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Prof. Wally Jay (6th from left) & Supreme GM Cacoy Canete
(far right) are honored at 6th Annual Museum Hall of Fame in Canoga Park, California (note: Prof. Jay's Son, Leon Jay is to his left in photo)


Since we didn't have a picture of the Museum Martial Arts Hall of Fame induction of PROFESSOR WALLY JAY & SUPREME GRANDMASTER CACOY CANETE in our last newsletter, I am enclosing it in this particular issue. The prestigious event took place October 14th in Canoga Park, California. Also inducted into Black Belt Magazine's 2006 Hall of Fame in California (along with GRANDMASTER BART VALE , who we profiled in our last issue) was GRANDMASTER LEO FONG, Founder of WEI KUEN DO who received the KUNG-FU INSTRUCTOR OF THE YEAR Award

GM Sanchez (middle kneeling) , GM Gary Wasniewski (rear line - 2nd from left) & Prof. Vincent Lyn (rear line - far right) at Colonel Santiago Sanchis' (7th from left kneeling) World Wide Hall of Fame in Valencia, Spain.

GM Sanchez poses with Budo International Publisher, Mr. Alfredo Tucci (left) & Prof. Vincent Lyn (right) at Colonel Sanchis'  Valencia, Spain Hall of Fame

On October 21st, I was in Valencia, Spain attending the WORLD WIDE HALL OF FAME as the guest of its Director, WHFSC Member, COLONEL SANTIAGO SANCHIS. The event featured seminars, a trip to a Spanish castle & a Hall of Fame featuring many of Spain's finest along with attendees from Europe & the U.S. Including WHFSC Members, GRANDMASTERS VINCENT LYN, GARY WASNIEWSKI & MYSELF. An excellent time was had by all. For more information on the WORLD WIDE HALL OF FAME you can contact SANTIAGO at  . Also, as I hear from GRANDMASTER VINCENT LYN, he is coming out with a new movie next year called "THE HEALER". GRANDMASTER GARY WASNIESWKI is also expected to make an appearance in the film, along with VINCENT's pet monkey (I never did get its name Vincent?, , though I will try to get him the inflatable doll that you asked about - LOL). So, be watching for it!

Also, while we are on the subject of monkeys, as a bit of trivia "What" member of our Council used to go out into the busy highway in front of his dojo doing katas in a Gorilla suit to try & attract customers?  To give you a hint about this gentleman's identity, he is into real estate & has traveled the world researching the history of katas & styles preceding karate. No, it isn't George Dillman (who is not a member of our Council) but he is certainly well known & his first name DOES begin with a "G".

CONGRATULATIONS go out to "new" Grandpas, GRANDMASTER SAM KUOHA & MASTER JEFF DeVORE on the birth of their new grandchildren. SAM's newest addition to the family is named Tenyana Leihuanani Jo Elaine Sanders & is the daughter of SAM's little girl, KA'IMI, , who is also a WHFSC member & Heir Apparent of KARAHO KEMPO. SAM says you can view pictures of his granddaughter & other articles of interest on his family website of . JEFF's grandson is named Mychael Treyton Stanley & JEFF proudly states he is the newest "future Black Belt" in his family, born October 2, 2006. JEFF's website is  Again, CONGRATULATIONS GENTLEMEN!

GAT PUNO ABON "GARIMOT" BAET is asking for financial assistance for his yearly Paetenian White Christmas program. This year he is trying to help 5 kids in the Philippines who have APSGR / Parasitism. If you feel you can help, please contact BAET at 

PROFESSOR GARY DILL was recently profiled in "INSIDE HOMELAND SECURITY" Magazine .

GRANDMASTER SAM KUOHA & MYSELF will be profiled in the January issue of the HAWAII MARTIAL ARTS INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY Newsletter which comes out next year. HANSHI TOM HUNNICUTT, whose musical stage name is "CAPTAIN T" reports that he was awarded a "FOLK ARTIST OF THE YEAR" Award on November 30th by the United Kingdom based New Christian Promotions Group for his Blue Grass recordings. The "NEW CHRISTIAN MUSIC RADIO MIKE" Award was given to him, as the NCM FOLK MALE ARTIST OF THE YEAR. During 2006, he had 4 songs on the NCM Country Charts & currently has one on their Christmas Chart. CONGRATULATIONS TOM!

WORLDBLACKBELT.COM  has a new program called "BE SAFE". The program is affiliated with the nationwide Amber Alert program which deals with children abduction. It is also a program that I strongly endorse for those of you who teach children. It will not only bring more attention to your children's self-defense program in the local community, but also bring you more revenue as well. For more information contact Grandmaster Bob Wall at 

 By Kiros Grandmaster Jim Arvanitis

By Grandmaster Sid Campbell

 Two new books are out by members, KIROS GRANDMASTER JIM ARVANITIS & GRANDMASTER SID CAMPBELL. JIM's book on the Greek art of PANKRATION is his most comprehensive yet on the subject covering the myths & traditions behind the development of sport Pankration; the evolution of the Hellenic combat arts & its methodology & techniques. For more information you can contact JIM at  . SID's book on the warrior arts of Hawaii was literally 10 years in the making. It chronicles the complex customs & military traditions of the oftentimes obscured KOA warriors with an assortment of photos & lithographs provided courtesy of the Bishop Museum in Honolulu, Hawaii. For more information on SID's book, you can write directly to him at   and while we are on the subject of books, please do yourself a favor & get yourself a copy of GRANDMASTER DON WARRENER's new book entitled "20TH CENTURY SAMURAI, RICHARD KIM" which we profiled in our last newsletter. I've READ it & it's sure to become a martial arts classic regarding our deceased member who was arguably the greatest Karate teacher & philosopher of our time. You can contact DON at  to reserve your copy. You won't be disappointed!

Lastly, in world news, our newest MASTERS DIVISION member, MASTER VINCENT PALUMBO was gracious enough to officially present new grandmaster member, SUPREME GRANDMASTER CACOY CANETE with his 12th dan recognition / membership certificate in the WHFSC for ESKRIMA during the ESKRIMA WORLD FEDERATION Tournament held November 24th - 25th in Cebu City, Philippines. MASTER PALUMBO also competed in the event & garnered Gold & Silver Medals during the world tournament & when it was all over, walked away with the prestigious "STICK FIGHTER OF THE YEAR" Award. CONGRATULATIONS VINCENT!

AND NOW TO OUR LATEST MEMBERS. In the GRANDMASTERS DIVISION, we have the Inheritor of KENPOKIDO from the late Great Grandmaster Ohn TaJi & the current President of the HAWAII MARTIAL ARTS INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY (HMAIS), GRANDMASTER DANO MEADOWS who comes to us from NORTH CAROLINA. In the MASTERS DIVISION, we have MASTER VINCENT PALUMBO, 8th Degree in CACOY DOCE PARES ESKRIMA joining us from AUSTRALIA; & from POLAND, we have SIFU WIESLAW BIGOS, 8th toan in CHAN SHAOLIN SI DIU SU KUNG-FU (also my SAN-JITSU Representative there in Poland). WELCOME gentlemen to your new "family" of the world's martial arts elite!

The following half page advertisement was placed in the December issue of Black Belt Magazine through WHFSC Communications Manager, Soke Daniel Verkerke in Canada who designed the ad for us. It tells the public who we are & it welcomes all to visit us at our website.

The year 2007 marks our 15th year of existence . Please make your plans to attend our next WHFSC Annual Meeting/ Seminar symposium / International Hall of Fame Banquet on Memorial Day Weekend, May 25th - 26th, 2007 in Orlando, Florida - Attendance is by invitation only & through your selection of those whom you would like to have attend either as a guest or awardee of our Hall of Fame. The initial invitations will be sent out around February & as usual, we will have a great time as the " best of the best " come together with their family & friends to celebrate the martial arts!

Grandmaster Jeff Speakman on cover of Black Belt Magazine

Grandmaster Gary Wasniewski on cover of Martial Arts Illustrated Magazine

In the magazines this time around. BLACK BELT Magazine's December issue features a photo of GRANDMASTER GEORGE ALEXANDER facing off with an opponent & column by GRANDMASTER BILL WALLACE.. BLACK BELT's January issue features a cover story on GRANDMASTER JEFF SPEAKMAN & the new skill sets he's developed (with the help of a Senior Student) for KENPO, dubbed "KENPO 5.0"; as well as the recent training trip to Afghanistan by GRANDMASTER JOHN PELLEGRINI; sparring tips by GRANDMASTERS BILL WALLACE, Bob Wall ( C.E.O. for WORLD BLACK BELT INC.) & MASTER DON "THE DRAGON" WILSON; with column by GRANDMASTER RICHARD RYAN. INSIDE KUNG-FU's January issue features a photo of SI GUNG GLEN WILSON in it's "GUESS WHO" contest (ooops  sorry, I had to give the answer to that one!). The January issue of TAEKWONDO TIMES has an article on GRANDMASTER JOHN PELLEGRINI's trip to Afghanistan; with mentions of GRANDMASTERS RONALD DUNCAN , RON VAN CLIEF, BILL WALLACE & YOURS TRULY. BUDO INTERNATIONAL's December issue mentions GRANDMASTER BILL WALLACE & MASTER DON WILSON's guest appearance at the 26th Ocean State Grand Nationals in Rhode Island. the December issue of COMBAT Magazine contains the 3rd installment of a 3 part interview with SOKE KEIDO YAMAUE & a mention of YOURS TRULY & last, but not least, MARTIAL ARTS ILLUSTRATED contains a cover story of GRANDMASTER GARY "James Bond" WASNIEWSKI with mentions of GRANDMASTERS VINCENT MARCHETTI, NEAL HUMMERSTONE, VINCENT LYN & YOURS TRULY being honored at GARY's recent London Hall of fame

Well, this concludes our last newsletter for this year. Please remember to send your news in for our first issue of 2007 , by either e-mailing it to me at  or by mailing it to our Headquarters address shown on the above Letterhead. In the meantime, remember to stay "aggressive" & "fair" in all you do until next time!.

Sincerely yours in martial arts brotherhood,


Grandmaster Frank E. Sanchez
10th dan (Judan)
Founder/ Executive Director International

NOTE: The WHFSC has been in existence since May of 1993 and is a private enterprise of Soke Frank E. Sanchez in service to its membership. Any additions or deletions to its membership must be in writing. RECEIVING THIS NEWSLETTER DOES NOT CONSTITUTE YOUR BEING AN ACTIVE MEMBER OF THIS COUNCIL. All membership certificates with an expiration date are NOT automatically renewed and MUST be renewed by written request to our Headquarters.