November - December  2001


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First of all, before we begin I would like to wish YOU & your loved ones a VERY HAPPY Holiday season and a FANTASTIC & PRODUCTIVE upcoming NEW YEAR !!!!

2001 has been a time of triumph for this Council with our short range goals being realized and even eclipsed in some instances; and conversely of heartache with the recent terrorist attacks on America & deaths of some of our most beloved Brethren in the arts this year..DR. RICHARD KIM is the most recent loss to have been suffered by this Council. He died peacefully at his home in California, leaving behind a tremendous martial arts legacy. His numerous accomplishments include the brilliant writings, "THE WEAPONLESS WARRIORS",  "THE CLASSICAL MAN" and the book series "KOBUDO - OKINAWAN WEAPONS". He also mentored  & taught  many of the world's finest Karateka, including another living "Legend" of our Council, MAESTRO PETER URBAN.  Without a doubt, DR. KIM was one of the most revered and respected martial artists & historians of our time. His presence will be sorely missed.  

Martial arts pioneer, GRANDMASTER SAM PEARSON & students  give  us an  exciting look at the  rare art of WATAI RYU  during their demonstration at the WHFSC festivities held August 31st - September 3rd in Orlando, Florida. One of the great performances given there.

For those of you who ordered tapes of the WHFSC Seminars held  this year in Orlando, Florida. We received word from VIDEO QUEST that their production was delayed  due to the recent terrorist actions in America. Now that the mail situation has been normalized & supplies received for their completion, you should be receiving them soon. We THANK YOU for your patience.  

GRANDMASTER BUDDY AMATO,  who lost several students in the terrorist attack & whose own Daughter barely escaped death by minutes, will be honoring those who died in the recent New York Twin Towers attack with a monument to be constructed outside his Dojo in New Jersey. The memorial will be the largest of its kind honoring these fallen heroes in the City..A great instructor, humanitarian & patriot,  BUDDY's school is the largest in the City, but it can't hold a candle to how big his heart is...we SALUTE you BUDDY.   

GRANDMASTER RON VAN CLIEF has been, to put it very mildly..BUSY...He's presently awaiting a deal with DIMENSION FILMS for his movie, "THE RETURN OF THE BLACK DRAGON"... completed some "voice overs" for several film projects; and TOMMY BOY FILMS is releasing a series of RON VAN CLIEF AKA BLACK DRAGON films, shorts & documentaries on DVD..Not to mention his auditions for major TV shows  & his Son's recent Wedding which he attended (CONGRATULATIONS) ...I know you said something about your "slowing down", RON...But, it sure doesn't sound like it from here...MORE POWER TO YOU, RON!

DON'T FORGET that GRANDMASTER STEVE LEE SWIFT is still looking for female martial artists for his ESPN TV Special next year. If you are a member of this Council or have lady students who are particularly talented whom you would like to see on the show, please contact me & I will relay your interest to STEVE.

GRANDMASTER SAM KUOHA's daughter & the future inheritor of KARAHO KEMPO, SENSEI KA'IMI KUOHA will be spotlighted in an interview profile tentatively slated for December 7th on the FOX TV Network...Be watching for it.  SPECIAL GET WELL WISHES also go out to SAM who  is "under-the-weather"  from his recent 2 month marathon across Europe teaching.  He hopes to be on his feet in another week, bicycling, dancing & then back to training...As the old saying goes, "You can't hold a good man down"!.

SAN-JITSU DOMINATES SPARRING/ GRAPPLING DIVISIONS AT 7TH ANNUAL MARTIAL ARTS TOURNAMENT sponsored by the KARATE VOICE NEWS & PANKRATION FEDERATION PYX-LAX  of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.Students, Jon Haupt - 6th Kyu  (Green Tip) and John LaRue -  8th Kyu (Orange Tip) of my Hombu Dojo here in Jacksonville, Florida did a clean sweep of the Open Continuous Sparring & Open Grappling Divisions of the tournament -LaRue won First Place & Haupt, 2nd in the Continuous Sparring competition & Haupt captured 1st  & LaRue, 3rd in the grappling competition..Jon had a particularly impressive win as he had to face off against a 7th Degree Black Belt in the final round of the Open grappling finals & dispatched what was to be the 2nd place finisher in 15 seconds with a Bale Throw & neck crank submission (our own variation under the category  of SAN-JITSU's Snake Entwinement Techniques)...Though,  we normally do "formal" test promotions in our art for advancement, Jon will be given a special "in house" promotion (based on obvious ability & knowledge instead of by formal test) to Green, 5th Kyu because of his performance at the tournament and knowledge of SAN-JITSU Techniques to date  

PROFESSOR GEORGE KIRBY of California's new book is out entitled JUJITSU NERVE TECHNIQUES.  OHARA BOOKS is the Publisher with BLACK BELT COMMUNICATIONS, INC. handling the sales through its book division.

IN THE MAGAZINES THIS TIME AROUND...BLACK BELT features GRANDMASTER BILL WALLACE in an article on his method of  self-defense; a mention of the WORLD HEAD OF FAMILY SOKESHIP COUNCIL's  involvement in combating terrorism, as well as HANSHI GEORGE ANDERSON's new charity tournament endeavor..INSIDE KUNG-FU features GRANDMASTER AL & SIFU MARK DACASCOS on the cover with a mention of a new line of action  (MASTER)  JACKIE CHAN toys and the 2nd Gathering of Eagles Kenpo Convention which spotlighted GRANDMASTERS ADRIANO EMPERADO, SIJO RALPH  & ROBERT CASTRO, AL DACASCOS, BRIAN ADAMS, BART VALE and Master's Division Member, SIGUNG GEORGE LIM...and lastly, MARTIAL ARTS & COMBAT SPORTS  features a nice article on the Grand Patriarch of GRACIE JU-JITSU, GREAT GRANDMASTER HELIO GRACIE..                                                   

Well, this concludes our last bi-monthly newsletter for the year!...How time flies!!!.. As mentioned earlier, may you & your loved ones have a SAFE & HAPPY HOLIDAY SEASON & a beautiful & productive New Year!..Until our next issue, please stay AGGRESSIVE & FAIR in all you do...MUCH LOVE from my personal family to YOURS'!

Sincerely yours in martial arts brotherhood,

Grandmaster Frank E. Sanchez
10th dan judan
Founder/ Executive Director International

NOTE: The WHFSC has been in existence since May of 1993 and is a private enterprise of Soke Frank E. Sanchez is service to its grandmaster membership. Any additions or deletions to its membership must be in writing. All 2 year membership certificates are not automatically renewed and MUST be renewed by written request to our Headquarters.