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JAN - MARCH 2010





We open up this month's edition with a request for articles from Publisher, Mr. Michael DeMarco of the JOURNAL OF ASIAN MARTIAL ARTS. He is asking for article submittals from our membership having to do with either: 1. Scholary depictions of the martial arts or 2. technical pieces that present theory and practice of combative applications. The JOURNAL as many of you know is a soft cover book publication that comes out monthly. It's readership demographics are composed of individuals with excellent academic backgrounds & / or who are highly experienced martial art practitioners. For more information, you can contact Mr. DeMarco at

Journal of Asian Martial Arts
Journal of Asian Martial Arts

  GRANDMASTER TINO TUIOLOSEGA's Wife, Adele reports that LIMA LAMA's last promotions in Mexico City this past December 2009 were a resounding success, due in part to the organizational efforts of GRANDMASTER TINO's representatives there, Felipe & Arturo Feregrino.  Both individuals did an outstanding job of organizing & reaching out to all the different schools throughout Mexico.  The various schools present at the event performed numerous demonstrations for the Grandmaster, including a Polynesian dance in honor of GRANDMASTER TINO while the Grandmasters Son, Senior Master Rudolph Tuiolosega conducted a seminar for the schools present.


Grandmaster Tino (with hat) watches proudly from the sidelines

Lima Lama Schools line up to honor GM Tuiolosega  in Mexico

Grandmaster Rene Tongson


GRANDMASTER RENE TONGSON from the Philippines reports that on December 22nd of last year, the PHILIPPINE SPORTS COMMISSION in conjunction with the Office of Philippine Senator Miguel Zubiri held a joint conference to formally announce the passing of a law declaring Arnis as the National Sport of the Philippines. Under the law, Arnis is required to be taught in all Schools, Colleges and Universities, including the Armed Forces of the Philippines. The new law will also establish a Unified National Teaching Standard for Basic Arnis along with the unification of all Filipino martial arts organizations regardless of system & style. GRANDMASTER TONGSON was asked to be present to provide the technical side for the presiding Chairs during the conference GRANDMASTER TONGSON also reports that the 5TH ANNUAL FILIPINO MARTIAL ARTS FESTIVAL is set for July 25 -31, 2010 in Puerto Princessa, Palawan Island, Philippines & will be posted soon to the website of                                  


GM Dato Sabree Sallah conducts meeting in Malaysia

Delegates of MAGMA/ MARCEL present at meeting


GRANDMASTER DATO SEBREE SALLEH of Malaysia reports that he Chaired a joint meeting of MAGMA (Malaysian Grandmasters Martial Arts Association) and MARCEL (Malaysian Martial Arts Council) on March 10th going over some local business

Grandmaster Vincent Palumbo (left)  

GRANDMASTER VINCENT PALUMBO, student of SUPREME GRANDMASTER CACOY CANETE (also a WHFSC Member) from Australia,  just returned from a successful demonstration of CACOY DOCE PARES ESKRIMA for the World Wushu Championships in Hong Kong on March 27th when he was approached by the folks at Fox Sports to do a TV segment on Filipino Full Contact Stickfighting for them. The segment was broadcast over Fox TV in Australia  


Master Robert Ferguson

Grandmaster Eddie DeLuca

Grandmaster Jim Arvanitis

 MASTER ROBERT FERGUSON reports that he now has the #1 infomercial in the country on losing weight. He was recently featured on the Mo'Nique Show and will be soon making an appearance on Oprah. For more information, you can write to ROBERT at GRANDMASTER EDDIE DELUCA also has an article on water pipe training, a new device he has come up which develops real world balance and hybrid muscle strength in the latest issue of GLADIATOR Magazine. For more info, you can contact EDDIE at and GRANDMASTER JIM ARVANITIS has a new book out (which incidentally mentions our Council - THANK YOU, JIM!) on Pankration entitled "THE FIRST MIXED MARTIAL ART: Pankration from myths to Modern Times" that you can purchase through .

  Also, in the media recently GRANDMASTER AL DACASCOS from Hawaii reports that his Son, MASTER MARK DACASCOS, the Chairman of the popular cooking series, THE IRON CHEF and recent contestant on DANCING WITH THE STARS was featured on the HISTORY TV CHANNEL on March 16th hosting and portraying the life of the legendary Japanese swordsman, Miyamoto Musashi


Grandmaster Al Dacascos

Master Mark Dacascos

In tournament news GRANDMASTER GARY ALEXANDER from New Jersey has "America's longest running martial event", his 47th ANNUAL KARATE, TKD, KUNG-FU CHAMPIONSHIPS on April 18,2010 in Piscataway, New Jersey. For more information, you can write to GARY at  and on October 15th, 16th & 17th in Ontario, Canada, GRANDMASTER DON WARRENER will be holding the first ever RICHARD KIM MEMORIAL KARATE CHAMPIONSHIPS. For more info, please write to DON at Lastly, GRANDMASTER GEORGE ALEXANDER is looking for interested parties to join him in his INTERNATIONAL SHORINRYU KARATE/ KOBUDO FEDERATION MARTIAL ARTS SUMMER CAMP coming up August 6th, 7th & 8th in Reliance, Tennessee. You can e-mail GEORGE at for more information.


GM Gary Alexander

GM Don Warrener

GM George Alexander

Grandmaster Jaime Basquez


In our new members department, we are pleased to announce the membership of three new members to the WHFSC. In our MASTERS DIVISION we have MASTER JILL HERNANDEZ from New Mexico whose highest rank is 5th dan Black Sash in SDS JEET KUNE DO under WHFSC Member, PROFESSOR GARY DILL & MASTER JON A FRASER from New Hampshire, 7th dan in SEIBU-DO under WHFSC Member, DR. DONALD SWANSEY; and lastly in our GRANDMASTERS DIVISION, we are proud to include GRANDMASTER JAIME BASQUEZ of KAJUKENBO/ KOSHO RYU KEMPO from the Aloha State of Hawaii as an HONORARY MEMBER of the WHFSC. WELCOME to your new family of the world's martial arts elite!


Grandmaster Ron Van Clief in Shiai Magazine

Grandmaster John Pellegrini on cover of Budo International Magazine

Grandmaster Gary Wasniewski on cover of World Martial Arts Magazine

 In the magazines this time around BLACK BELT Magazine's April issue mentions  GRANDMASTER STEPHEN HAYES upcoming Leadership seminar in Newark, New Jersey with Jack Hoban along with GRANDMASTER BILL WALLACE' s monthly FULL CONTACT  Column BLACK BELT's May issue features GRANDMASTER JOHN PELLEGRINI in a feature article on cures for the biggest martial arts mistakes INSIDE KUNG-FU's May issue features a mention of OLOHE SOLOMON KAIHEWALU's book written by OLOHE and edited by PROFESSOR DAVID DYE entitled "ANCIENT HAWAIIAN MARTIAL ART OF KAIHEWALU OHANA LUA", a feature article on the students of  the late great Grandmaster Ark Yuey Wong which included mentions of GRANDMASTERS TINO TUIOLOSEGA, Founder of LIMA LAMA and DOUGLAS WONG, Founder of WHITE LOTUS KUNG-FU and  the GRACIE LEGEND column by GRANDMASTER RORION GRACIE WORLD MARTIAL ARTS Magazine features a cover story on GRANDMASTER GARY WASNIEWSKI (no info received on content, other then cover shot of magazine) GRANDMASTER RON VAN CLIEF has a feature interview in the on-line SHIAI Magazine from Africa and last but not least, MASTER SAMUEL SCOTT shares his Kwoon's money making success story in the April issue of MARTIAL ARTS PROFESSIONAL Magazine.






Grandmaster Kang Rhee (R) w/ student, the late King of Rock n' Roll, Elvis Presley


Well, this concludes our January - March issue. Please remember to send in your noteworthy items for our next edition & remember to stay AGGRESSIVE & FAIR as always until next time - Have a safe & happy holiday season, as well as a fantastic & productive New Year!!

Grandmaster Frank E. Sanchez
WHFSC Founder/ Executive Director International