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OCT - DEC  2009





As we look back on this last year, we thank our Creator for all the blessings he has given us. The Council continues to grow stronger with every passing year with the best possible membership of any grandmasters / masters organization in existence today or in the past. Our Council has also been documented in the books, THE WORLD HEAD OF FAMILY SOKESHIP COUNCIL by Grandmaster Don Warrener / Rising Sun Productions & AN ILLUSTRATED HISTORY OF MARTIAL ARTS IN AMERICA - 1900 TO PRESENT" by Grandmaster Emil Farkas. We look forward to an even more spectacular Year in 2010 as our Council continues to grow & set the standards for legitimacy & integrity in the martial arts!

Grandmaster Sanchez - Founder

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Grandmaster Arthur Gitlin

Grandmaster Neal Hummerstone

As reported by his Wife, SiGung Susan Thomas Gitlin, we are sad to announce the passing of our member, Grandmaster Arthur Gitlin who died on October 1st in Walnut Creek, California. He was the Founder of Haak Lung Chuan and Bei Shou Fa. May he rest in peace. Those wishing to give something in Grandmaster Gitlin's honor are asked to send a memorial donation to the American Heart Association. We would also like to report a close call for good friend, Grandmaster Neal Hummerstone who was admitted to the hospital because of a medical error according to Grandmasters Vince Marchetti & Bram Frank. I wasn't supposed to hear about it, but did & so, now that I have, I hope you are back to your normal super good health, Neal!


Master Mark Dacascos with dance partner, Lacy

Grandmaster Al Dacascos


Grandmaster Tom Hunnicutt DVD

As reported in our last newsletter, Master Mark Dacascos was a featured contestant on the popular DANCING WIH THE STARS TV Show , but despite some fantastic dancing on his part he was eliminated in the finals. The outcome was predictable with famous entertainer, Donny Osmond claiming the win by "popularity" vote. His Father, Grandmaster Al Dacascos is extending his "thanks" to all who voted for Mark. Despite the loss, this was great publicity for the up & coming young super star who is also the Chairman of the popular IRON CHIEF TV series. Grandmaster Tom Hunnicutt of Arkansas wrote to say that he would be getting himself more involved with martial arts events again. The Shorinryu grandmaster who has been touring the United States performing Blue Grass music under the stage name of "Captain T" is a recording artist for Swann Records.

Grandmaster Serge Baubil (L)


Master Quoc Tran (L) w/ GM Gary Wasniewski

Great Grandmaster Ji Han Jae

Grandmaster Serge Baubil , Founder of Hoshinkido Hapkido from Canada was honored with a special award from the Canadian Government in November of this year. The award was presented to him by Commander Jacques Brien of Correctional Services for his 50 years of martial arts practice (1959-2009) & for teaching the Special Intervention Unit for more than 10 years. Grandmaster Gary Wasniewski from England & Master Quoc Tran of New Jersey were in Washington, DC on October 21st to participate in the 2009 STUDENT PLEDGE AGAINST GUN VIOLENCE NATIONAL DAY OF CONCERN. Both are actively involved in this cause. Grandmaster Wasniewski is the International Representative for the STUDENT PLEDGE AGAINST GUN VIOLENCE while Master Tran is the Representative for the State of New Jersey.

Lastly, in our international news, we received a nice letter from Grandmaster Kenneth P. McKenzie, President of the WORLD SIN MOO HAPKIDO FEDERATION, that he & Sin Moo Hapkido Founder, Great Grandmaster Ji Han Jae would be interested in attending our Annual WHFSC event next year. In relation to that, please be advised that our next Annual International Meeting-world seminar symposium & awards banquet will be held Friday - May 28th & Saturday - May 29th, , 2010 ( Memorial Day Weekend) in Orlando, Florida. Please mark those dates on your calendar & make your plans to attend this grand event. We will be e-mailing / mailing you more updates as time passes!


The Way of White Crane Karate

Women's Personal Safety 101

Grandmaster George Alexander has a new book out on the rare art of Okinawan White Crane Karate. The book called "THE WAY OF WHITE CRANE KARATE" gives a complete depiction of this devastating Okinawan art & is a limited edition book. The cost is $69.95 plus $6.00 shipping & handling. You can order this special edition book at  Master Samuel Scott also has a new women's self-defense book out called "WOMEN'S PERSONAL SAFETY 101" for $16.45. You can order Scott's book directly from  .


Supreme Grandmaster Ji Han Jae

Grandmaster Jim Arvanitis

Grandmaster Rorion Gracie on cover of Inside Kung-Fu Magazine

CONGRATULATIONS to Great Grandmaster Ji Han Jae who was awarded MAN OF THE YEAR & to Grandmaster Jim Arvanitis, who was awarded INSTRUCTOR OF THE YEAR in BLACK BELT MAGAZINE'S 2009 HALL OF FAME, as well as to GRANDMASTER RORION GRACIE who was inducted as INSIDE KUNG-FU MAGAZINE'S MAN OF THE YEAR for 2010!!

Featured in the magazines this month (from magazines we could find on the shelves or that were sent to us). BLACK BELT Magazine's December issue features it's 2009 BLACK BELT HALL OF FAME with inductees Supreme Grandmaster Ji Han Jae & Grandmaster Jim Arvanitis, as well as the column of Grandmaster Bill Wallace. It's January issue features articles by Coach Scott Sonnon & Supreme Grandmaster Ji Han Jae, as well as the column of Grandmaster Richard Ryan. INSIDE KUNG-FU's February issue features a cover story on Grandmaster Rorion Gracie (which includes pictures of Great Grandmaster Helio Gracie) plus mentions of Grandmasters Gini Lau, Glenn Wilson, the late Grandmaster George Anderson & INSIDE KUNG-FU's 2010 HALL OF FAME with inductees, Grandmaster Rorion Gracie & non-member, but good friend & martial arts legend, Great Grandmaster Ming Lum in the November issue of the VETERANS TIMES (I know, this is not a martial arts magazine publication, but it concerns the military veterans whom we all deeply respect ) Grandmaster Mark Shuey is featured in an article on a new cane self-defense program he is introducing to war veterans across the nation through his Cane Masters International & last but not least, the Malaysian publication, SENI BELADIRI features an article on Grandmaster Daniel Verkerke when he was down there with a picture & mention of Dr. Sallah Sabree who sponsored his seminars.


The late Grandmaster Harold Long


Letter from the late great pioneer, Grandmaster Harold Long of Isshinryu Karate


Well, this concludes our October - December issue. Please remember to send in your noteworthy items for our next edition & remember to stay AGGRESSIVE & FAIR as always until next time - Have a safe & happy holiday season, as well as a fantastic & productive New Year!!

Grandmaster Frank E. Sanchez
WHFSC Founder/ Executive Director International