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OCT - DEC 2007





                                                                                                    Grandmaster Sanchez        



First, we'd like to begin by wishing PROFESSOR EUGENE HUMESKY, 9th dan in

TaeKwonDo of Michigan a speedy recovery from recent brain surgery.  According to his Wife, the good Professor is doing well after taking a nasty fall on his head & undergoing an operation to remove blood from his brain. Special thanks to GRANDMASTER JOE ONOPA who called to let me know what happened. JOE & his Wife are also undergoing some health concerns & we wish them a smooth road back to good health as well!

Professor Eugene Humesky

GM Joseph Onopa

GM Richard Van Donk

GRANDMASTER RICHARD VAN DONK's recent visit to Columbia, South America to teach his Enlightened warrior arts was so well received by the people there that they created a magazine for him! The magazine is in Spanish according to RICHARD, but they are working on an English version for him! You can view the new magazine on-line at 

SIFU JOHNNY WU of Ohio also wrote to say that he is pre-production for a Tai Chi World Championship to take place in May of next year. So, if you are interested in taking part, you can contact him at  . You can also view a trailer of his most recent movie at  ;

MASTER ROBERT FERGUSON of California reports that he has a new TV Show (infomercial) coming out called "The Food Lovers Fat Loss System". He is asking for support of the show by our membership as it is being tested now across the country. Although this is NOT a martial arts show, it may be of interest to you & would help our Brother with his project. You can visit his website at 

Also in the realm of health products, GRANDMASTER JURG ZIEGLER OF Switzerland is offering a 10% discount for all Shaolin Lohan Herbals products purchased through his website of  , just mention in the "recommendations/ comments" field of the site that you are a member;

The late Maestro Peter Urban addresses WHFSC Council
(a young Soke Sanchez stands far left in background)

GRANDMASTER DON WARRENER's RISING SUN PRODUCTIONS of California is in the final stages of finishing a biography on our late member, the one & only, MAESTRO PETER URBAN. It should be a best seller, DON & I will surely purchase a copy once it is done! Also, in the making is a book about our Council & its members which should be a historical piece as well (how many groups can claim the membership that we have?....from people like SUPREME GRANDMASTER SEIYU OYATA, GRANDMASTER ROBERTA TRIAS KELLEY to GREAT GRANDMASTER WALLY JAY, the GRACIES & others of historical significance to the late greats such as GRANDMASTERS PETER URBAN, DON NAGLE, HAROLD LONG, ED PARKER, MOSES POWELL & OTHERS ACROSS THE GLOBE). If you have not sent in your bio and photo for inclusion in this book then you only have until JANUARY 1st to do so. Please don't be left out, e-mail them directly to DON at with a "CC" to me when you do (so that I can update your file) or if you don't have e-mail, just send your material to me & I will e-mail your materials to Don. The deadline again is JANUARY 1st . Also, out in production now is DON's new INTERNATIONAL MARTIAL ARTS TODAY TV Show. DON will be at next years' WHFSC event being held in San Antonio, Texas on May 23rd - 24th to do some live interviews. So, don't miss out, My student, SENSEI PHILLIP SPEARS has been assigned by me to be the Meeting Planner there along with his Wife, GLENDA SPEARS, be watching for your invitation in the mail within the coming weeks & make your plans to attend!


Dr. Lou Angel (left) w/ the
late great GM Yamaguchi

Grandmaster Bram Frank

Professor George Kirby

INSTRUCTOR OF THE YEAR, All 3 mentioned our Council in their bios (LOU with our emblem showing proudly on his gi). THANK YOU, GENTLEMEN & CONGRATULATIONS on your well earned inductions!!  To add more KUDOS to BRAM, he was also named FATHER OF ISRAELI KNIFE COMBATIVES by the FATHER OF ISRAELI MARTIAL ARTS, DR DENNIS HANOVER (also a WHFSC Member) BRAM leaves to go to Israel on December 6th to attend the actual ceremony which will be held in Tel Aviv. CONGRATULATIONS again, BRAM!

 Grandmaster Nimr Hassan's book on
the late great James Mitose

Professor Vincent Lyn

GRANDMASTER NIMR HASSAN of Pennsylvania has a new book out which should become a real classic on his teacher, the late GREAT GRANDMASTER JAMES MITOSE of Hawaii. For more information you can write to NIMR at  PROFESSOR VINCENT LYN of Connecticut also has a new book coming out in the summer of 2008 called "The Lin Gar Legacy - Kung Fu in the Real World". For more information you can visit his website at 


Professor Gary Dill

Grandmaster Leon Wright (middle)

An interview with PROFESSOR GARY DILL is featured in the February issue of BLACK BELT Magazine, GARY was also chosen to develop a close quarter hand to hand combat program for Robert O'Block, CEO of "Certified in Homeland Security", an organization that trains & certifies members in different aspects of homeland security encompassing various military special operations units, as well as various federal & state law enforcement agencies, I also received an e-mail from our member in Afghanistan, GRANDMASTER LEON WRIGHT who wrote from Kandahar to say that he was given another award by the U.S. Army on November 16th for instructing the soldiers in hand-to-hand combat. WAY TO GO, GENTLEMEN!

 Grandmaster Gary Alexander (L) w/ Grandmaster Issac Henry

GRANDMASTER GARY ALEXANDER of New Jersey has renamed his art to separate it from what he calls the "ballet-type" arts ("yes", pun intended) His system of hard core no-nonsense combat is now called COMBAT ISSHINRYU;

A proud MASTER JEFF DEVORE of our Masters Division reports that his Son, JOSH "CHICO" DEVORE was chosen to be a backup fighter for Grandmaster Chuck Norris' defending champion HOUSTON ENFORCERS Team. To top it off, JEFF himself was also appointed to be an Assistant Coach by Head Coach, Jesse Finney.

And last but not least in our International news, MASTER MIYAKO FUJITANI of Japan e-mailed me to say that her Son, KENTAROU TAKE, who holds a 4th dan in Aikido will be establishing a branch of her Tenshi Dojo in Los Angeles, California come January of 2008

In our new members department, we have had many applicants in the past few months with excellent credentials, but none made our stringent requirements for membership.

A copy of an article that I wrote in November of 1996 for Black Belt Magazine at their request entitled "What's Wrong with a Martial Artist Creating his own System". Many felt that this was the article that opened the way for them to spotlight the newer systems that they are highlighting today. Although my caveat was that the individual SHOULD be a Master of at least one or two systems & knowledgeable in other types of fighting, as well. The bottom line for the system's "legitimacy" would of course be its acceptance in the world martial arts community


Sijo Adriano Emperado, Founder of Kajukenbo proudly shows off WHFSC
Membership Certificate during a Birthday celebration

In the magazines this month, AMAZINGLY, for the first time in the 15 years we have been in existence, we finally hit a time when there were none on the shelves. At least at Barnes & Nobles where I visited & none that I received recently from overseas as well.!!? At any rate, I am chalking this all up to "bad timing" & we will cover the magazines as usual, next time. Including a brand new publication which seems to be making "waves" along with the more popular magazines we always mention & support, called "MASTERS" Magazine. Until next year, stay "aggressive & fair" in all you do!

Sincerely yours in martial arts brotherhood,

Grandmaster Frank E. Sanchez
10th dan (judan)
Founder/ Executive Director International