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February-March 2005





Grandmaster Serge Baubil (left) receives his 9th dan in Hapkido from Great Grandmaster In Jun Seo
of the Korean World Ki Do Federation during seminar in Canada..CONGRATULATIONS SERGE!

We are proud to report that USA TODAY "Best Selling Author", CYNTHIA MOBLEY has contacted me about doing a book on our COUNCIL for a newly created off-shoot of her publishing company called BUSHIDO PRESS. Involved in the project are members, GRANDMASTERS GARY DILL, LOU ANGEL, JOHN BYRNE, PHIL LITTLE, DAN VERKERKE & MYSELF. This is going to be a long term project & YOU may be contacted as well for your comments regarding this COUNCIL..We will keep you appraised of the books' development..

GRANDMASTER GIUSEPPE Di GARBO in ITALY also reports that he is writing a martial arts book. In the book will be a biography of YOURS TRULY, as well as the COUNCIL.

GRANDMASTER CARL STONE of CLEARWATER, FLORIDA was chosen to be the Florida Editor for the MARTIAL ARTS COMPETITOR, a magazine produced by the legendary Mike Anderson whose many credits include starting the European TaeKwonDo Association, the Professional Karate Association (PKA), & the World Association of Kickboxing Organizations (WAKO). The MARTIAL ARTS COMPETITOR will publish regional, national & world ratings for sport karate, forms & kickboxing. For more information, on the new MARTIAL ARTS COMPETITOR Magazine, you can contact CARL at Sensei10@knology.net

GRANDMASTERS SID CAMPBELL & DAN TOSH of California will be producing & co-hosting a new cable reality TV show entitled "JUST FOR KICKS". The show is expected to be a weekly program featuring local martial arts talent. For more information you can contact either SID at Dragon3@aol.com or DAN at Shihan@ToshandAssociates.com

GRANDMASTER GARY ALEXANDER had his 42nd ANNUAL KARATE, TAEKWONDO, KUNG-FU CHAMPIONSHIPS on April 10th in PISCATAWAY, NEW JERSEY. The event which started in 1964 & which is billed as the "original first" & "longest running" martial arts event in the U.S.A. , was an outstanding success, AS ALWAYS...For more information on this Annual "first class" event thrown by a "first class" gentleman & American patriot, you can contact GARY at GaryAlex@BellAtlantic.net ..I missed this years' event, but will try to make next years', Gary!

Also conducting a tournament this coming May 7th in FORT MEYERS, FLORIDA is GRANDMASTER STEVEN MALANOSKI who also goes by the nickname of "IRONHANDS", a monicker given to him by our late great member, MAESTRO PETER URBAN..For more information on STEVEN's "WARRIOR CHALLENGE" featuring Kata, Kumite & Kobudo competition, you can contact STEVEN at Ironhands280@aol.com

DR RICHARD HACKWORTH's new "TURNING UP THE HEAT" TV Show that features mixed martial arts & wrestling matches as part of its story line is now airing Internationally via satellite on the ASIA-WIDE NETWORK..For more information on the show you can contact RICHARD who also hosts a popular martial arts radio show in Florida at MartialArtsRadio@hotmail.com

GRANDMASTER GEORGE ALEXANDER's "YAMAZATO PRODUCTIONS" also has a new martial arts TV show in the making which will air on local channels in New York & Los Angeles. The show which will initially feature different martial art systems in a one-half hour segment, will also be broadcast on the Internet. For more information, you can contact GEORGE at AlexYama@mindspring.com

GRANDMASTER CHARLES FERRARO of TANG SOO DO MI GUK KWAN wrote to say that ELLEBOGEN PRODUCTIONS has released an 8 volume set of DVDs in both English & Spanish on his system . For more information on the new release you can write to CHARLES at P.O. BOX 26096, WEST HAVEN, CT. USA 06516 or visit his website at www.tsdmgk.com

First there was one..Now there are three!......We started first with the POLICE MARTIAL ARTS ASSSOCIATION of Canada, headed by GRANDMASTERS DOUG DEVLIN & FOSTER MCLEOD becoming a part of our Council, then came the POLICE TACTICS ASSOCIATION OF AMERICA Headed by GRANDMASTERS VINCENT MARCHETTI & NEAL HUMMERSTONE..Now we have the UNITED STATES POLICE DEFENSIVE TACTICS ASSOCIATION Headed by DR. RIC BLACK.....This latest Association offers training seminars, leadership workshops & more. For further information you can contact RIC at DaiSokeBlack@aol.com

DR. KENT HARALSON's GOSPEL MARTIAL ARTS UNION announces that they have a new 20,000 square foot facility in INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA..They will also be holding their "MEETING OF THE MASTERS 2005" Seminar there on September 23rd-25th. For more information you can go to the GOSPEL MARTIAL ARTS UNION Website at www.gmau.org

SOKE DANIEL BLANCHET of France reports that he recently received the FRENCH MINISTRY OF SPORTS GOLDEN MEDAL , the MINISTRY OF SPORTS highest honor, for his 36 years of teaching the martial arts, along with a 2004 PRESIDENT'S CHALLENGE AWARD (Bronze Medal) from U.S. President, GEORGE W. BUSH for his dedication to the martial arts. DANIEL was also just appointed the Life President of the HANSHI NO LINKAI (World Board of Hanshi), an Association for those of Master level carrying the title of "Hanshi".

GRANDMASTER FRANK SCHNEIDER from Germany e-mailed to say that he conducted a seminar to raise funds for the victims of the Tsunami in South-East Asia. The seminar raised "some hundred Euro" which was sent to the Embassy of Thailand..

MASTER SCOTT SONNON formerly of GENERAL ALEXANDER RETUINSKI's RUSSIAN R.O.S.S. System has started a new system called RMAX. The system based on "plasticity" & "transformation" is one inherently based on concepts of logic derived from SCOTT's own personal training methodology, his training under GRANDMASTER RETUINSKIH & his training of others. For more information on RMAX, you can contact SCOTT at Sonnon@RMax.tv

In our "did you know that.." department..It seems that the latest craze among some individuals is to link our WHFSC Website to their organization websites without permission giving the impression that we are "endorsing" or are a part of them..Aside from our own members organizations (our membership is available for anyone to see at http://Bushido.org/~whfsc ); those of reputable martial arts information sites & major magazines/ publications & those connected with them that we readily endorse, we DO NOT endorse other organizations or their activities unless specifically stated on our site. The latest individual to link his site to ours is a GM George Lucaks who has attended our Hall of Fame activities. With no reflection on the credibility of GM Lucaks or his organization, he is not connected in any way with the WORLD HEAD OF FAMILY SOKESHIP COUNCIL nor our we involved in any way with GM Lucaks or the activities of his Red Dragon Association.

And now to our latest members..We are honored to have as new members from LIMA, PERU, 10th dan MAZATOSHI OSHIRO of SEGUIO RYU KARATE DO & from ENGLAND, the Inheritor of LAN-KIN-FA JU-JITSU & Founder of RED ROSE JU-JITSU, GRANDMASTER ANDREW MANWARING..WELCOME GENTLEMEN to our elite Council of the world's top martial arts grandmasters & masters!

In the magazines this time around... The May issue of BLACK BELT Magazine features an interview with MASTER JACKIE CHAN & mentions of GRANDMASTERS GARY ALEXANDER, SID CAMPBELL, DAN TOSH & RICHARD HACKWORTH..BLACK BELT's June issue features an article on YOURS TRULY & my art of SAN-JITSU with mentions of the WORLD HEAD OF FAMILY SOKESHIP COUNCIL, GRANDMASTERS LOU ANGEL, JEFF SPEAKMAN, WILLIAM DeTHOUARS & BILL WALLACE..The April issue of INSIDE KUNG-FU has an article on the new system being co-developed by SIFU AL DACASCOS called FILIPINO COMBATIVE MARTIAL ARTS; with mentions of GRANDMASTER KALAII GRIFFIN, the KUOAHS (GRANDMASTER SAM KUOAH'S FAMILY) & the WONG Family (GRANDMASTER DOUGLAS WONG and family)..INSIDE KUNG-FU's May issue talks about the recent Birthday bash thrown by MASTER JACKIE CHAN in Malaysia for his Father who just turned 90 years "young" & last years' WORLD HEAD OF FAMILY SOKESHIP COUNCIL event with mentions of GRANDMASTERS LOU ANGEL, JEFF SPEAKMAN & MYSELF ..The February edition of BUDO INTERNATIONAL Magazine features mentions of the late GRANDMASTER ED PARKER of American Kenpo fame & COMBAT HAPKIDO'S, GRANDMASTER JOHN PELLEGRINI..The March/ April edition of BUDO INTERNATIONAL mentions SIJO ADRIANO EMPERADO in an article on his art of KAJUKENBO..& last but not least, TAEKWONDO TIMES contains press releases on HANSHI STEPHEN KAUFMAN, GRANDMASTER JOHN PELLEGRINI & GRANDMASTER SERGE BAUBIL

This concludes our February-March issue..Please remember to send in your news for the next edition & remember to stay "aggressive & fair" in all you do until next time!

Sincerely yours in martial arts brotherhood,


Grandmaster Frank E. Sanchez
10th dan (Judan)
Founder/ Executive Director International

NOTE: The WHFSC has been in existence since May of 1993 and is a private enterprise of Soke Frank E. Sanchez in service to its membership. Any additions or deletions to its membership must be in writing..RECEIVING THIS NEWSLETTER DOES NOT CONSTITUTE YOUR BEING AN ACTIVE MEMBER OF THIS COUNCIL. All membership certificates with an expiration date are NOT automatically renewed and MUST be renewed by written request to our Headquarters.