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December 03 - January 2004



                                                                                                Grandmaster Sanchez


Professor Robert Edwards
PROFESSOR ROBERT EDWARDS, SOKE DAI of GRANDMASTER JOHN CASAREZ's MANABI MASHO JIU-JITSU died Friday - December 5th in W.Virginia of a massive heart attack.... A skilled martial artist, educator, family man & friend to many...He will be sorely missed by myself & this Council....Our deepest sympathies also go out to SOKE DAI HENRY BLANKINSHIP of PROFESSOR GARY DILL's SDS SELF DEFENSE SYSTEMS on the recent passing of his beloved Mother....Please remember both in your prayers.
(From left to right) GRANDMASTER GARY ALEXANDER - Isshinryu Plus; GRANDMASTER ED MCGRATH - Nagle Isshinryu; GRANDMASTER PHIL LITTLE - Long Isshinryu


GRANDMASTER GARY ALEXANDER's INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF MARTIAL ARTISTS AWARDS BANQUET held October 25th in New Jersey was the scene of a historical happening, as 3 Leaders of ISSHINRYU KARATE met & pledged their support of one another, settling a long time split between the factions. I was honored enough to be one of the witnesses to this long overdue event made possible by ALEXANDER & was privileged to be made a member of GARY's I.A.M.A. Board of Directors. Also present at the event were WHFSC Members, GRANDMASTERS BUDDY AMATO & VINCENT MARCHETTI, ISSAC HENRY & STEPHEN KAUFMAN.

New member, HANSHI STEPHEN F. KAUFMAN of New York is offering his best selling books: "The Book of Five Rings"; "Sun Tzu's Art of War"; and "The Living Tao" at a discounted price of $20.00 each or the total set of 3 for $50.00 to our membership (foreign orders add $6.00 per book) ....Just in time for Holiday gift giving, each book will be personally autographed by Kaufman. To order, you can contact HANSHI KAUFMAN at

SOKE HARRIS WARREN reports that his student, Renshi Jose Rodriguez won his 5TH straight U.S. National Jiu-Jitsu Championship recently in New York. The event sponsored jointly by the INTERNATIONAL OLYMPIC COMMITTEE & the INTERNATIONAL WORLD GAMES ASSOCIATION featured competitors from the U.S., Germany, France, Spain, Belgium, Holland, Brazil, Denmark , etc. ..As a result of the win, Jose will represent the USA National Ju-Jitsu team in Madrid, Spain for the 2005 World Games. ..CONGRATULATIONS HARRIS!

A collaboration has taken place between members, SENSEI DAVID DYE & GRANDMASTER GEORGE ALEXANDER to promote DAVID's new SHUYOKAN RYU AIKIDO -SELF-DEFENSE CONCEPTS Series. The 3 volume set which will be available in both VHS & DVD is being promoted by GEORGE's YAMAZATO PRODUCTIONS. For more information, you can e-mail or call 1-888-299-9262.

Member, DR. TED GAMBORDELLA of Dallas, Texas is offering a FREE copy of his ULTIMATE MARTIAL ARTS CD (containing 30 complete books, plus 5 hours of video) to any of our membership who will do one thing, GIVE HIM A REVIEW of the CD with a photo & brief description of themselves. All he is asking for is $1.25 to cover the shipping of the CD. TED is also offering to personally co-author, or produce any book from any of our membership for FREE. All you have to do is send him the raw photos or video & he will write the html & convert to pdf files. You would keep all of the profits from the sales of your book in return for his being given permission to place your book on his compilation CD To contact TED, you can call him at 1-214-351-2234 or write to him at: 9109 COCHRAN HEIGHTS, DALLAS, TX. 75220.

MASTER ROBERT FERGUSON just came out with a new book that is predicted to be a national best seller on health & has signed with HEALTHY LIFESTYLE PRODUCTIONS to host his own show, entitled: THE ROBERT FERGUSON SHOW. You can contact ROBERT at

Member, DR. CRIMI of California was just appointed PRESIDENT of the AMERICAN TEACHERS ASSOCIATION OF MARTIAL ARTS (ATAMA) by its National Board of Directors....

DR. KENT HARALSON reports that the GOSPEL MARTIAL ARTS UNION's National Conference held in Indianapolis in September was a resounding success, attracting participants from Connecticut, Florida, Virginia, Washington, Montana, Wisconsin, Illinois, Missouri, Georgia, Michigan & Indiana...DR. HARALSON was also featured in the October issue of UP! THE MAGAZINE OF HOPE & ENCOURAGEMENT for his martial arts ministry.

GRANDMASTER CHAKA ZULU celebrates his 65th birthday at the Phipps Community Center in New York on December 13th. Also celebrating a recent birthday was GRANDMASTER NEAL HUMMERSTONE of Deltona, Florida...MANY HAPPY RETURNS to you both!

A benefit Karate tournament for WHFSC Master Member, MARTY "THE COACH" MANUEL was held on October 4th in New Jersey as part of the 7th Annual U.M.A.R.A. Regional Championships there.

HANSHI DAN TOSH's new Hombu for SHORIN-RYU KWOON-DO RYU opened September 6th in California. The new address is 4505 O'Hara Ave, Suite B, Brentwood, California.

"KYOSHI" SID CAMPBELL was awarded his 9th dan during a special award ceremony conducted June 21st In Oakland, California. HANSHI TOSH had the honor of making the formal presentation to SID of his 9th dan Red Belt & new title of "HANSHI"...CONGRATULATIONS SID!

GRANDMASTER SAM KUOHA's house in El Cajon, California was destroyed by a recent forest fire there...As I understand, SAM & family were in Las Vegas at the time. So, they were out of harms way (thank goodness)...Also, NI DAI SOKE NICK STRATACOS narrowly missed a catastrophe when he was evacuated out of Saudi Arabia the day before a suicide bombing took place there...WE ARE HAPPY YOU GENTLEMEN ARE O.K....

HONORARY MEMBER, CHUCK WEPNER, legendary boxer whose match with the great Mohammad Ali was purportedly the catalyst for Actor, Sylvestor Stallone's ROCKY Movies never got a dime for the use of his life story. WEPNER is considering suing Stallone for compensation as reported on the front page of the October 15th issue of the JERSEY JOURNAL out of Jersey City, New Jersey. CHUCK is the student of GRANDMASTER VINCENT MARCHETTI of Kearny, New Jersey.

And now to our latest member....From New York, we have HANSHI STEPHEN F. KAUFMAN, well known martial arts author & 10th DAN FOUNDER of HEBI-RYU KARATE BUDO..WELCOME to our elite family of the world's greatest martial artists!

In the magazines this time around...the December issue of BLACK BELT Magazine features articles on CHINESE GOJU STYLIST (GRANDMASTER RON VAN CLIEF's style), Taimak who will be performing on the New York stage as the lead character in the Broadway play, ROAD HOUSE; TONY CECCHINE & Catch-As-Catch-Can Wrestling (w/ a mention of the WORLD HEAD OF FAMILY SOKESHIP COUNCIL); COACH SCOTT SONNON's article on "Panic Control"; GRANDMASTER BILL WALLACE's monthly "Full Contact" column; & press release on HANSHI SID CAMPBELL's recent acceptance as a Founding Member of WORLDBLACKBELT.COM....The January issue features press releases on MASTER JEFF SPEAKMAN's new film "A Promise Kept"; an award presentation by the WORLD HEAD OF FAMILY SOKESHIP COUNCIL & BLACK BELT Magazine's HALL OF FAME with inductees, MAESTRO PETER URBAN for "Man of the Year" & GRANDMASTER MARK SHUEY SR. as "Weapons Instructor of the Year" (CONGRATULATIONS gentlemen!)....The January issue of INSIDE KUNG-FU highlights GRANDMASTER ERNESTO PRESAS' system of "Kombatan"; an article on CHINESE GOJU STYLIST, Taimak; with mentions of MASTERS JACKIE CHAN, DON "THE DRAGON" WILSON & COACH SCOTT SONNON....TAEKWONDO TIMES mentions GRANDMASTER RICHARD HACKWORTH's new internet radio show (which is breaking all records, by the way); GRANDMASTER RUDY TIMMERMAN's recent seminar in Ohio; GRANDMASTER JOHN PELLEGRINI's seminar in Panama; GRANDMASTER ROBERT H. WILLIAMS MAKOTO RYU AIKI-JU-JITSU Organization & MASTER DON "THE DRAGON" WILSON's appearance at the USA World Championships in Las Vegas, Nevada....BUDO INTERNATIONAL features an article on HONORARY MEMBER, SENSEI MIYAKO FUJITANI from Japan; PROFESSOR ADRIANO EMPERADO's KAJUKENBO; & self-defense applications by CANE MASTER, GRANDMASTER MARK SHUEY & HONORARY MEMBER, SENSEI KA'IMI KUOHA of KARAHO KENPO....& lastly, THE KARATE VOICE features SAN-JITSU (my art form) growing in Germany; monthly columns by MAESTRO PETER URBAN & GRANDMASTER JAMES LACY; as well as mentions of GRANDMASTER GARY WASNIEWSKI's appearance in Madrid, Spain's recent BLACK BELT MARTIAL ARTS FESTIVAL & Publisher, KRATIOS GRANDMASTER VASILIOS KATSAITIS' Editorial..

Well this concludes our last issue for the year....'Til our next issue, I would like to wish you all again, a WONDERFUL HOLIDAY SEASON & A FANTASTIC 2004!....As always, remember to "STAY AGGRESSIVE & FAIR" in all you do.!

Sincerely yours in martial arts brotherhood.

Grandmaster Frank E. Sanchez
10th dan (Judan)
Founder/ Executive Director International

NOTE: The WHFSC has been in existence since May of 1993 and is a private enterprise of Soke Frank E. Sanchez in service to its membership. Any additions or deletions to its membership must be in writing....RECEIVING THIS NEWSLETTER DOES NOT CONSTITUTE YOUR BEING AN ACTIVE MEMBER OF THIS COUNCIL. All membership certificates with an expiration date are NOT automatically renewed and MUST be renewed by written request to our Headquarters.