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NOV - DEC 2008




Membership News from around the world






The World Head of Family Sokeship Council

An Illustrated History of Martial Arts in America

The new book on the WORLD HEAD OF FAMILY SOKESHIP COUNCIL written by noted writer & historian, Grandmaster Don Warrener of California will be on sale this January 1st through Rising Sun Productions of California. The book which documents the founding of our elite Council with the bios of some of its past membership is also scheduled to be released January 5th through followed by distribution to martial arts supply stores worldwide. To order your copy, you can write to Rising Sun Productions at 15805 Chase St., North Hills, California 91343-6306 or visit their website at . The price of the book is $59.95 (U.S. dollars). Also available through Rising Sun Productions just in time for the Holiday season is the definitive book on martial arts history in America written by noted martial arts historian, Grandmaster Emil Farkas. The book entitled, "An Illustrated History of Martial Arts in America" lists quite a few of our membership in its pages & retails for $29.95. Please make sure that you urge your friends, associates & students to purchase copies of these great documentaries!

Colonel Santiago Sanchis
Valencia, Spain

GM Gary Alexander (L) host of IAMA Hall of Fame in New Jersey greets
GM Sanchez

GM Maurice Elmalem (L) & GM Joe Hess
(R) exchange pleasantries w/ GM Sanchez

 Grandmaster Santiago Sanchis hosted his Annual INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL OF MARTIAL ARTS HALL OF FAME held in conjunction with BUDO INTERNATIONAL Magazine on November 7th, 8th & 9th in Valencia, Spain. Also hosting a Hall of Fame in November was Grandmaster Gary Alexander of New Jersey whose INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF MARTIAL ARTISTS held its Annual Hall of Fame in Woodbridge, New Jersey. For information on getting involved with these two great events you can contact Santiago at : and Gary at  .

 Grandmaster Jim Arvanitis

Grandmaster Mark Shuey

Continuing in their pioneering ways, Grandmaster Jim Arvanitis just signed a contract to do another video series with PALADIN & also completed filming a documentary on the evolution of mixed martial arts from its earliest origins in Greece with Pankration. The documentary is set to air on network television in 2009. Grandmaster Mark Shuey also wrote to say that PBS (the Public Broadcasting System) is set to begin filming a story about him in February & nationally recognized AARP is preparing an article on Mark scheduled for release in their March magazine. CONGRATULATIONS, gentlemen!

Grandmaster Bart Vale

Grandmaster Daniel Verkerke holds new grandaughter

Lastly in our International news, Grandmaster Bart Vale is holding a Shootfighting competition on January 31st in West Palm Beach, Florida. For more information you can contact Bart at 1-954-746-0202 & Grandmaster Daniel Verkerke of Canada is the proud Grandpa of a new Granddaughter, Abigail born November 21st to parents, Daniel Jr. & Katherine Verkerke.

In the magazines, not much to report again for this month as our newsletter is probably coming at a time when the new issues are just being mailed out, BUT we'd like to CONGRATULATE both Grandmaster John Pellegini & Dr. Mak Yuree for making the covers of BLACK BELT & COMBAT Magazines, respectively (covers downloaded off the internet w/ no access to content).

Grandmaster John Pellegini on
cover of Jan issue of Black Belt

Dr. Mak Yuree on cover of
Dec issue of Combat

Well this concludes our special abbreviated newsletter for November - December. Until next year when we resume are regular tri-monthly editions, stay "aggressive & fair in all you do"!


Sincerely yours in martial arts brotherhood,

 Grandmaster Frank E. Sanchez
10th dan (judan)
Founder/ Executive Director International



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