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APRIL - JUNE  2009




Seminar leaders at function demonstrate why they are the world's best


GM Hanns von Rolbeck
Mstr. Jurgen Theurer

GM Bram Frank

GM Mark Shuey

GM Ian Cyrus

GM Neal Hummerstone


Prof. Gary Dill

Prof. John Casarez

GM Mark Colangelo

GM Gary Wasniewski

GM Dan Verkerke


General Alexander Retyunskikh


GM Graciela Casillas (Calif.)


GM Deiter Knuttel (Germany)

GM German Popov's Master students

The Council challenged world conditions by summoning the attendance of martial arts notables from around the world to its 16th Annual gathering in Texas. The event held May 22nd - 23rd at the Hyatt Regency Hotel bordering the famed Riverwalk in San Antonio was sponsored by IBC Bank, and hosted by Sensei Phillip and Glenda Spears of Texas. The two day event that received local TV media attention featured award presentations and seminars by some of the world's top martial artists. A film preview of the latest picture by England's Grandmaster Gary Wasniewski entitled "Thunderkick II - The Kill Factor" which features a cameo appearance by Grandmaster Sanchez was shown and an award of commendation from Guardian Angels Representative, Rafael Arredondo on behalf of Curtis Sliwa was presented to Grandmaster Sanchez as well for his & the WHFSC's contributions to the martial arts and the civilian communities. Entertainment for the dinner that culminated the two day affair was provided by professional comedian-hypnotist, Rodney Rash, whose performance was filmed "live" for a future upcoming comedy TV Special.


Guardian Angels Rep, Rafael Arredondo presents award to GM Sanchez, WHFSC Founder & Executive Director

Hosts, Sensei Phillip  & Glenda Spears

Crowd at WHFSC Banquet stands
up for flag presentation by
Marine Color Guard


Dr. Sabree Salleh

MAGMA Meeting

New MAGMA President, Dato Baharom Kamari
(3rd from left)

Dr. Sabree Salleh of Malaysia was appointed by WHFSC Founder, Grandmaster Frank E. Sanchez to be the official Liaison for the WHFSC with the Malaysian Grandmasters Martial Arts Association (MAGMA) which was co-founded by Dr. Sabree & recognized by the WHFSC as the definitive representative body for martial arts in Malaysia. MAGMA held its 2nd Annual General Meeting on May 31st with 49 grandmasters & masters attending. During that meeting, the new Officers for MAGMA were elected with Dato Baharom Kamari being elected President for 2009-2011.

General Alexander Retyunskikh holds up WHFSC Representative certificate for Russia

Grandmaster Retyunskikh, the Head of the worldwide Russian ROSS System will be hosting various members of the WHFSC
to teach their art to his Russian Combat Sambo Academy next year.

Grandmaster Bram Frank - Doctorate in martial arts & use of edged tools from University of Bridgeport

Grandmaster Bram Frank has brought to our attention that U.S. Customs & Border Protection is expanding the outlawing of switchblades to include assisted openers - This new law if enacted will affect most of us who train or use these types of knives for protection. For more info contact Bram at 


GM Ron Van Clief

Prof. Gary Dill

GM Mark Shuey

Grandmaster Ron Van Clief from the U.S. Virgin Islands reports that there is an article out on him in KUNG FU CINEMA SCREEN FIGHTING NEWS & REVIEW regarding his early days in martial arts cinema & how he got his moniker of the "Black Dragon" from Bruce Lee!   Also heard from Professor Gary Dill in Oklahoma that BLACK BELT Magazines' Editor, Robert Young contacted him about a major article that will be coming out on the late Bruce Lee which will feature Gary's comments as one of Jeet Kune Do's leading practitioners. & from Grandmaster Mark Shuey, Mark reports that he recently made a guest appearance on the popular satirical TV news program , THE STEVE COLBERT SHOW (  )

Dr. Richard Hackworth

Mr. & Mrs. Mark Murdock

Dr. Richard Hackworth checked in to say that he is being featured in a documentary about the Korean martial arts entitled, "Mudo: The Korean Art of War" being filmed on location in Korea. The documentary is scheduled to be shown in October on the Skylife Network in Korea. He also hosts his own martial arts radio program, as well as being the Publisher of the internet magazine, WORLD MARTIAL ARTS Magazine & is inviting our membership to submit their news & articles to him. Richard can be reached at  & lastly, in our international news. CONGRATULATIONS to Master Mark Murdock of North Carolina who "tied the knot" with his new Bride, Tracy on May 7th!


Kung-Fu in the Real World

Kung-Fu Star

New DVD Release

Grandmaster Vincent Lyn's new book, KUNG-FU IN THE REAL WORLD is now on the market & a new comic book as well starring Vincent will be premiered at the San Diego Comic Convention in California ON July 25th called, "KUNG-FU STAR" - for more info you can contact Vincent at - also, Grandmaster Dan Verkerke of Canada has a new DVD out entitled, ADVANCED HABO/ CANE - To view video trailer:

GM Graciela Casillas

GM Jimmy Tacosa

Dr. Gary Torres

GM Deiter Knuttel

 WELCOME to new members, Grandmaster Graciela Casillas from California, well known womens champion boxer, as well as Karate champion & grappling/ Arnis expert who Founded the system of Shen Chun Do; Grandmaster Jimmy Tacosa , also from California who is the Founder of Tacosa Serrada Eskrima; Dr. Gary Torres, inheritor of Phoenix Dragon Kung Fu "Kwok" Style from Florida; & lastly, from Germany, Grandmaster Deiter Knuttel , Founder of Modern Arnis DAV.

On the newsstands this month, it seems the stores are primarily carrying professional wrestling & cage fighting magazines these days, but from what we could find. BLACK BELT Magazine's April issue features mentions of Grandmasters John Pellegini & Jim Arvanitis. MASTERS Magazine's June issue features Doce Pares Eskrima with Great Grandmaster Cacoy Canete. & last but not least, ACTION MARTIAL ARTS News features mentions of Grandmaster Gary Alexander & Ralph Pucchino.

Well this concludes our newsletter for April - June. Until next time please stay "aggressive & fair in all you do"!

Sincerely yours in martial arts brotherhood,

 Grandmaster Frank E. Sanchez
10th dan (judan)
Founder/ Executive Director International







(Revised 5-23-2009 under the direction of Grandmaster Ian Cyrus in San Antonio, Texas)


1.        The prospective applicant must be the heir-apparent of a prominent-recognizable martial art discipline or the Founder of an art of national/ international notoriety


2.        The prospective applicant must seek a written recommendation from at least two current council members


3.        The application shall consist of the following:


  •          A statement (letter) of intent as to why the applicant wants to be a member of the WHFSC

  •          A personal and martial art resume and or biography and chronology detailing the applicant's martial arts experience and history. Gaps in the chronology must be mitigated by a detailed explanation

  •          Copies of certificates, letters of recommendation, and or awards consistent with the applicant's resume and or biography must be submitted

  •          A curriculum detailing the content of his/ her art with respect to its principles, concepts, methodologies, and technical aspects

  •          A bibliography of all publications


           Note: The applicant must highlight the uniqueness of his/ her system and how it        

           contributes to the field or community of martial arts. In other words, the art must

           contain signature skills that are unique to it. Additionally, the candidate must have

           distinguished him/ herself within his/ her particular discipline, i.e., the candidate's

           reputation must speak for itself     


4. The application will be reviewed by the WHFSC Credentials and Membership Re-

    view Committee. Once review is complete, a consensus statement will be issued

    with commentary and a firm recommendation with respect to recognition and



5.The applicant shall be informed of the committee's decision within fourteen busi-

   ness days of said decision


6. The committee may elect to recommend one of the following:


  •          Fully approve the candidate's application

  •          Require the candidate to appear before the committee in person, at the WHFSC annual event to demonstrate his/ her art

  •          Refer the candidate to a prominent member of WHFSC to serve as mentor for an undetermined period of time after which, the candidate may re-petition the WHFSC following a firm recommendation from the mentor

  •         Rejection of the applicant's application


7. Once the application is approved, the candidate must attend the next upcoming

    WHFSC Annual Awards Banquet and Grandmasters symposium and participate in

    a oral interview and make a public presentation of his/ her art


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