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JULY - SEPT  2009






Grandmaster George Anderson

GRANDMASTER GEORGE ANDERSON, Head of KWANMUKAN INTERNATIONAL passed away on August 6th in Akron, Ohio. Hanshi Anderson was 77 at the time of his death. Anderson, who held multiple advance rankings & certifications in various martial arts disciplines was a pivotal figure in American martial arts. He also authored more than 50 technical martial arts manuals, instruction guides, organizational constitutions & by-laws, books & templates. He will be sorely missed by us all.

Special get well wishes also go out to HANSHI MARTY MANUEL of New Jersey who is recovering from a recent hospital stay. The 13th ANNUAL UNITED MARTIAL ARTS REFEREES ASSOCIATION (U.M.A.R.A.) REGIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS TOURNAMENT held October 3rd in Buena, New Jersey helped raise funds for MARTY who suffers from a rare debilitating disease that confines him to a wheelchair.


Master Mark Dacascos

MASTER MARK DACASCOS, Martial arts actor & "Chairman" of the popular IRON CHEF cooking series is currently a dance contestant on the popular ABC Network TV series, "DANCING WITH THE STARS" (along with UFC Champion, Chuck Liddell). Please remember to cast your vote for him!

Soke Daniel Verkerke

Dr. Song Swee Hee

General Alexander Retyunskikh

KUDOS to our WHFSC Webmaster, Communications Manager and FACE BOOK Moderator, GRANDMASTER DANIEL VERKERKE of Canada for his excellent management of our newly created FACE BOOK site. In the short time the site has been in existence we have acquired 974 new "friends" on FACE BOOK! DANIEL was also in Malaysia recently to attend DR. SONG SWEE HEE'S recent Hall of Fame there & to award DR. SONG his MALAYSIAN AMBASSADOR Certificate on behalf of the WHFSC. Also, awarded an updated AMBASSADOR certificate for RUSSIA from my office was GRANDMASTER/ GENERAL ALEXANDER RETYUNSKIKH of Russia. CONGRATULATIONS, GENTLEMEN!


GM German Popov

Prof. Edwin Maley

GM Vincent Marchetti

San-Jitsu celebrates 10 yrs In Germany

GRANDMASTER GERMAN POPOV from Russia e-mailed to say that his new martial arts movie is scheduled to come out next Summer. Also, that you can access the trailer (in Russian) at 
PROFESSOR EDWIN MALEY was honored by the City of Tampa, Florida with a Proclamation from Mayor Pam Iorio naming September 12th as "PROFESSOR EDWIN MALEY DAY". GRANDMASTER VINCENT MARCHETTI from New Jersey recently met with a movie producer from Italy & is currently negotiating a possible film deal & my SAN-JITSU Instructors in Germany just celebrated their 10th Anniversary of teaching SAN-JITSU there under the auspices of the UNITED SAN-JITSU RYU FEDERATION OF GERMANY Headed by my Representatives, SENSEIS THORSTEN ISRINGHAUSEN & JORG ADERHOLD .



GM Santiago Sanchis

GM Gary Alexander

GM Don Warrener

Prof. Don Jacob

GRANDMASTER SANTIAGO SANCHIS' INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL OF MARTIAL ARTS HALL OF FAME co-sponsored by Mr. Alfred Tucci's BUDO INTERNATIONAL MAGAZINE takes place this October 23, 34 & 25th in Valencia, Spain. For more information e-mail  GRANDMASTER GARY ALEXANDER'S INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF MARTIAL ARTISTS HALL OF FAME & AWARDS, CERTIFICATION BANQUET takes place November 21st in Woodbridge, New Jersey. For more information, you can e-mail GARY at  and last but not least, GRANDMASTERS DON WARRENER & DON JACOB are organizing a trip to the Orient next year called the ORIENT EXPRESS 2010 MARTIAL ARTS TOUR. For more information, you can contact either of these two gentlemen at  or  respectively.



Gm Leo Fong

GM Don Warrener

GM Jim Arvanitis

GRANDMASTER LEO FONG has a new book out called "BEYOND KUNG-FU" which teaches the reader how to use the power of non-resistance. You can purchase the book through BLACK BELT Magazine's website at  GRANDMASTER DON WARRENER, who had one of the most successful Karate franchises in history prior to establishing RISING SUN PRODUCTIONS in California, also has a new book on how to become a successful school owner entitled "THE KATA OF BUSINESS" which can be purchased through RISING SUN PRODUCTIONS at  ; and GRANDMASTER JIM ARVANITIS, The "Father of Modern Pankration", has a new book out entitled "THE FIRST MIXED MARTIAL ART: PANKRATION FROM MYTHS TO MODERN TIMES" which can be purchased through BLACK BELT Magazine at 

AND NOW TO OUR LATEST MEMBERS Though we received inquiries for grandmaster membership. None this month qualified either because of failure to make our standards or because of a member's confidential disapproval. Instead, we have 3 new members for our Masters Division. They are MASTER QUOC TRAN from NEW JERSEY who specializes in VIETNAMESE COMBAT ARTS & MASTERS JIMMY RUTHERFORD & CHRIS MARQUEZ from FLORIDA who teach SAN-JITSU WELCOME GENTLEMEN to the MASTERS DIVISION OF THE WORLD HEAD OF FAMILY SOKESHIP COUNCIL!

Master Quoc Tran

Master Jimmy Rutherford

Master Chris Marquez




The late Great Grandmaster Helio Gracie on cover inset of Masters Magazine

GM Ron Van Clief in Sherdog

GM Gary Wasniewski on cover of Martial Arts Times Magazine

GM Raul Gutierrez on cover of Kampfkunst  International Magazine



Grandmaster Gary Wasniewski on cover of Martial Arts Illustrated

GM Frank E. Sanchez in Shiai Magazine

Grandmaster Carl Stone on cover of World Martial Arts Magazine

BLACK BELT Magazine mentions GRANDMASTER ROBERT KOGA being honored in Long Beach, California on August 8th for his martial arts teachings & contributions to society; PROFESSOR GARY DILL & GRANDMASTER LEO FONG's comments on the one thing that the late great Bruce Lee taught that was significant to them; a photo of GRANDMASTER GARY ALEXANDER demonstrating a gun control technique; & GRANDMASTER RICHARD RYAN's "FULL CONTACT" Column. INSIDE KUNG-FU features GRANDMASTER RORION GRACIE's GRACIE JIU-JITSU column. The late, GREAT GRANDMASTER HELIO GRACIE is featured in a pictorial memoir of the Great Grandmaster's life in MASTERS Magazine along with PROFESSOR TONY ANNESSI's column in the same magazine. BUDO INTERNATIONAL MAGAZINE features biographies on Karate's "Classical Man", the LATE GRANDMASTER RICHARD KIM & KRAV MAGA creator, the late GRANDMASTER IMI LICHENFELD along with an interview of MASTER RICKSON GRACIE and new column of important teachers in the martial arts by GRANDMASTER DON WARRENER, KAMPFKUNST INTERNATIONAL from Germany features a cover story on GRANDMASTER RAUL GUTIERREZ; along with GRANDMASTER SANTIAGO SANCHIS' 2008 INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL OF MARTIAL ARTS HALL OF FAME; & mentions of the late GRANDMASTERS IMI LICHENFELD, RICHARD KIM, SID CAMPBELL, GEORGE ANDERSON, GEORGE MATTSON, DON NAGLE, HAROLD LONG & PETER URBAN, along with GRANDMASTERS JON BLUMING, DAVID GRAGO, DONALD SWANSEY, GARY ALEXANDER, GERARDO CANTORE, RON VAN CLIEF, FRANK SCHNEIDER, BILL SOLANO, JOSEPH RUIZ, GEORGE ALEXANDER, GARY WASNIEWSKI, JOHN PELLEGRINI, VINCENT LYN & YOURS TRULY. GRANDMASTER RON VAN CLIEF is featured in the on-line publication SHERDOG Magazine at   GRANDMASTER GARY WASNIEWSKI has a feature cover story in MARTIAL ARTS ILLUSTRATED as well as MARTIAL ARTS TIMES Magazine (cover shots supplied -no magazine content info) YOURS TRULY is featured in the on-line publication SHIAI Magazine at  GRANDMASTER CARL STONE is featured on the cover of one of WORLD MARTIAL ARTS MAGAZINE's recent editions (cover shot supplied with no magazine content info though the most recent issue features Grandmaster Alan Goldberg on the cover). Lastly, although there was no mention of any of our members in the current issue of TAEKWONDO TIMES, we would like to wish them a HAPPY ANNIVERSARY on their 30TH year of publication ! May you have many, many more years of continued success!!



Master Jackie Chan

Master Jackie Chan accepts Media Star of the Year Award in 1996 through his Representative Davis Fung & is given Honorary Membership in the World Head of Family Sokeship Council

Well, this concludes our July -September issue. Please remember to send in your noteworthy items for our next edition & remember to stay AGGRESSIVE & FAIR as always until next time.

Sincerely yours in martial arts brotherhood,

 Grandmaster Frank E. Sanchez
10th dan (judan)
Founder/ Executive Director International







(Revised 5-23-2009 under the direction of Grandmaster Ian Cyrus in San Antonio, Texas)


1.        The prospective applicant must be the heir-apparent of a prominent-recognizable martial art discipline or the Founder of an art of national/ international notoriety


2.        The prospective applicant must seek a written recommendation from at least two current council members


3.        The application shall consist of the following:


  •          A statement (letter) of intent as to why the applicant wants to be a member of the WHFSC

  •          A personal and martial art resume and or biography and chronology detailing the applicant's martial arts experience and history. Gaps in the chronology must be mitigated by a detailed explanation

  •          Copies of certificates, letters of recommendation, and or awards consistent with the applicant's resume and or biography must be submitted

  •          A curriculum detailing the content of his/ her art with respect to its principles, concepts, methodologies, and technical aspects

  •          A bibliography of all publications


           Note: The applicant must highlight the uniqueness of his/ her system and how it        

           contributes to the field or community of martial arts. In other words, the art must

           contain signature skills that are unique to it. Additionally, the candidate must have

           distinguished him/ herself within his/ her particular discipline, i.e., the candidate's

           reputation must speak for itself     


4. The application will be reviewed by the WHFSC Credentials and Membership Re-

    view Committee. Once review is complete, a consensus statement will be issued

    with commentary and a firm recommendation with respect to recognition and



5.The applicant shall be informed of the committee's decision within fourteen busi-

   ness days of said decision


6. The committee may elect to recommend one of the following:


  •          Fully approve the candidate's application

  •          Require the candidate to appear before the committee in person, at the WHFSC annual event to demonstrate his/ her art

  •          Refer the candidate to a prominent member of WHFSC to serve as mentor for an undetermined period of time after which, the candidate may re-petition the WHFSC following a firm recommendation from the mentor

  •         Rejection of the applicant's application


7. Once the application is approved, the candidate must attend the next upcoming

    WHFSC Annual Awards Banquet and Grandmasters symposium and participate in

    a oral interview and make a public presentation of his/ her art


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