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Professor Frank E. Sanchez

We are the foremost collective group of Accredited Internationally Recognized Masters and Grandmasters in the World.

Our Council Serves the Martial Art Community by providing in-depth investigations into the validity, knowledge and skill of our membership.

There are martial arts organizations in the world which cater to just the very elite in the martial arts. They seldom advertise, and acceptance into their inner circle is most often impossible for the average martial artist. These types of organizations often take a low profile and are not well known because of their uncommon nature. One such organization, which was formed in America in 1992, not only has the distinction of being America's FIRST grandmasters council, but also one of the largest and most elite in the world. It is called the WORLD HEAD OF FAMILY SOKESHIP COUNCIL.

Founder/ Executive Director International:
Grandmaster Frank E. Sanchez - Guam / Florida

Email: gmfrankEsanchez@gmail.com