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We start this edition with special condolences going out to SOKE J.R. RUIZ of South Carolina who lost his younger Brother, Terry to Cancer in late December of last year & to the family of our member, GRANDMASTER BALTIZAR SAYOC who died in the Philippines recently. Our love & prayers go out to you from all the members of this Council.

A special memorial tournament & Shiai is being held April 14th by the family of the late GRANDMASTER HAROLD LONG of Tennessee. The event is to kick-off the campaign for the induction of the late HAROLD LONG into the TENNESSEE SPORTS HALL OF FAME. GRANDMASTER LONG was a huge supporter of this Council & I, as well as many others will be in attendance. For more information, please contact either Rick or Gary Long at 865-924-0888 or 865-755-4596 respectively.

( Standing- 3rd from right) Master Ed Parker Jr. w/ Mrs. Bernice Jay
4th from left. (sitting L to R) Great Grandmasters Ming Lum, Ralph
Castro, Wally Jay & Al Novak

MASTER ED PARKER JR. was at TIGER CLAW'S TC MEDIA Studio on October 17th meeting with filmmaker Patrick Million who is producing a documentary on his Father, the late, great EDMUND PARKER SR. creator of AMERICAN KENPO. that is tentatively titled "AMERICAN GRANDMASTER". GREAT GRANDMASTERS MING LUM, RALPH CASTRO, WALLY JAY & AL NOVAK were interviewed for the piece. KUNG-FU TAI CHI Magazine's Associate Publisher, Gene Ching held a round table interview with the 4 grandmasters after the taping & that interview entitled "Tea with the Grandmasters" is available on-line at KUNGFUMAGAZINE.COM through the Author's index in the e-zine section.

(L to R) Grandmasters George Alexander, Joe Hess & Gary Alexander

(L to R) Grandmasters Dan Anderson,
Carl Stone, Bill Wallace & Master Don Wilson

GRANDMASTER GEORGE ALEXANDER of Tennessee was promoted to 10th dan by the INTERNATIONAL SHORIN RYU KARATE KOBUDO FEDERATION. A special presentation recognizing the promotion was made at the ACTION MARTIAL ARTS HALL OF FAME & TRADE SHOW in Atlantic City, New Jersey. According to ALEXANDER, the promotion was endorsed by Grandmasters Alan Goldberg, Peter Ticali, GARY ALEXANDER, JOE HESS, VINCE MARCHETTI, Mike Hancock , Amy Hancock, George Parulski & Yong Sung Lee. CONGRATULATIONS, GEORGE!

HANSHI SID CAMPBELL of California celebrated his 40th Anniversary of teaching SHORIN RYU KARATE with a Luau & Celebrity Roast on January 13th. Among those who "roasted" SID at the affair were WHFSC Members, GRANDMASTERS DAN TOSH (who also was awarded his 10th dan that night- CONGRATULATIONS DAN!), T.R. CRIMI, MAX PALLEN & WORLDBLACKBELT.COM CEO & Actor, Grandmaster Bob Wall.

GRANDMASTER CARL STONE of Florida was the featured guest on MASTER DANNY & THERESA ZAINO's "MARTIAL ART HOUR" Radio Show on January 15th . You can catch the "MARTIAL ART HOUR" by logging onto 

DR. RICHARD HACKWORTH has attained the rights to SUN TZU's THE ART OF WAR & is making it available as an e-book with his translations of the text & its meaning. OURS TRULY was also asked to write a forward for RICHARD's new e-book . For more information you can contact RICHARD at 

GRANDMASTER BRAM FRANK reports that he is getting good world-wide exposure in the media for his knife creations & common sense knife fighting techniques. He was recently featured in BLACK BELT Magazine's February issue & currently has articles pending in IWA from Europe, PROREZ of Russia, CALIBER & MESSER of Germany & FIRE of Belgium.

SOKE HARRIS WARREN has been selected for the 3rd straight year to be a member of the SEXUAL ASSAULT ADVISORY COUNCIL (SAAC) in Jacksonville, Florida by Mayor, John Peyton. His new Bride, Edna Warren was also appointed by HARRIS to Head his new NISEI BUJUTSU empowerment program called "KAIZEN ENTERPRISE" that promotes self-improvement among children, women & families from all walks of life.

SIFU JOHNNY WU of Ohio e-mailed to say that his company, MDI FILMS produced a "trailer" called "RAPTURE" which won a 2007 "Bronze Telly" Award. You can view the "trailer" at: Afm_Rapture_trailer_with_telly.wmv . JOHNNY is also looking for funding sources to finance future projects. For more information you can visit JOHNNY's website at

SOKE DANIEL VERKERKE of Canada has a new DVD out on advanced ground fighting. You can view clips of the new DVD at  . His student, Master Aubrey Millard also has a video covering the Basics of DAN's ground fighting entitled, SEICHO JUTSU GROUND FIGHTING VOLUME #1. For more information you can visit Aubrey's web link at


SOKE GERARDO CANTORE of Argentina has a new video with BUDO INTERNATIONAL Magazine featuring his student, Master Minoru Yasuhara & himself entitled OKINAWA KATA- ISSHINRYU KATA . You can visit BUDO's website at  for more particulars.

A young Soke Sanchez w/ Great Grandmaster
Wally Jay (R) at Soke's tournament in Jax, FL

An older Soke Sanchez w/ the "Black Dragon"
Ron Van Clief (R) at Budo International H.O.F.

Grandmaster Jeff Speakman
takes time to talk to a fan
at WHFSC event

PROFESSOR WALLY JAY celebrates his 90th birthday with a special celebration on June 15th at the Hong Kong East Ocean Seafood Restaurant in Emeryville, CA. MANY HAPPY RETURNS, WALLY! For more information contact Sensei Rob Gale at 

The "BLACK DRAGON", GRANDMASTER RON VAN CLIEF called to let me know that the film "BLACK DRAGON THE LEGEND OF RON VAN CLIEF" had its screening at the MUSEUM OF MOVING IMAGES" in New York on February 18th

GRANDMASTER JEFF SPEAKMAN was "under fire" from a reader of BLACK BELT Magazine who criticized the recent cover story which appeared on him & the Founding of his new Kenpo style. It seems that the magazines, as well as internet have created a new breed of martial arts critics who are "experts" now in EVERY martial art system they happen to read about. Too bad they don't spend that time practicing their own art to better themselves, instead of directing "negative" energy towards their Seniors to them in training. As for JEFF, he was one of the late GRANDMASTER ED PARKER's brightest proteges (also a student of GRANDMASTER LOU ANGEL who he shows tremendous respect for) & definitely one of his most loyal followers. He is the "REAL DEAL", as they say. So, to the writer of that letter that says JEFF hasn't created anything different. If you look on the "surface" of ANY martial art, you will see DISTINCT SIMILARITIES that are a "common bond" of all GOOD martial arts (as GRANDMASTER BRUCE JUCHNIK of California says, we should look for the similarities that bond us all). The DIFFERENCES are in the "personality" of the art & its transitions (that's my "bit" to add to this). JEFF also gives credit to his deceased Grandmaster by stating it is a "KENPO" art . So what more can you ask of him? The art he Founded is a credit to his lineage & one of the more deadlier forms of Kenpo ever created. As for GRANDMASTER ED PARKER taking Jiu-Jitsu out of his system, that doesn't mean that the same type of Jiu-Jitsu was put back into the style to create SPEAKMAN's new form of Kenpo. that would be allot to assume since it is a different "time period" & Jiu-Jitsu has evolved . Suffice it to say that this is JEFF's extended interpretation of the original AMERICAN KENPO as created by the late GRANDMASTER ED PARKER & that his interpretation bears the name for it that its GRANDMASTER, JEFF SPEAKMAN gave it. It is simply the evolution of an art form that has been the case for all art forms since the beginning of time.  To quote an old saying, "the only thing constant is change". Enough said.

GRANDMASTER KENT HARALSON of the GOSPEL MARTIAL ARTS UNION reports that Daniel Issac, the Son of our member, GRANDMASTER SOLOMON ISSAC from India has 6 videos promoting Christian martial arts that have aired on TV stations around the world. You can view the clips that range from 2 to 8 minutes at

AN-SHU STEPHEN K. HAYES just bought a new 4000 square foot building in Ohio which will  become the new National training headquarters for his teaching traditional TOGAKURE NINJUTSU, modern TO-SHIN DO Self-defense & meditation mind science programs. STEPHEN says he will also be sending us some digital photos of the new Hombu for the newsletter when it's finished later this Spring.

SOKE RIC BLACK's UNITED STATES POLICE DEFENSIVE TACTICS ASSOCIATION will be conducting a 2 day DEFENSE TACTICS SEMINAR at the Holiday Inn in Wichita, Kansas on April 20th- 21st. He is also looking for State & Regional Reps. You can contact RIC at 

GRANDMASTER VINCENT MARCHETTI of the POLICE TACTICS INSTRUCTORS OF AMERICA received a high letter of praise from Staff Sergeant Graff of the Ft. Knox Kentucky SWAT Team. He writes that Vince is, "a true American Hero, he continues training our military's elite during war time instilling pride & confidence in our soldiers & our homelands security. Never forgetting it's better to give then, to receive". .WAY TO GO, VINCE!

GRANDMASTER GARY ALEXANDER has his 44th ANNUAL KARATE, TKD, KUNG-FU CHAMPIONSHIPS & TRADE SHOW coming up on April 22nd- For more information on attending or competing at America's longest running martial arts event, you can contact GARY at 

Valencia, Spain Hall of Fame under Colonel Santiago 
Sanchis (7th from left kneeling)- Mr. Alfredo Tucci is to his
Left- Soke Sanchez in middle front- Grandmasters
Vincent Lyn & Gary Wasniewski in rear line standing

Ama Guro Raffy Pambuan (w/ mock rifle) & students

 IT'S OFFICIAL!. BUDO INTERNATIONAL Magazine will be having it's Hall of Fame in Spain this year according to its Publisher, Mr. Alfredo Tucci with COLONEL SANTIAGO SANCHIS serving as its Director. The Valencia Hall of Fame held by SANCHIS each year is now officially under the auspices of BUDO INTERNATIONAL. CONGRATULATIONS SANTIAGO! For more information you can contact SANTIAGO at , or MR. ALFREDO TUCCI at 

GRANDMASTER GARY WASNIEWSKI also has his 2nd ANNUAL LONDON INTERNATIONAL HALL OF FAME being held in conjunction with ACTION MARTIAL ARTS NEWS coming up on June 2nd. For more information you can write to GARY at 

AMA GURO RAFFY PAMBUAN has invented a new tool for security work. The device called the "P.A.L." is purportedly getting some strong interest from America's Homeland Security. RAFFY also hopes to introduce the device for police use & will be demonstrating his new defense tool at our upcoming World Head of Family Sokeship Council 14th Annual get-together on May 25th- 26th in Orlando, Florida. For more information on the "P.A.L." , you can e-mail AMA GURO's student, Woody Woodman at 

PROFESSOR GARY DILL writes in his latest SELF-DEFENSE SYSTEMS INTERNATIONAL JEET KUNE DO ASSOCIATION Newsletter that despite some JKD practitioners convictions that JKD is a "concept" or "philosophy" of fighting, GARY contends that it is indeed a "style" of martial art, quoting excerpts from his teacher, the late James Lee & Bruce lee, himself to substantiate his claims. He even had his student, Dr. Carl Farinelli who is a Professor with the College of Education at Northeastern State University in Oklahoma break down JEET KUNE DO's development using a "systems analysis chart". The conclusion based on this scientific analysis shows that JEET KUNE DO is indeed a system or style of martial art & not a "philosophy" as some claimed it to be.

Seminar leaders take their "bows" at a previous WHFSC
Awards Dinner at the Double Tree Hotel in Florida

Informal shot of members present after Annual Meeting
held last year - Soke Sanchez (middle front)


This years 14th Annual Meeting/ International seminar symposium & Hall of Fame for the WORLD HEAD OF FAMILY SOKESHIP COUNCIL is coming up fast on May 25th- 26th of this year. If you haven't made your reservations to attend yet, you'd better make them "NOW" to keep from missing out! PLEASE ALSO SEND IN YOUR NOMINATIONS "NOW" so we have representation from you & to show your support of this Council . This years' event promises to be a great one with a special dedication to all who have died this past year, including the late great MOSES POWELL (we hope to have his Wife present as our Guest) . we will be signing a letter of affiliation between the MALAYSIAN GRANDMASTERS COUNCIL under our member, DR. ZAHALA MAN of & ourselves; GRANDMASTER DON WARRENER of RISING SUN PRODUCTIONS will also be presenting a special rare film presentation of demos by the late , great BRUCE LEE & ELVIS PRESLEY (no picture taking or video-taping will be allowed during this rare presentation!)- AMA GURO RAFFY PAMBUAN will be doing one of his fabulous ice sculptures for us & GRANDMASTER DAN McEADDY will be singing a song "live" from his latest CD dedicated to the WORLD HEAD OF FAMILY SOKESHIP COUNCIL! The event may also be taped for later broadcasting as I understand so, DON'T MISS OUT. If you haven't received your invitation yet, please e-mail me at either  or  . You can also reserve your room at the Doubletree Hotel in Orlando, Florida at our special discount rate by logging onto:

Painting of Elvis Presley
in Kenpo stance, courtesy
of GM Don Warner

(Note: please copy & paste the link to your browser if it fails to work) or by calling 1-800-327-2110 & mentioning the "World Head of Family Sokeship Council Room Block" to get your room discount. The deadline is April 23rd for the special discount!


Grandmaster Vincent Marchetti  on Cover of
Action Martial Arts News Issue #68- 2007 

Grandmaster Stephen Hayes on cover of
Black Belt Magazine  March 2007 issue

In the media this time around. The March edition of BLACK BELT Magazine features a cover story on GRANDMASTER STEPHEN HAYES with GRANDMASTER BILL WALLACE'S by-line in the monthly "Full Contact" column. In its April issue, GRANDMASTER RICHARD RYAN takes up the issue of martial arts use and the law in it's "Full Contact" Column with a review on books by GRANDMASTERS SID CAMPBELL & DON WARRENER in "Essential Gear". The May issue of INSIDE KUNG-FU contains a picture & letter from GRANDMASTER GLENN WILSON regarding PAI LUM TAO & Great Grandmaster Daniel Pai, it's Founder with a mention of MASTER JACKIE CHAN's new movie "Police Story". The January/ February issue of BUDO INTERNATIONAL contains mentions of GRANDMASTERS GEORGE ALEXANDER, JOHN PELLEGRINI, V. POPOV & MASTER DON WILSON at the 2nd ANNUAL BUDO INTERNATIONAL MARTIAL ARTS HALL OF FAME. It's MARCH/ APRIL issue , features a picture of GRANDMASTERS SANTIAGO SANCHIS, GARY WASNIEWSKI, VINCENT LYN & MYSELF at SANTIAGO'S 2006 VALENCIA, SPAIN HALL OF FAME & an article on GRANDMASTER RICKSON GRACIE's Son, Kron, a rising young star in Jiu-Jitsu. COMBAT Magazine contains mentions of MASTER JACKIE CHAN's movie "New Police Story", & GRANDMASTER GARY WASNIEWSKI's TY-GA WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS in England. TAEKWONDO & KOREAN MARTIAL ARTS Magazine features a mention of MASTER JACKIE CHAN's "New Police Story". TAEKWONDO TIMES March issue mentions a new movie starring MASTER JACKIE CHAN & Jet Li set to begin filming in April & an article written by GRANDMASTER IAN CYRUS tracing HAPKIDO's signature skills, and last but not least, ACTION MARTIAL ARTS NEWS features a cover story on GRANDMASTER VINCENT MARCHETTI

Well, this concludes our first issue for the New Year. Please remember to get your news in for the next edition by either e-mailing it to me at or by mailing it to our Headquarters address shown on the above Letterhead. In the meantime, I hope to see you at our upcoming 14th Annual WHFSC event in May! As always, remember to stay "aggressive" & "fair" in all you do until next time!

Sincerely yours in martial arts brotherhood,


Grandmaster Frank E. Sanchez
10th dan (Judan)
Founder/ Executive Director International

NOTE: The WHFSC has been in existence since May of 1993 and is a private enterprise of Soke Frank E. Sanchez in service to its membership. Any additions or deletions to its membership must be in writing. RECEIVING THIS NEWSLETTER DOES NOT CONSTITUTE YOUR BEING AN ACTIVE MEMBER OF THIS COUNCIL. All membership certificates with an expiration date are NOT automatically renewed and MUST be renewed by written request to our Headquarters.