November 2002 - February 2003


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We are sad to report the death of one of Karate's greatest practitioners & contributors to the martial arts, GRANDMASTER JOHNNY KUHL. A student of MAESTRO PETER URBAN'S famous Chinatown Dojo in New York & the Founder of COMBAT KARATE, GRANDMASTER KUHL died  January 10th from an aneurysm of the brain. He leaves behind a loving Wife, Donna Tafro;  Daughter , Kristen Sheede;  Sister, Monika Sonns;  & Niece, Jessica Sonns. His illustrious career includes being the co-founder of several martial arts publications, as well as being a top Karate competitor of the 50's & 60's.  He will be sorely missed by all of us, as he now joins the ranks of our Posthumous membership.

Grandmaster Johnny Kuhl
Founder of Combat Karate

December 24, 1935 - January 10, 2003

To emphasize what has been said before in previous newsletters..It is important that you let us know the name's  of your inheritor's , should something ever happen to you. This way, we can assure the proper transfer of power to the correct individual's . In this respect, GRANDMASTER KUHL had foresight enough to mention his Inheritor to me in a letter dated October 5, 1995.  Per this letter & with the acknowledgement of GRANDMASTER KUHL'S mentor & instructor, MAESTRO PETER URBAN, MASTER RALPH VIGGIANO is now the legitimate Heir of COMBAT KARATE & carries the FULL SUPPORT & BACKING OF THIS COUNCIL..

Two other deaths were reported to us..GRANDMASTER RON BALAS' son died recently & we extend to him our love & sympathy over his great loss..Also, received by e-mail was a report of the death of Dai Sensei Meitoku Yagi of the Meibu-Kan who passed away on February 7th.  In Okinawa. He was the last of the disciples of the late, Great Grandmaster  Chojun Miyagi of GOJU RYU  & the last of the three "Living Treasures" of Japan to pass on. We mourn his loss.

Our apologies to new member, GRANDMASTER NICK STRATACOS for the typo error we made last time regarding his martial art system. The style he practices is MOTOBU-HA SHITO RYU...

The October 2002 issue of BRAZIL EXPLORE MAGAZINE - A Brazilian language magazine published in Culver City, California features an article on the GRACIE MUSEUM & an interview with its Grand Patriarch, GREAT GRANDMASTER HELIO GRACIE. Also featured in  photographs that accompanied the article are GRANDMASTER RORION GRACIE & other members of the GRACIE & Machado Brothers clan; including a visiting Grandmaster Chuck Norris.

YOURS TRULY appeared on TV recently here in Florida to demonstrate some self-defense & talk about my worldwide travels...I am also slated to be mentioned in an encyclopedia of  GUAM coming out soon. This is indeed a great honor for me & for my art of SAN-JITSU which originated there...Also in the works is a book by noted Photographer, Beth Gwin  & martial arts Founder, Professor Joe Lansdale featuring select members of our Council that were photographed by Ms. Gwin at our Annual meeting/ Seminar Symposium &
awards event  held  3 years ago. The publication will be a large coffee table type book of her photographs (with accompanying bios) which she is famous for ..As I understand, she is still at this time photographing other grandmasters that they would like to have featured in it. No publication date has been set yet, although a questionnaire has already been sent out to
those who have already had their picture taken for the book. The deadline for sending back this first set of questionnaires is March 1st...So, don't forget folks (hopefully, I won't either)...Noted martial arts Author, GRANDMASTER EMIL FARKAS of California is also working on a project with movie icon & martial artist, Grandmaster Bob Wall of "Enter the Dragon" fame. The work will catalog those who have made significant contributions to the martial arts.

GRANDMASTER JIM ARVANITIS, the "FATHER OF MODERN PANKRATION" reports that his latest book, "PANKRATION: GREEK COMBAT SPORT AND MIXED MARTIAL ART" & accompanying instruction video should be out in May by Paladin Publications. He was also in California recently shooting a series of street defense tapes
based on Spartan Pankration tactics & did an interview recently with the "Karate Kids Online" Network ( )..Jim's website has also changed to with his old website address of becoming a "virtual training academy" for his style of MUTAU PANKRATION.

GRANDMASTER GEORGE ALEXANDER will be appearing as a special guest of Sensei Fumio Demura's 32nd Annual International Goodwill Karate Do Championships in
Costa Mesa, California on February 23rd.

GRANDMASTER GARY ALEXANDER wishes to remind everyone that his 39th IAMA KARATE, TKD, KUNG-FU CHAMPIONSHIPS which is open to all schools & styles,
takes place April 6th   in New Jersey. For more information contact GARY at 908-286-1164 or e-mail him at

MAESTRO PETER URBAN's ANNUAL USA GOJU TOURNAMENT held by longtime disciple, GRANDMASTER AL GOTAY takes place April 27th . This is a closed tournament for the Maestro's legions of Goju practitioners.

PROFESSOR ED MALEY wrote to say that he was recently promoted to Hachidan (8th dan) in Judo by the U.S. JUDO, INC. making him the highest ranking Judoka in the Southeast United States. He was also honored with a letter from Cogressman Jim Davis of the U.S. Congress for his many contributions to the citizens of Hillsborough County in Florida through his school & for playing a major part in Tampa, Florida's sports history.. CONGRATULATIONS PROFESSOR!

DR. KENT HARALSON'S "GOSPEL MARTIAL ARTS UNION" holds its National Conference on September 21st - 22nd  in Indianapolis. For more information, you can access the website of

GRANDMASTER SAM KUOHA, the Inheritor of KARA-HO KEMPO e-mailed to say that Professor Chow's system is now being taught in nearly 30 countries, with Australia being the latest addition as of last December.. Daughter, KA'IMI also appeared on the cover of the November #23 issue of BUDO INTERNATIONAL Magazine with SAM appearing on the cover of the  Mexico/ Latin America Magazine, KATANA #56 issue. At the same time, two videos were produced from Spain on CHINESE KARA-HO KEMPO & women's self-defense. ...During one of KARA-HO KEMPO's large Annual events held recently in Laurel, Montana, KA'IMI was promoted to 4th dan.  The multi-talented daughter of SAM , who is also an actress & model is also currently featured in a new KFC popcorn chicken commercial depicting people riding a roller coaster, so, be watching for it!

FROM CANADA.. We have word from Pete Rodley, who is co-founder of the popular "Universal Combat Challenge" Competition there that our member, GRANDMASTER YOGI ISREAL has been suffering from a year long illness which has left him unable to work to support his family. According to Pete, one of YOGI's Black Belts, Marc Sabourin has organized a Dojo Bowling Night on February 22nd to raise funds for the ISREAL Family...In Pete's own words, "YOGI ISREAL has been teaching martial arts for over 30 years. He has produced some of Canada 's best instructors, point fighters, full contact fighters, mixed martial artists, as well as being a big inspiration for my (Pete's) involvement in the full contact game. Yogi, along with his Wife and fellow teacher Alice, have been a HUGE contributing factor for many circles of people and has always given of themselves in the name of martial arts...It is now time that we give back to two people who have given so much over the years".. We hope that the bowling event will be a big success. For those of you who are interested in helping out, please contact Pete at

FROM OUR MASTERS DIVISION..MASTER HEINZ SCHEIDEREITER of Germany reports that he was recently promoted to 7th Dan in TAEKWONDO at the Annual congress of the IBF-INTERNATIONAL held in the Ukraine on October 4th of last year. HEINZ is only the second athlete in the over 30 year old history of the IBF-INTERNATIONAL to be ever be awarded the rank of 7th Dan  in TAEKWONDO..HEINZ's Son, 11 year old Kristian Scheidereiter also made his Father happy by successfully making his 1st Dan in TaeKwonDo!...CONGRATULATIONS to both you & your Son, HEINZ!

AND LASTLY, for all of you coming to celebrate our 10th Anniversary of existence at our Annual Meeting/ Seminar Symposium & Awards Banquet  at the Radisson Universal Hotel on AUGUST 29-30, 2003  in Orlando, Florida. We have negotiated a cheaper room rate & you can now make your hotel reservations on-line at . If you are calling their International toll free number at  1-800-333-3333, be sure to mention the "International Hall of Fame" to get the special discount rate. ...Don't forget to nominate
your students & fellow practitioners (remember that nominations are not limited to just members of our Council & their students) to our Hall of Fame by either going on-line at & using the nomination form there or by using the nomination form included with the hardcopy of your newsletter.

AND NOW FOR OUR LATEST MEMBER...By  request of the late GRANDMASTER JOHNNY KUHL (made in an earlier letter to me which is enclosed)...GRANDMASTER RALPH VIGGIANO joins this prestigious Council as the new Head of COMBAT KARATE from New York...We WELCOME you with open arms to your new family!

In the media this time around. The February issue of BLACK BELT features a cover story on GREAT GRANDMASTER HELIO GRACIE with Son, GRANDMASTER RORION GRACIE..The March issue mentions our WORLD HEAD OF FAMILY SOKESHIP COUNCIL, along with YOURS TRULY, GRANDMASTER MARK SHUEY, DR. JERRY AIELLO, GRANDMASTER RON VAN CLIEF with monthly column by GRANDMASTER BILL WALLACE...The February issue of INSIDE KUNG-FU features mentions of
GRANDMASTERS BILL WALLACE, PAN QING FU, MASTER JACKIE CHAN & an interview with GRANDMASTER LEO FONG..The March issue includes mentions of the late GRANDMASTER ED PARKER SR., GRANDMASTER EMIL FARKAS, MASTER JACKIE CHAN & an article by SITAIGUNG GLENN WILSON..The January issue of MARTIAL ART Magazine (missed in the last newsletter because of its late arrival) features mentions of the GRACIE JIU-JITSU MUSEUM, GRANDMASTER BILL WALLACE & DR. GLENN MORRIS with an article on BUJINKAN NIN-JUTSU GRANDMASTER MAASAKI HATSUMI...The Feburary issue spotlights MASTER JACKIE CHAN receiving his "Star" on the Hollywood Walk of Fame..The January issue of TAEKWONDO TIMES features a cover story on GRANDMASTER JI HAN JAE with mentions of
GRANDMASTERS JOHN PELLEGRINI, MICHAEL DeALBA, JIM ARVANITIS, JON BLUMING & an article by GRANDMASTER IAN CYRUS..The March issue mentions GRANDMASTER JOHN PELLEGRINI & YOURS TRULY..FILIPINO MARTIAL ARTS features an article on GRANDMASTER SAYOC's Kali system with the 2nd installment of an interview with GRANDMASTER TOM HUNNICUTT...CINTURAO NEGRO highlights an article on GRANDMASTER GERARDO CANTORE'S SHINSHINKAN KARATE System..KAMPFKUNST INTERNATIONAL features a cover story on MASTER DON "THE DRAGON" WILSON with an article on YOURS TRULY entitled "The Master is Back"...and BUDO KARATE features my photo in an inset on the front cover  and  an article on YOURS TRULY taken during a seminar I did in Germany last year...

Well, this concludes this special quarterly issue of our newsletter...Suffice it to say that there was not much news  to warrant an issue coming out in November/ December of last year & we weren't interested in putting out an issue filled with just "fluff", hence this special November 2002 - February 2003 issue...We know that much of this has to do with the changes in our world today...More concentration on local issues of "possible terrorism", a sluggish economy & travel fears...We know that things will get better in the future.....In the meantime, remember to stay "aware of your surroundings" in these cautious times & continue to be "aggressive" & "fair" in all you do..

Sincerely yours in martial arts brotherhood,
Grandmaster Frank E. Sanchez
10th dan (Judan)
Founder/ Executive Director International

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