS MONTH......The October issue of BLACK BELT features SHIDOSHI STEPHEN HAYES on the cover with news items on GRANDMASTERS DEVLIN and MACLEOD's PMAAI Organization and MASTER RICKSON GRACIE's column on grappling......INSIDE KUNG-FU features SIFU MARK DACASCOS on the cover with articles on MASTER JACKIE CHAN, BAPAK WILLEM DETHOURS and GRANDMASTER RORION GRACIE'S Column on grappling......the October issue of INSIDE KARATE features an article on YOURS TRULY......The September/ October issue of THE WORLD OF MARTIAL ARTS features articles on GRANDMASTER JIM ARVANITIS and YOURS TRULY.....The September issue of TAE KWON DO TIMES features mentions of MASTER DON "THE DRAGON" WILSON, GRANDMASTER JOHN PELLEGRINI, SHIHAN VASILIOS KATSAITIS, YOURS TRULY and GRANDMASTER JIM ARVANITIS......KARATE INTERNATIONAL features articles on MASTER JACKIE CHAN, PROFESSOR WALLY JAY, GARY DILL and the ACADEMY OF THE MASTERS '98 featuring members, AMA GURO RAFFY PAMBUAN and GRANDMASTER JOE HESS.......The KARATE VOICE features articles by JUNG SHEE JAMES LACY, GRANDMASTER CARLOS J. LOPEZ and PROFESSOR GARY DILL.....The NEW "MARTIAL ARTS ILLUSTRATED" which comes from Covina, California features HONORARY MEMBER SIFU MARK DACASCOS on the cover......and lastly, GRANDMASTER RICHARD D.D. HOPKINS of England appears in the first of a "two parter" in England's own MARTIAL ARTS ILLUSTRATED (not associated in any way with the "new" M.A.I. from California)

ON THE SEMINAR CIRCUIT (as reported by members).....The GRACIE JIU-JITSU ACADEMY of California announces its intermediate/ advanced training camp taking place Sept. 13-17 in the Pocono Mountains......SOKE BENEDETTO STUMPF of Germany participated as leading Head instructor in a 3 day Budo seminar from May 30th-June 1st in Dortmund, Germany ......PROFESSOR GARY DILL has seminars slated for Sept 12th in Tahlequah, Oklahoma and September 19th in Wheeling, W. Virginia ......SHIDOSHI STEPHEN HAYES appears September 12th in North Platte, Nebraska......SOKE GLENN PREMRU conducts a seminar on September 3rd in Zephyrhills, Florida......MASTER STEVE LEE SWIFT appears September 5th in the MASTER THE ZONE SUMMIT '98.....GRANDMASTER CARL STONE conducted his BATTLE BY THE BAY Tournament on June 26th in Indian Rocks Beach, Florida.....May 13th found GRANDMASTER PETER NEHLS of Germany in Holland doing seminars on self-defense and in Cuxhaven on June 6th with GRANDMASTER JOE HESS of Florida.....DR. KENT HARALSON of Montana conducts his 1ST ANNUAL NORTHEASTERN REGIONAL MARTIAL ARTS CLINIC in Indianapolis, Indiana.....MASTER DON "THE DRAGON" WILSON appeared June 13th in Jacksonville, Florida in promotion of a new MEGA VIDEO Store here......13 WHFSC GRANDMASTERS from around the world will appear in a super seminar symposium on September 4th as part of the WHFSC's Hall of Fame celebration at the Radisson Twin Towers in Orlando, Florida ......GRANDMASTERS BRUCE JUCHNIK (Founder of the "Gathering"), FELIX VAZQUEZ, WILLEM DETHOURS and YOURS TRULY are featured instructors in the EAST COAST GATHERING taking place September 26th-27th in Pennsylvania.....and GRANDMASTERS JAN DE JONG of Australia and GRANDMASTER ANDY MCGILL participated in an International seminar which took place in Holland earlier this year......


This concludes our newsletter for this bi-monthly period of July and August...

Until next time, please stay "aggressive" and "fair" in all that you do!


Sincerely yours in martial arts brotherhood,

Professor Frank E. Sanchez

10th dan judan

Founder/ Executive Director International

NOTE: The WHFSC has been in existence since May of 1993 and is a private enterprise of Soke Frank E. Sanchez in service to its grandmaster membership. Any requested changes, additions or deletions to its membership roster must be in writing.