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June - July   2004




Before we begin this issue,  I would like to remind all of you who are coming to the WHFSC  Annual Awards Banquet/ annual grandmasters meeting & seminar symposium on September 3rd-4th in Orlando, Florida to please reserve your rooms  BY  AUGUST 2ND  to get your room discount (NO DISCOUNTS WILL BE GIVEN AFTER THIS DATE!).. You can do this by either calling the DOUBLETREE HOTEL's toll free number of 1-800-327-2110 & mentioning the "WHFSC MARTIAL ARTS EVENT Room block" or by faxing to 1-407-363-0106..If you choose to fax, please remember to mention the "WHFSC MARTIAL ARTS EVENT Room Block"  & include the date you are arriving & number of days you are staying; along with a copy of your credit card; address & return fax number for confirmation.�SEE YOU THERE! (NOTE: For those of you who did not receive an invitation, please contact me via e-mail at & I will get you out one, but HURRY as our event is just "around the corner"!).

 "THANK YOU" CARD RECEIVED..The Daughter of our late member, MAESTRO PETER URBAN of New Jersey wrote a nice message of "Thanks". Ms. Julia Urban Kimmerley of Sewell, New Jersey says more than enough donations were received to help pay for her Father's cremation services. She mentioned that the "MAESTRO" was probably smiling happily at the many friends & acquaintances who helped with the expense.."THANK YOU" members for contributing!

"DID YOU KNOW THAT"...There is an individual in the U.S. claiming to have a  grandmasters council on the world wide web which goes back to a date of creation further back then ours'?!! The interesting part about the website is that it also shows the Founder's date of birth to be 1 year BEFORE the creation of his council.  This means that the individual was 1 year old when he started  it!  The same individual has also applied unsuccessfully for membership in the past with us with NO mention of this Council (documented by myself & our Communications Manager, SOKE DAN VERKERKE in Canada)..At least if you are going to lie about things,  try to make it believable, "friend"!..We are WITHOUT A DOUBT, THE LARGEST & MOST ELITE of any grandmasters council in existence today...& the FIRST ever worldwide organization of its kind established successfully in the United States!

  Soke Sanchez of Guam (2nd from left ) poses for a photo with Leslie Kufferath (left), daughter of his late teacher, the legendary Prof. Sig Kufferath, appointed inheritor of Danzan Ryu Jiu-Jitsu (posthumous member of the WHFSC); Sensei Jimmy Rutherford (Black Belt student of Sanchez-2nd from right); and Grandmaster Paul Yamaguchi of  Kosho Ryu Kempo-Hawaii (far right)

Dr. Zee Lo's latest action martial arts film had an advanced screening at the 4 STAR THEATRE in San Francisco, California.  Co-starring in the film were WHFSC Members, SOKES SID CAMPBELL & DAN TOSH of California..

 DR. RON TOTTINGHAM of  the GOSPEL MARTIAL ARTS UNION in South Dakota reports that he was recently given the honor of a day proclaimed in his name by the Mayor there..Previous to this, he was awarded a "Kentucky Colonel" commission by the Governor of Kentucky and an "Esteemed Amigo" honor by the Governor of New Mexico..CONGRATULATIONS, RON..

 SPECIAL THANKS to HANSHI TOM HUNNICUTT of Arkansas for the two CDs he sent of songs he recorded for White Swan Records.  Aside from being one of the leaders of SHORINRYU in the U.S., TOM is also a Country Western singer with roots that go back to live performances on radio KRLW in Arkansas, as well as performances with Country recording Star, Buck Owens..

  GRANDMASTER GARY ALEXANDER of New Jersey continues in "super patriot" fashion to "bash" the critics of America on the Internet..KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!

 MASTER RON FERGUSON of California is closing a national TV deal with the "E" and "STYLE NETWORK" in the next coming weeks..He will also be at our upcoming WHFSC Event in September along with martial arts radio & TV personality, DR. RICHARD HACKWORTH & movie star, MASTER JEFF SPEAKMAN who will be acknowledged as a "GRANDMASTER" of his own style at this event by "blessing" of  one of his first "Fathers" in the arts,  HANSHI LOU ANGEL & this Council.

GRANDMASTER JURG ZIEGLER of Switzerland reports that he has a new book called "KICKS AND STRETCHING FOR KIDS" which will be available in both English & German & also has his own Chinese herbal line called "SHAOLIN LOHAN HERBALS" which will be available in August.  WHFSC Members will be given a discount for his herbal products.  For more information you can contact JURG at or write to him at: Froebelstrasse 4,  9500 Wil/SG,  Switzerland.

 A new martial arts publication has made it finally to America & Canada..BUDO INTERNATIONAL AMERICA , the latest edition to MR. AFREDO TUCCI's  BUDO INTERNATIONAL Magazine which is distributed across 38 nations in three continents &  written in 7 languages has finally made its way here..Heading the helm for the NEW American & Canadian edition is Master Maurice Elmalem, 7 time world record champion martial art dare devil from New York..To subscribe, you can call Master Elmalem at 1-866-574-0228/ e-mail  or write: BUDO INTERNATIONAL AMERICA, 684 Britton St, Suite 4, Bronx, New York USA 10467.

 In our NEW MEMBERSHIP department, we are proud to WELCOME the following icons in the martial arts community to our family of the world' s martial arts elite!.....Sponsored into our Council by SOKE EDWARD BADIANG of Hawaii, we have:  From Arizona, DR. ROBERTA TRIAS-KELLY.  DR. KELLY is the Daughter of the late, great Grandmaster Robert A. Trias 10th Dan & "Father of American Karate". She is the  9th Dan heir of  SHURI-RYU KARATE DO & KOBUDO & the famous UNITED STATES KARATE ASSOCIATION..From Hawaii we have PROFESSOR NELSON ENDO-10th Degree Grandmaster of HAWAIIAN CHINESE KENPO..Also from Hawaii & now residing in CALIFORNIA, we have PROFESSOR JAMES IBRAO, Founder of JUN BAO

KUNG-FU.....From CALIFORNIA, we also have PROFESSOR MAX M. PALLEN, 10th Dan Founding Grandmaster of SENKOTIROS (Philippine martial art system) & PROFESSOR

 AL GARZA, Founding Grandmaster of the A.G. MATRIX SYSTEM..From NEW YORK, we have SOKE GEORGE R. TRIMM, 9th Dan Founding Grandmaster of TRIMM NO SHIN KARATE DO & KOBUDO; & from OHIO, we have SOKE HERSHEL SCHANK, Founding Grandmaster of AWASE KENPO KAI KARATE DO..Internationally, we are proud to WELCOME the following Grandmasters to our family..From ENGLAND, HANSHI MICK J. BENFELL, 9th Dan Grandmaster in RYUKYU KARATE (TO-TE JUTSU)..From IRELAND, HANSHI GEORGE MAUGHAN, Founding Grandmaster of GOLDEN EAGLE KENPO KARATE..From SPAIN, SOKE SANTIAGO G. SANCHIS, Founding Grandmaster of JUKAIKIDO..From GERMANY, SOKE FRANK M. SCHNEIDER, 9th Dan Founding Grandmaster of YOSAISHIKAIKAN KARATE..From ITALY, SOKE GIUSEPPE DI GARBO, 10th Dan Founding Grandmaster of MODERN GOJU DO KARATE DO & from AUSTRALIA,  Formerly of KOREA, we have GRANDMASTER YOUNG KU YUN, Founding Grandmaster of YU JUNG DO (Korean martial art system)..In our HONORARY MEMBERSHIP Dept., we are proud to WELCOME the following grandmasters..From CALIFORNIA - PROFESSOR ROBERT KOGA, Founding Grandmaster of KOGA RYU AIKI-DO; SENIOR GRANDMASTER CARLOS BUNDA (formerly of HAWAII), 9th Dan in KAJUKENBO; GRANDMASTER RON CHAPEL, 10th Dan in AMERICAN KENPO; GRANDMASTER STEVE MUHAMMAD, CO-FOUNDER - B.K.F. KENPO KARATE; & GRANDMASTER DONNIE WILLIAMS, CO-FOUNDER  - B.K.F. KENPO KARATE..& last,  but certainly not least, we WELCOME the following new INTERNATIONAL HONORARY MEMBERS of our Council..From VIET NAM, we have SUPREME GRANDMASTER LE SANG, 10th Dan Founder of VORINAM VIET VO DAO & GREAT GRANDMASTER LEUNG TING, 10th Dan Founder of  I.W.T.A. (WING TSUN) of HONG KONG.     

We are certainly PROUD to have you all as a part of our world-wide family of the world's greatest martial artists! (NOTE: your membership certificates will be mailed out to you after they are signed at our Annual Meeting on September 4th in Orlando, Florida).

 In the martial arts media this time around..The July issue of INSIDE KUNG-FU features a review of a film starring MASTER JACKIE CHAN's Son, Chan Choming entitled "TWINS EFFECT 2" & an article by CANE MASTER, MARK SHUEY..BUDO INTERNATIONAL AMERICA features a self-defense sequence by GREAT GRANDMASTER MASAKI HATSUMI & mentions of GRANDMASTERS SANTIAGO SANCHIS, JOON CHOI, BILL WALLACE, STEPHEN HAYES & GLENN WILSON..& lastly, TAEKWONDO TIMES mentions  the late MAESTRO URBAN's passing & GRANDMASTERS JOON CHOI, SERGE BAUBIL & YOURS TRULY..  

 Well this concludes our issue for this bi-monthly period of  June- July. As always, remember to send in your newsworthy items for publication  & in the meantime, stay "aggressive" & "fair" in all you do until next time!...... 




Sincerely yours in martial arts brotherhood.

Grandmaster Frank E. Sanchez
10th dan (Judan)
Founder/ Executive Director International

NOTE: The WHFSC has been in existence since May of 1993 and is a private enterprise of Soke Frank E. Sanchez in service to its membership. Any additions or deletions to its membership must be in writing..RECEIVING THIS NEWSLETTER DOES NOT CONSTITUTE YOUR BEING AN ACTIVE MEMBER OF THIS COUNCIL. All membership certificates with an expiration date are NOT automatically renewed and MUST be renewed by written request to our Headquarters.