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From:Frank E. Sanchez & Family



The Battle of Tampa Bay (L to R) WHFSC Members: Amir Ardebily – Carl Stone – Neal Hummerstone – (Attendee) – Bill Wallace – Don Wilson – (Attendee) – Frank E. Sanchez

Just got back from being an invited guest of 2 terrific events that took place in November. The BATTLE OF TAMPA BAY Kickboxing Championships hosted by new member, GRANDMASTER AMIR ARDEBILY on November 7th and broadcast by TIME WARNER COMMUNICATIONS in Tampa, Florida. The other was GRANDMASTER JOHN KANZLER’S EASTERN UNITED STATES ASSOCIATION INTERNATIONAL’S Award Ceremony on November 21st in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania……Both events were "First Class"……CONGRATULATIONS GENTLEMEN!

On the Internet, there is a false rumor being circulated that PROFESSOR WALLY JAY is dead……Our member, PROFESSOR WALLY JAY in typical good humor states that he is "resurrected" and still living in Alameda, California (recovering from recent Triple Bypass surgery)……It is AMAZING what people are getting away with on the Internet these days! Before you believe anything "check with the source"……This also reminds me of the time when "another" Soke Council was advertising that they were "backed" by us and listed almost half of our membership as being theirs on their Web Page!…… PROFESSOR GARY DILL, our Grievance Committee Chairman from Oklahoma wrote to them at the request of our membership to have the names removed immediately from their Website listing! As I understand, the leader of that organization, who will remain nameless, resigned shortly thereafter. There is a follow-up to this however, since the new leader of this particular organization now states that they never had nor do they need our backing as they are affiliated with "other" Soke groups. They also state that the main difference between their group and ours’ is that they will promote "legitimate" martial artists to grandmaster rank while we do not (we prefer our members doing this on their own). They seem very proud of the fact that that they are a "diploma mill". We on the other hand take great pride in the fact that our membership composed of such individuals as DR, RICHARD KIM, WALLY JAY, ADRIANO EMPERADO, HELIO GRACIE, PETER URBAN, DON NAGLE, BILL WALLACE, etc. E-A-R-N-E-D their own nationwide and/ or International notoriety and RANKING before being admitted to this Council. They were not given rank by this Council to make them grandmasters or Sokes. Is it any wonder that we have the most RECOGNIZABLE NAMES worldwide of ANY grandmasters council in existence today or at any time in history?!!

Received a nice letter from member, HANSHI JOHNNY VANSIMPSEN of Belgium which states that he and his fellow members of the INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY OF MARTIAL ARTS under WHFSC EUROPEAN REPRESENTATIVE, SOKE KEIDO YAMAUE of Denmark will be attending next year’s WHFSCEvent. Our combined meeting, seminars and Hall of Fame are scheduled for September 3rd-4th in Florida……If you haven’t attended before as stated in previous issue, you are certainly missing out on the Fun, excitement and friendships which have developed at these events……Do yourself a favor and plan on making next years’ WHFSCextravaganza!

DR. ALBERT EMPRON D.E.M. from Hawaii reports that his COLLEGE OF POSITIVE HUMAN DEVELOPMENTAL SCIENCES held its first TENJINBUKAN AWARD CEREMONIES on August 29th. New rank appointments included Soke Dai Dr. Karl Naito – 9th dan Shihan Soke Dai and Kyoshi Associate Master Stephen Siu – 7th dan; Guest of Honor for this historic event was Hawaii’s Hanshi of Okinawan Goju Ryu Karate Do, Mitsugi Kobayashi (retired).

IN THE MEDIA……The December issue of INSIDE KARATE carries an article on YOURS TRULY with seminar profiles on GRANDMASTER BILL WALLACE, GRANDMASTER JOHN PELLEGRINI and MASTER WILLIE "THE BAM" JOHNSON. As well as a photo of MASTER RICKSON GRACIE in an article on choosing a martial arts style…… BLACK BELT features an article on MASTER WILLIE "THE BAM" JOHNSON and columns by GRANDMASTER BILL WALLACE and MASTER RICKSON GRACIE……INSIDE KARATE features Honorary Member, MASTER MARK DACASCOS with a feature story as well as cover shot……THE WORLD OF MARTIAL ARTS features MASTER JACKIE CHAN on the cover; SIJO ARTHUR GITLAND; our members who took part in the recent Wesley Snipes TV Special THE FIRST TRIBUTE TO THE MARTIAL ARTS MASTERS OF THE 20TH CENTURY with mentions of our recent WHFSC INTERNATIONAL HALL OF FAME and news regarding members, GRANDMASTERS JONG SONG KIM, RICHARD HACKWORTH, PHILIP HOLDER and GEORGE ALEXANDER……and KARATE INTERNATIONAL features mentions of GRANDMASTERS SID CAMPBELL, JOE HESS, VINCENT MARCHETTI, RICHARD HACKWORTH and WALLY JAY. As well as the Wesley Snipes Tribute to the Masters.

ON THE SEMINAR CIRCUIT (AS REPORTED BY MEMBERS)……SHIDOSHI STEPHEN HAYES celebrates the opening of his latest QUEST CENTER in Chicago, Illinois with a seminar to take place there on December 12th-13th……PROFESSOR GARY DILL has seminars scheduled for December 5th in Vancouver, Washington and December 12th in Tahlequah, Oklahoma……and HANSHI GEORGE ALEXANDER is busy organizing his annual pilgrimage to Okinawa for January of next year.


From Connecticut, we have DR. JOHN LARLEE who is a 10TH Dan in his own system of BEIKOKU MIZU RYU JU JITSU as awarded by the U.S. JUDO ASSOCIATION JU JITSU DIVISION. He is also a Board Member of the U.S. MARTIAL ARTS ASSOCIATION and CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD OF EXAMINERS FOR THE STATE OF CONNECTICUT……From Florida, we have SIFU AMIR ARDEBILY who was awarded grandmaster rank in his style of Kung-fu by GRANDMASTER CARL STONE. His membership was sponsored jointly by members, GRANDMASTERS CARL STONE and NEAL HUMMERSTONE……From New Jersey, in a special ceremony conducted at GRANDMASTER DON NAGLE’S recent AMERICAN OKINAWAN KARATE ASSOCIATION INC’S. tournament in Bayone, SHIHAN BOBBY LONG was awarded his 10th Dan in Ju-jitsu. Signing on his certificate were GRANDMASTERS DON NAGLE, ISAAC HENRY, JOHNNY KUHL, VINCENT MARCHETTI and other notable martial artists such as Hanshi Gary Alexander and Professor Michael DePasquale Sr. His membership was sponsored jointly by members, GRANDMASTERS DON NAGLE and VINCENT MARCHETTI……And finally from California, we have HANSHI DAN TOSH, known for his spectacular breaking feats, kata and Tuite. His 9th dan certificate in SHORIN KWOON DO RYU, a system created by Tosh was signed by members, PROFESSOR SIGFRIED KUFFERATH and SOKE SID CAMPBELL of California. His membership was also sponsored by these fine gentlemen……



This concludes our newsletter for this bi-monthly period of November / December



Until next time, please stay "aggressive" and "fair" in all that you do.

Sincerely yours in martial arts brotherhood,

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Professor Frank E. Sanchez

10th dan judan

Founder/ Executive Director International


NOTE: The WHFSC has been in existence since May of 1993 and is a private enterprise of Soke Frank E. Sanchez in service to its grandmaster membership. Any requested changes, additions or deletions to its membership roster must be in writing.