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The World Head Of
Family Sokeship Council

There are martial arts organizations in the world which cater to just the very elite in the martial arts. They seldom advertise, and acceptance into their inner circle is most often impossible for the average martial artist. These types of organizations often take a low profile and are not well known because of their uncommon nature. One such organization, which was formed in America in 1992, not only has the distinction of being America's FIRST grandmasters council, but also one of the largest and most elite in the world. It is called the WORLD HEAD OF FAMILY SOKESHIP COUNCIL.

The brainchild of its founder, Grandmaster Frank E. Sanchez of Guam, the WORLD HEAD OF FAMILY SOKESHIP COUNCIL is composed solely of 9th and 10th dan grandmasters and their equivalents. At the present time the Council has over 160 members worldwide of every conceivable martial arts style and origin. Their list of members reads like a virtual "Who's Who" of the martial arts world.

Unlike other organizations, there are no membership dues. The WORLD HEAD OF FAMILY SOKESHIP COUNCIL grants membership solely by invitation or sponsorship only. The main purpose of the Council's focus is to bring communication between the different systems through its grandmasters and proliferate the growth of the martial arts through its programs. Programs such as its yearly International Hall of Fame which honors martial artists yearly for their accomplishments; its martial arts college; and its seminar program designed to expose martial artists to the teachings of the grandmasters.

For more information on the Council and its programs, you can write to its International Headquarters in Jacksonville, Florida at:

P.O. Box 8395, Jacksonville, FL. U.S.A. 32239

Ph. 904-361-9218

Fax (904) 744-4625


There are no fees associated with membership as membership is by invitation or sponsorship only. This is an exclusive Union of the top grandmasters of 9th or 10th dan ranking or the equivalent from around the world who wish to communicate and live in peace with one another.

The WHFSC was founded in 1992 by Professor Frank E. Sanchez of Guam and is without a doubt the most elite grandmasters/Soke organization in the world with the MOST RECOGNIZABLE martial arts names in history of any Soke or grandmasters council currently in existence.

The WHFSC offers you outside "support "from other martial arts grandmasters and their organizations who are members to add to the strength you already possess from within your own organization.

The WHFSC serves as a registering agency for your inheritors and highest ranked student grand- masters.

We are NON-POLITICAL in that we only address those issues which directly concern us or are directed to us. We believe in the right of all "legitimate" organizations to co-exist in a friendly manner.

Our bi-monthly WHFSC Newsletter serves as the "voice" for the WHFSC and is available for a small yearly fee (the newsletter is optional and not a mandatory expense for members). It keeps you abreast of what is happening with the other grandmasters and serves as a sounding board for your own activities which are printed "free of charge".

We have Annual meetings held yearly where you can voice your concerns or join committees geared for the benefit of the martial arts community.

We have an Annual International Martial Arts Hall of Fame to honor you for your achievements and to honor those in the martial arts community whom you feel deserve induction..... We also have a special "recognition" category for your students.

Annual martial arts seminar symposiums are held yearly by the Council (usually as a part of our International Hall of Fame festivities) and its individual membership.