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Membership News from around the world


Ama Guro Raffy Pambuan (right) with his Father, the late Lolo Guro
Isidro Pambuan, Founder of Pambuan Arnis

Before we begin our newsletter I would like to express our heartfelt condolences to AMA GURO RAFFY PAMBUAN on the recent passing of his Father in the Philippines, Lolo Guro Isidro Pambuan. Lolo Guro died shortly after suffering a stroke on May 23rd . Our thoughts & prayers are with you, RAFFY.

We would also like to wish GRANDMASTER SAM KUOHA in California a speedy recovery from injuries that he sustained in a car crash & to GRANDMASTER VINCENT MARCHETTI in New Jersey, whose Mom is ill & in a rest home, know that your friends wish you strength during this difficult time.

15TH ANNUAL GATHERING OF THE WHFSC IN SAN ANTONIO A HUGH SUCCESS! - Our recent international event held at the world famous Riverwalk in San Antonio, Texas on May 23rd -24th was nothing short of spectacular with our first ever world tournament, international seminars; news coverage, including the attendance of the Mayor of San Antonio's representative who read a proclamation on our behalf ; Marine Color Guard; & various other surprises . Special thanks to my student in Texas, Sensei Phillip Spears & his lovely Wife, Glenda for putting this event together for us; to my Son, Sensei Matthew Sanchez for his fine job of emceeing & to everyone else behind the scenes who contributed to its success. Next years' event because of popular demand will be held in San Antonio again at the Hyatt Hotel on the Riverwalk. If you missed this years' event, don't miss next years' & mark your calendars for May 22nd -23rd, 2009!

Grandmasters pose for Photo after annual meeting

One of the many seminars at this event
Professor Don Jacob of Trinidad.

Sensei Phillip & Glend Spears

Received a call from GRANDMASTER AL DACASCOS in Hawaii ON April 4th. SIFU AL wanted to call the Council's attention to a new organization for Kajukenbo formed in Hawaii called the "KAJUKENBO OHANA ASSOCIATION" or KOA (meaning "Warrior" in Hawaiian) . The organization which is aimed at the "true" Kajukenbo practitioner will have its 1st World Grandmasters Tournament honoring SIJO ADRIANO EMPERADO, one of the original Founders of Kajukenbo & its worldwide Head on July 17th -19th at the Plaza Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. For more information you can visit the website of 

Sifu Al Dacascos

Sijo Adriano Emperado

Master Mark Dacoscos

Also in the works is a new book by SIFU AL called "REFLECTION" which looks back over his years in the arts. I'm sure it's going to be a best seller for you AL! .His Son, MASTER MARK DACASCOS, another martial arts great can be seen as a regular on the Food Network Channel as the "Chairman" of the popular IRON CHEF AMERICA Show!

GRANDMASTER GARY ALEXANDER, legendary Isshinryu fighter from New Jersey is still "going strong" with his longest running tournament in the U.S.A. He held his 45th Anniversary KARATE, TKD, KUNG FU CHAMPIONSHIPS & TRADE SHOW on April 13th of this year in Piscataway, New Jersey. For more information on how you can attend next years' event, you can contact GARY at 

GM Gary Alexander

GM Ron Van Clief

GM Rene Tongson

GRANDMASTER RON "THE BLACK DRAGON" VAN CLIEF is hosting his first karate tournament in the U.S. Virgin Islands since moving there from New York City. His RON VAN CLIEF CUP -VIRGIN ISLAND INTERNATIONAL MARTIAL ARTS CHAMPIONSHIPS takes place October 11th at the Antilles School in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands. For more information, you can call RON at 1-347-417-3610. & GRANDMASTER RENE TONGSON of the Philippines e-mailed to say that the INTERNATIONAL MODERN ARNIS FEDERATION PHILIPPINES "4TH FILIPINO MARTIAL ARTS FESTIVAL" takes place July 20th -25th. For more information you can contact RENE at

GM Rich Lenchus

GM Gerardo Cantore

Master Bernd Hohle (R) receives
ranking in San-Jitsu

Although we aren't in the habit of listing promotions in our newsletter, for some reason two of our members sent in theirs, so I also added one promotion of my own to the mix. In New York, GRANDMASTER RICK "THE LEGEND" LENCHUS reports that he promoted 3 of his loyal students, Ken Mikkelssen to 2nd Degree Black Belt after 43 yrs of study; Stewart Ratzker to 1st Degree Black Belt after 40 yrs of study; & John Nguyen to Brown Belt after 8 yrs of study. Witnessing the promotion made on June 26th were Great Grandmaster Aaron Banks, Chief Grandmaster Rico Guy, Hanshi Bernard Scarda (Heir to RICK's LEGEND KARATE), as well as many others who were in attendance -From Argentina, GRANDMASTER GERARDO CANTORE reports that he personally flew to Russia to promote his representative there, Sensei Igor Grachev to 6th dan & lastly, my representative in Germany, Sensei Thorsten Isringhausen promoted Master Bernd Hohle, Head of the Martial Arts Association International to 1st dan after training under Thorsten in SAN-JITSU for some time, adding another ranking to his martial arts resume.

GM Sam Kuoha

Sifu Johny Wu

GRANDMASTER SAM KUOHA reports that his house in California has been in a couple of magazines & is a popular site to book for Weddings. You can view his beautiful home, complete with waterfall at -SAM also says that the site contains some photos of his daughter, KA'IMI (Heir apparent to KARA HO KEMPO), who recently got her 5th dan in Hawaii.

SIFU JOHNNY WU of Ohio reports that his movie production called "THE RAPTURE" won 2 Telly Awards (under use of music & TV programs) & is in negotiation to be distributed in Japan, Thailand, Serbia & Germany. He is also waiting on a response from a North America distributor for the film...You can click on the link buy to purchase various DVDs of the film, behind the scenes footage & a CD of the motion picture soundtrack.

Grandmaster Ron Balas

Master Jens & Vicky Fricke

Also in Ohio, GRANDMASTER RON BALAS reports that he is giving a series of "specialty" seminars for Huron Hospital there for employee safety on July 10th, 14th & August 11th & 12th Lastly, in our International news, CONGRATULATIONS to MASTER JENS FRICKE of our MASTERS DIVISION who recently wed to Ms. Vicky Schwarz in Germany - May you have many, many years of wedded bliss together!


An Illustrated History of Martial Arts in America

World Head of Family Sokeship Council

"AN ILLUSTRATED HISTORY OF MARTIAL ARTS IN AMERICA" contains photos of many of our illustrious membership who have made their "mark" & contributions to American martial arts. The book written by GRANDMASTER EMIL FARKAS is certainly one of historic proportions. Another book of historic proportions is still in the making by GRANDMASTER DON WARRENER Delayed because of bad photos that didn't meet the necessary requirements for printing. the WORLD HEAD OF FAMILY SOKESHIP COUNCIL book of our grandmaster members is still in process with better pictures that have been supplied recently -we will have more on the book as it is reported to me by DON. You can purchase EMIL FARKAS' book, as well as reserve your copy of the WHFSC Book by writing to Don at

In our new members department, we are proud to WELCOME GRANDMASTER DAN ANDERSON to our illustrious family . GRANDMASTER ANDERSON hails to us from Gresham, OREGON where he was a top Karateka on the nationwide tournament circuit before studying MODERN ARNIS under the late GRANDMASTER REMY PRESAS. He is the Founder of MODERN ARNIS 80.

In the magazines this time around

GM Sanchez on the cover of
World Martial Arts Magazine

GM Mark Shuey on the cover of
Martial Arts Experts Magazine

In the magazines this time around (available at the time of this printing) BLACK BELT Magazine's August issue contains an article entitled "Sparring is the Key to Real Skill" written by GRANDMASTER RICHARD RYAN in his "Full Contact" Column & a mention of MASTER JACKIE CHAN's new movie, "The Forbidden City" INSIDE KUNG-FU's August issue features a new column by Gracie legend, GRANDMASTER RORION GRACIE entitled "The Gracie Legacy" & an article on GREAT GRANDMASTER CACOY CANETE's recent international seminar & 1st Annual DOCE PARES HALL OF FAME held in Cebu City, Philippines MARTIAL ARTS EXPERTS winter 2007 issue out of Canada has a cover story on GRANDMASTER MARK SHUEY & an article on SAYOC KALI; & the June issue of WORLD MARTIAL ARTS MAGAZINE contains a cover story on YOURS TRULY (subscription available "free" at ) .

Lastly, Grandmaster Alan Goldberg of Action Martial Arts News in New York has a new reality TV show coming out called "FIGHT BACK INTELLIGENTLY". He is looking for stories where you or your students have used martial arts to defend yourself. Please contact Alan or his Associate Producer, Andrea Matzke at either  or 1-718-856-8070 to provide stories they can use for the show. He is definitely one of the top promoters of martial arts in our industry! & while your at it, please don't forget to send in your news for our next newsletter. As always, stay "aggressive" & "fair" in all you do, until next time!


Sincerely yours in martial arts brotherhood,

 Grandmaster Frank E. Sanchez
10th dan (judan)
Founder/ Executive Director International