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For those of you who have your own Websites, you can now interlink your own with ours'!......The WHFSC Website originates from Canada courtesy of SOKE DANIEL VERKERKE. It features an updated membership listing that goes directly to your own Website if a browser "taps" onto your name and you are interlinked to the list. For information specifics on "how" to do this, contact our Website Manager, Soke Verkerke at: 91 Water St. (S), Cambridge, Ontario Canada N1R 3E1/ E Mail Address soke@bushido.org

Honorary member, MASTER JACKIE CHAN of Hong Kong has shattered records with his block buster hit, "RUSH HOUR". According to "NEW LINE CINEMA"which produced it, the film was the #1 best selling Independent production of all time grossing more than $140 million!......

GRANDMASTER JAN DE JONG of Australia has a new book out entitled "JAN DE JONG - THE MAN, HIS SCHOOL AND HIS JU-JITSU SYSTEM". The book charts the history of ju-jitsu generally as well as the style of Tsutsumi Hozan Ryu Ju-jitsu which he teaches. This style is considered one of the oldest styles of ju-jitsu taught today. The cost is $29.00 + $11.00 postage (Australian dollars) or for an autographed copy, $41.00 (plus postage). Send your remittance directly to: Jan de Jong's Self Defence School, 996 Hay St., Perth, WA. 6000 Australia. Credit card purchases can be faxed to 61 08 9321 6419 or phoned in to 61 08 9321 8685.

Honorary member, MASTER DON "THE DRAGON" WILSON comes out of retirement on May 14th to fight Dick "The Destroyer" Kimber at the Tsongas Arena in Lowell, Massachusctts. As Don stated himself at our last International Hall of Fame in Orlando, Florida, he is trying to re-establish his "ties" to the martial arts after a long absence away because of his successful acting career. He currently trains with GRANDMASTER GLENN WILSON (WHFSC Member), the heir of Pai Lum Tao Kung-fu, Don's original style.

Paladin Press of Boulder, Colorado recently marketed the foreign rights for WHFSC Member, SOKE SID CAMPBELL's recent book "EXOTIC WEAPONS OF THE NINJA" to the Carol Publication Group (parent company of Citadel Books) based in Ontario, Canada. The 200 page book sells for $12.00 (U.S. Dollars) + postage and is chock full of the tradition, techniques and tactics used by the Ninja of feudal-age Japan. The book can be purchased through both of the above mentioned sources or by writing to" Sid Campbell's Shorin Ryu Karate Studio, WOSKKA Headquarters, 2019 MacArthur Blvd., Oakland, CA. 94602.

GRANDMASTER RICHARD "D.D." HOPKINS of England had the suggestion that we change our banner heading under our logo to read "THE WORLD GRANDMASTERS COUNCIL" because "AMERICA'S GRANDMASTERS COUNCIL" seems to suggest that all of our members come from America.....Point well taken Richard.....Please note that we have made the change effective with this writing. The "home" of this elite "family" is indeed the "world" and not just America!



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Soke Sanchez sight seeing in England after conducting a successful seminar to 400+ martial artists in London

YOURS TRULY is now the new Association Chairman for Florida A.A.U. (Amateur Athletic Union). Per a letter received February 19th from Executive Director of A.A.U. Martial Arts, Adrian Ellis. I will be working to build the new sport ju-jitsu program here in Florida.

GRANDMASTER JURG ZIEGLER of Switzerland called to report that he was awarded a 9th dan in SHAOLIN LOHAN KUNG-FU by his teacher, Grandmaster Kang Ban Chuan. This makes him 2nd in line to only Sijo Kang in this art form. This follows on the heels of his recent promotion to 9th dan in Sin Moo Hapkido by its founder, WHFSC Member, GRANDMASTER JI HAN JAE.

PROFESSOR GARY DILL of Oklahoma will be a guest speaker at the prestigious "Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do Nucleus" Annual Convention and Banquet to be held April 24-25th in Seattle, Washington. Gary will be giving a presentation on what it was like to train at the famous Oakland School of JKD under James Lee, personal friend and training partner of Bruce Lee who was also Dill's instructor.

HANSHI KENT HARALSON, Chairman of the "Gospel Martial Arts Union" from Montana reports that his book "THE MARTIAL ARTS - A CHRISTIAN PERSPECTIVE" has sold out and has entered its 2nd printing. The book retails for $12.00. For more information on where to obtain a copy, write to: HANSHI KENT HARALSON, 129 Sunset St., Lewistown, Montana 59457.

DR. GLENN MORRIS of Texas faxed to say that his 3rd book on mental training and esoteric martial arts has just been released by his publisher. Look for "MARTIAL ARTS MADNESS" at your local bookstore......

A big THANK YOU to the "TheGreat Lion of Goju", MAESTRO PETER URBAN of New Jersey for the "gifts" of 3 historical photos of himself which he recently sent to me. These will of course hold a place of honor in my martial arts library!......ALSO to one of the greatest living martial artists in the world, DR. RICHARD KIM of California for his recent gift and kind words about this newsletter.....OSU and "Si Yuuse Maase" (thank you in Guamanian) to both of you

And lastly in International news.......We are in need of more photos of members for our Website .....ALL members should contribute to it by sending their photos to our Website Manager, SOKE DANIEL VERKERKE whose contact addresses appear in the beginning of this newsletter (Please tell a little something about the photo on the back). THANK YOU in advance for contributing to YOUR Website!

NOW TO OUR LATEST MEMBERS......From Okinawa and now residing in the U.S.A., the Supreme Grandmaster of RYUTE RENMEI (formerly Ryukyu Kempo and Kobudo), Internationally known martial artist, TAIKA SEIYU OYATA......From Hawaii, by way of Maine, we have the Founder of the U.S. BLACK BELT SOCIETY and Grandmaster in KOSHO RYU KEMPO KARATE, ROBERT W. HOE......From New York, we have the Head of the INTERNATIONAL SENDO RYU KARATE DO FEDERATION, SOKE EMERIC ARUS......And finally from Colorado, given HONORARY MEMBERSHIP in the WHFSC, The Executive Director of the U.S. JUDO ASSOCIATION, 8th dan in Judo, MASTER EDWARD N. SZREJTER......


On the seminar circuit (as reported by members).......Honorary Member, MASTER JEFF SPEAKMAN's "International Kenpo Camp '99" takes place June 25-27th at the Stardust Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. Special guests include HANSHI LOU ANGEL and MASTER ED PARKER JR......PROFESSOR JAN DE JONG of Australia's seminar schedule covers Sweden in

April with seminars in Denmark & Germany taking place the later part of the month......MASTER ROBERT FERGUSON's "World Submission Wrestling" Organization holds its first "Gold Coast Grappling Championships" scheduled for May 8, 1999 in Oxnard, California......PROFESSOR LARRY HILTON of Illinois conducted a seminar March 13th in Springfield, Illinois at "J. Geyston's Kenpo Jitsu Academy"......the GRACIES have their beginner/ intermediate instructional camps at the Gracie Academy in Torrance, California on April 12-16th......SOKE SID CAMPBELL of California will be conducting a 4 hr. seminar on April 24th in Merced, California......PROFESSOR GARY DILL's April schedule includes April 10th - Wheeling, W. Virginia; April 17th - Edison, New Jersey


Our 5th Annual Meeting/ International Hall of Fame & International Martial Arts Symposium takes place September 3rd-4th, 1999 at the Radisson Twin Towers Hotel In Orlando, Florida. Please remember to mark your calendars for this event. Advanced room reservations can be made by calling 1-800-333-3333. Remember to mention the "International Martial Arts Hall of Fame" for your room discount!

(tentative); April 22nd - Vancouver, Washington; and April 23-25th - Seattle, Washington......HANSHI KENT HARALSON of the "Gospel Martial Arts Union" from Montana reports that they will have thier "1st Annual Rocky Mountain GMAU Regional Clinic" the weekend of May 14-15th......GRANDMASTER YOUSEF SHIRZAD of Iran reports that his "2nd International Shinzen karate Tournament" will be held in August in Holdensleben, Germany with his "All Asian Shinzen Karate Tournament" in the planning stages for Kathmandu, Nepal......DR. GLENN MORRIS of Texas conducted a series of stress reduction workshops for "Reuter's" New York offices in March... GRANDMASTER BILL "SUPERFOOT" WALLACE was in Concord, California on February 11th conducting one of his many seminars......and SHIDOSHI STEPHEN HAYES had his Spring Festival,

April 9-11th in Westlake Village California and an enlightenment seminar on April 18th in Bloomington, Indiana.

IN THE MEDIA.......The April issue of BLACK BELT features an article on Uchi Ryu pressure point strikes with GRANDMASTER RAY GERANEO along with a mention of GRANDMASTER RON VAN CLIEF's book entitled "Black Heros in the Martial arts"......The May issue of BLACK BELT features GRANDMASTER TINO TUIOLOSEGA's art of Lima Lama in an article on "Whipping Hands" along with mentions of Honorary Member, MASTER ROBERT FERGUSON'S submission wrestling organization and a picture of Honorary Member, SIFU MARK DACASCUS in an article entitled "How Good Are You"?......The BLACK BOOK features a portrait and expose on our member from Switzerland, GRANDMASTER JURG ZIEGLER......The Special March INSIDE KARATE issue of MASTERS AND STYLES features HANSHI RAUL GUTIERREZ of Spain in an article with the leader of the Mitose clan, Master Thomas Mitose.....INSIDE KUNG-FU features an article on Honorary Member MASTER NICK STARKS along with GRANDMASTER RORION GRACIE'S column on grappling; MARTIAL ARTS ILLUSTRATED features an article on Honorary Member MASTER MARK DACASCOS; KARATE/ KUNG-FU ILLUSTRATED features GRANDMASTER BILL "SUPERFOOT" WALLACE and columns by Honorary Members MASTERS DON "THE DRAGON" WILSON and ROBERT FERGUSON.....MARTIAL ARTS TRAINING features Honorary Member, MASTER NICK STARKSand GRAND-MASTER BILL"SUPERFOOT" WALLACE with Honorary Member, MASTER RICKSON GRACIE's column on grappling....MARTIAL ARTS MAGAZINE features an article on MASTER JACKIE CHAN......THE WORLD OF MARTIAL ARTS features articles on GRANDMASTERS NGO DONG and TOM HUNNICUTT with a photo of MASTER DON "THE DRAGON" WILSON in one of its articles.....and the KARATE VOICE carrys an article by MAESTRO PETER URBAN, a tribute to the late PROFESSOR VEE and mentions of GRANDMASTERS BILL "SUPERFOOT" WALLACE, VINCENT MARCHETTI, GEORGE ALEXANDER and myself.


Well, this concludes our bi-monthly newsletter for the months of March and April......Please remember to send in your news worthy items to our Headquarters....

In the meantime, stay healthy and "aggressive" and fair in all that you do!

Sincerely yours in martial arts brotherhood,



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Professor Frank E. Sanchez

10th dan judan

Founder/ Executive Director International


NOTE: The WHFSC has been in existence since May of 1993 and is a private enterprise of Soke Frank E. Sanchez in service to its grand- master membership. Any requested changes, additions or deletions to its membership roster must be in writing. All 2 year membership certificates are not automatically renewed and MUST be renewed by written request to our Headquarters.