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December - January 2005





Fireworks light up the beautiful skyline of Jacksonville, Florida as the world
tuned in the National Football League " Super Bowl", February 6, 2005!


The base of operations for our World Head of Family Sokeship Council, the city of Jacksonville, "where Florida begins" received International exposure on TV,  Sunday, February 6th when the NFL's "Super Bowl XXXIX" was hosted here......It was such a spectacular event that we delayed the printing of this newsletter to include an aerial shot of the festivities!

 Inheritor of JOHNNY KUHL COMBAT KARATE, GRANDMASTER RALPH VIGGIANO, held a special Memorial at his New York dojo on January 10th in memory of GRANDMASTER KUHL who died 2 years ago.  Former students & friends of the beloved grandmaster were in attendance to show their respects..

SHIDOSHI STEPHEN HAYES of Ohio announces that his new CD called "The Cold Moon-Wisdom from the Ninja Village" - an original collection of philosophical poems inspired by the ancient wisdom from Japan's Ninja warrior tradition" is now available for purchase�For more information, contact the STEPHEN K. HAYES QUEST CENTER at ...STEPHEN was also inducted recently into Mr. Michael Matsuda's  MARTIAL ARTS HISTORY MUSEUM..CONGRATULATIONS!  

 SHIDOSHI RON VAN CLIEF of New York reports that his latest book, "Tales of the Black Dragon" is now available in bookstores. He is also working on his latest book, "The Tao of Chinese Goju" & is requesting that all CHINESE GOJU members send him their pix, resume & martial arts history for inclusion in the book.  

 Received an invitation from GRANDMASTER ANDY McGILL of England to attend his dual celebration in Kent, England on March 18-20,2005, celebrating the 35th Anniversary of Kenpo in England & his 50th birthday.  The celebration hosted by KENPO KWAI INTERNATIONAL will feature multi-style training by its attendees, a luncheon & evening party with hot & cold buffet, disco & Karaoke.

 GENERAL ALEXANDER'S "GOLDEN KNIGHT" International forum-seminar of Russian martial arts takes place March 11-20, 2005 in SERGIEV POSAD, RUSSIA. I have been asked to be the GUEST OF HONOR & to instruct with invitations also extended to : SI TAI GUNG GLENN WILSON, AMA GURO RAFFY PAMBUAN & MASTERS DON "THE DRAGON" WILSON & Cynthia Rothrock to teach there.

 Master Maurice Elmalem, Editor of  BUDO INTERNATIONAL AMERICA Magazine e-mailed to say that BUDO INTERNATIONAL MAGAZINES  (published by Mr. Alfredo Tucci of Spain) will have their 1ST ANNUAL GALA & HALL OF FAME at the Marriott Laguardia Hotel in New York City on June 4th of this year...So, be watching for it!

 HANSHI STEPHEN KAUFMAN of New York will be hosting a new radio show on the Action Radio Network called the "HANSHI FORUM".  The show will air Wednesday nights at 11:00pm Eastern Standard Time on the Action Radio Network. 

 MASTER ROBERT FERGUSON writes that he is now the official Wellness Coach for 2 time World Boxing Champion, Fernando Vargas. ...Fernando trains at ROBERT's "Knock Out" Studio in California..

 Received an e-mail from KAICHO JON BLUMING of the NETHERLANDS that he has been invited to be one of four HONORED GUESTS to attend the 2005 ARNOLD MARTIAL ARTS FESTIVAL being held March 4-6th in Columbus, Ohio.  This legendary Budoka will be receiving a special award at the event for his past accomplishments. �VERY WELL DESERVED, I MIGHT ADD...

 GRANDMASTER CRIMI in California was honored on February 4th with a Meritorious Service Medal from Law Enforcement for 30 years of service & dedication to Law Enforcement & the community..

 MASTER MIKE MARTELLE of CANADA placed 2nd in the October 10th SAW: GLOBAL TOURNAMENT 2004, a full contact martial arts event held in Tokyo..

 DR. KENT HARALSON's GOSPEL MARTIAL ARTS UNION reports that a 15 year old Black Belt of theirs from Virginia Beach, Virginia set the world record, certified by the Guinness World Records, of 2,180 full contact kicks in one hour. She is the student of C. Scott Gilbert, the Eastern Regional Director for the GMAU & Founder & President of Karate for Christ International Ministries.

 HANSHI SID CAMPBELL of California received his 10th dan from the WORLD OKINAWAN SHORIN RYU KARATE DO & KOBUDO ASSOCIATION & the WORLD MARITAL ART MASTERS ASSOCIATION during their awards banquet held last year...CONGRATULATIONS SID!

 The 15th Annual KEISHIN KARATE KAI ATLANTA INVITATIONAL TOURNAMENT being hosted by SOKE JOSEPH RUIZ takes place February 19th at Meadowcreek High School in Norcross, Georgia. For more information contact Sensei Larry Griffin at: 770-534-2916 or

 And now to our latest members.. MENKYO HANSHI  NMR HASSAN of KOGA HA KOSHO SHOREI RYU KEMPO  joins our GRANDMASTERS DIVISION from Pennsylvania and SHIHAN MINORU YASUHARA, 7th dan - SHINSHINKAN KARATE joins our MASTERS DIVISION from JAPAN  (see our "new" Masters Division listing on the WHFSC Website)..WELCOME GENTLEMEN TO OUR ELITE COUNCIL!

 In the magazines this time around...BLACK BELT Magazine's March issue features mentions of GRANDMASTERS RORION GRACIE, BILL WALLACE, RIC BLACK, DR. KENT HARALSON'S GOSPEL MARTIAL ARTS UNION & DR. RICHARD HACKWORTH's new "Turning Up the Heat" TV Show..INSIDE KUNG-FU's March edition features mentions of GRANDMASTER MICHAEL DeALBA & JOHN PELLEGRINI who was inducted into TAEKWONDO TIMES 2004 HALL OF FAME..TRADITIONAL KARATE features a mention of GRANDMASTER GARY WASNIEWSKI'S  TY GA OPEN MARTIAL ARTS CHAMPIONSHIPS..COMBAT Magazine mentions GRANDMASTER GARY WASNIEWSKI's recent tournament & the WORLD HEAD OF FAMILY SOKESHIP COUNCIL's 2004 GALA EVENT..Last but not least,  TKD & KOREAN MARTIAL ARTS mentions the recent open tournament held by GRANDMASTER WASNIEWSKI..

 Well, this concludes this first edition of our newsletter for 2005...I hope that all of you are off to a great start in this New Year!......Please remember to send in your news so that we can see what you are up to..& don't forget to stay "aggressive & fair" in all you do until next time!   

Sincerely yours in martial arts brotherhood,


Grandmaster Frank E. Sanchez
10th dan (Judan)
Founder/ Executive Director International

NOTE: The WHFSC has been in existence since May of 1993 and is a private enterprise of Soke Frank E. Sanchez in service to its membership. Any additions or deletions to its membership must be in writing..RECEIVING THIS NEWSLETTER DOES NOT CONSTITUTE YOUR BEING AN ACTIVE MEMBER OF THIS COUNCIL. All membership certificates with an expiration date are NOT automatically renewed and MUST be renewed by written request to our Headquarters.