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JULY - OCT 2008




Membership News from around the world



Grandmaster Sid Campbell proudly wearing our
WHFSC patch on his gi (photo courtesy of Sifu Mark Gerry)

Professor John DeNora demonstrating a Daito Ryu technique ) (Photo courtesy of Senseis Nick & Chris Mechling)

We are sad to report the deaths of two of our esteemed members from California, Grandmaster Sid Campbell who was the first American to open a Shorinryu Shorinkan dojo in the United States passed away October 26th with friends, Grandmaster Dan Tosh (WHFSC Member), Grandmaster Bob Maschmeier & Sifu Mark Gerry at his bedside, and Professor John DeNora, the Founder of Daito Ryu U.S.A. who passed away August 28th at a hospice in La Mesa, California. We will remember both for their outstanding contributions; great love & dedication to the martial arts. They will be sorely missed by all on this Council as they join our past brethren in that great dojo in the sky.

We are proud to report the inclusion of two of our members into this years' prestigious BLACK BELT Magazine Hall of Fame, one was our late member, Grandmaster Sid Campbell who was given an HONORARY AWARD by BLACK BELT & Professor Edwin Maley of Florida who was awarded the Magazine's INDUSTRY AWARD for BEST TRADITIONAL SCHOOL for Judo ( he is also a grandmaster in Jiu-Jitsu) . Also receiving an accolade this year, was Grandmaster Buddy Amato of New Jersey, one of Goju's toughest practitioners & a dog expert who garnered a nomination from the popular TV program ANIMAL PLANET for their ANIMAL PLANET HERO AWARD.

Grandmaster Sid Campbell
Shorinryu pioneer

Professor Edwin Maley
Judo/ Jiu-Jitsu great

Grandmaster Buddy Amato
shows off public service medals

Grandmaster Ron Van Clief held his 1st ANNUAL RON VAN CLIEF CUP MARTIAL ARTS CLASSIC on October 11th at the MCM Center Antilles School in St. Thomas U.S. Virgin Islands. By all accounts, the tournament was a huge success. For more info on getting involved with next years' tournament, you can contact Ron at

Grandmaster Ron Van Clief (center) with Kyoshi Raymond Correa (l) & Kyoshi
Ruby Camacho take time during the Martial Arts Classic to pose for photograph
(Photo courtesy of Kyoshi Correa & Revista Artes Marciales en Accion Magazine)


Soke Harris Warren (l) & Hanshi
Bruce Juchnik mug for the camera

2 days of Seminars

dinner banquet

 Hanshi Bruce Juchnik of California put on another great seminar symposium with his 2008 "GATHERNG" sponsored by the MARTIAL ARTS COLLECTIVE SOCIETY. This years' event held in Sacramento, California honored the late Professor Imi Okazaki Mullins who died recently in California. She was the daughter of the late great Founder of Danzan Ryu Jiu-Jitsu, Grandmaster Henry Okazaki. To get involved with future events, you can contact Bruce at 1-916-308-2606.

Soke Frank E. Sanchez
receives recognition

Grandmaster Gary Wasniewski demonstrates why he is considered one of the greatest kickers in the world.

Grandmaster Leo Fong
legendary martial artist

Shannon Murphy, Managing Editor for the GUAMPEDIA, the Island of Guam's encyclopedia of historical data recently e-mailed to confirm that I would be mentioned in it for the creation of the art of San-Jitsu. I also received an e-mail from Kyoshi Raymond Correa, Publisher of REVISTA ARTES MARCIALES EN ACCION Magazine from Puerto Rico that he will be dedicating the 10th Anniversary of his magazine to me during his magazine's hall of fame being held May 15, 2009 at the new Angora Convention Center there. I am of course deeply honored by both of these inclusions. Grandmaster Gary "James Bond" Wasniewski recently met with Grandmaster Leo Fong & his production company in Washington to discuss the follow-up to his "Thunderkick" movie which was released this year. His new movie entitled, "The Kill Factor -Thunderkick 2" will be filming soon & is scheduled to be released next year.

Grandmaster Vincent Marchetti
Director P.T.I.A


Grandmaster Neal Hummerstone
Assist. Director P.T.I.A

Talked to both Grandmaster Vincent Marchetti & Grandmaster Neal Hummerstone of the Police Tactics Instructors of America recently. Vince recently played host to the U.S. Marshals Counter Terrorism Response Team that was training at his dojo in New Jersey while Neal traveled extensively through Europe in October teaching police tactics to security, police & the military.

Dr. Jerry Aiello

Grandmaster Daniel Verkerke's Seicho Jutsu celebrates
25th Anniversary in Canada (Verkerke- far left front)
full coverage at:

Dr. Jerry Aiello who aside from being the Founder of his own style of Shintokan Karate also has the distinction of being the first ever to host a radio show for martial arts held his 1ST ANNUAL AIELLO GROUP LIFE STYLE FORUM
On October 26th in Michigan. Special awards & certificates were also given out during the dinner festivities that culminated the event. Grandmaster Daniel Verkerke in Canada also celebrated the 25th year of his system's existence with a Seicho Jutsu gathering in Cambridge Ontario, Canada. Dignitaries present at the event included retired World Heavyweight Wrestling Champion, Waldo Von Erich, Grandmaster Ron Balas & representatives from Federal & Provincial members of the Canadian government.

Grandmaster Mark Shuey

According to a press release from Grandmaster Mark Shuey of Nevada, Mark was recently featured in a front page article of the Wall Street Journal that came out July 12th -13th entitled "Everybody is Cane-Fu Fighting at Senior Centers, So Watch Out". The article was followed by appearances on Fox Network News on July 16th; the Early Show Wednesday morning; a local NBC TV appearance in Nevada on July 29th; a CNN appearance on August 18th & an appearance on the new NBC Bonnie Hunt Show in September Mark's next project? to teach his Cane Master System to the Shaolin Monks. We'll keep you posted!

(L to R) GM Rodel Dagooc, GM Frank Sobrino, GM Cristino Vasquez,
GM Bram Frank & GM Rene Tongson in the Philippines

Dr. Sabree Salleh

Grandmaster Bram Frank was in Boracay & Iloilo, Philippines for the FILIPINO MARTIAL ARTS FESTIVAL held last July. While in Iloilo, Bram was awarded the Kampilon Award, the highest honor given in the Philippines for Bram's innovations & Legacy of Filipino Blade & knife work; MASTER OF THE BLADE & a GUARDIAN OF THE LEGACY OF THE BLADE. From Malaysia, Dr. Sabree Salleh wrote to say that his MGTF NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS held August 29th -30th there was a great success with over 300 Black Belts & 24 teams taking part. The King of Malaysia who is Sabree's student was also scheduled to make an appearance, but was unable to make it because of a prior commitment.

Grandmaster Jim Arvanitis

Dr. Kent Haralson

Grandmaster Jim Arvanitis, the Father of modern Pankration & mixed martial arts pioneer is being featured in the next issue of BLACK BELT Magazine. according to a press release from his representative. Also, Dr. Kent Haralson of the GOSPEL MARTIAL ARTS UNION wrote to say that the GMAU's INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE was held on October 10th-12th in Indianapolis, For more information you can visit the GMAU's official website at www.GMAU.ORG

Last but not least, in International news we would like to CONGRATULATE Grandmaster Foster MacLeod of Canada on his upcoming Wedding which he has been busy planning (we will let you know more as the details become available to us) & Master Jens & Vicky Fricke on the birth of their new baby boy, Kjell born September 3rd in Emden, Germany!

Dai Soke Foster MacLeod

Vicky & Master Jens Fricke

Dr. Mak Yuree

In our new members department. We are proud to WELCOME Dr. Mak Yuree to our elite martial arts family! Dr. Yuree is from India & a 9th dan in Combat Self- Defense (CSD) & 10th degree Founder of Butthan. CONGRATULATIONS on your acceptance into our elite Council!

In the magazines this time around. Not much was found on the shelves at Barnes & Nobles. It seems like the bad economy in America has even affected the distribution of our beloved martial arts magazines! We did manage to find the DECEMBER issue of BLACK BELT Magazine. In that issue, Grandmaster Richard Ryan was featured in its monthly column, "Full Contact" & of course there was Black Belt's 2008 Hall of Fame listings mentioning our member, the late Grandmaster Sid Campbell's Honorary induction; & lastly, we found INSIDE KUNG-FU's December issue with a feature on the Gracie Diet by Grandmaster Rorion Gracie with mentions of Grandmasters Parker Linekin, Douglas Wong & DeChi Emperado in that issue.


The "architect" of the Gracie Jiu-Jitsu name & co-founder of the UFC, Grandmaster Rorion Gracie (left) applauds as his Father, the legendary Great Grandmaster Helio Gracie receives Honorary Membership in the WHFSC from Grandmasters Vincent Marchetti (dark glasses) & Ron Van Clief (right foreground) during a break in early UFC activities

Well this concludes our extended newsletter for July -October, health concerns for my Father who has Alzheimer's delayed the newsletter this time around. We will have a 2 month issue next time & then be back to our regular tri-monthly edition after that. I thank you all for your patience & understanding! 'Till next time stay "aggressive & fair in all you do"


Sincerely yours in martial arts brotherhood,

 Grandmaster Frank E. Sanchez
10th dan (judan)
Founder/ Executive Director International