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Award winning actress Sigourney Weaver_receiving 2015 award and Honorary Membership in WHFSC

Award winning actress Sigourney Weaver receiving 2015 award
and Honorary Membership in WHFSC

WHFSC Sokes from Germany, France and Italy (in red belts) gather to conduct seminar in Europe

Grandmaster Don Nagle (red belt) one of the leaders of Isshinryu in America receives certificate from Soke Sanchez

WHFSC Honarary Member, Jeff Speakman, famous martial arts actor at WHFSC Function

Manny Pacquiao shows off WHFSC membership certificate with GM Butch Sepulveda

Manny Pacquiao shows off WHFSC membership certificate with GM Butch Sepulveda

Soke Sanchez from Guam, Founder of the WHFSC addresses membership from podium

Soke Sanchez of Guam lectures during seminar at one of WHFSC's yearly multi system symposiums by the Council

WHFSC Members sign certificates of new members at 4th Annual Meeting in Orlando, Florida

Grandmaster Helio Gracie, Patriarch of the Gracie Ju-Jitsu family accepts  certificate of acknowledgement & friendship from WHFSC

1996 Induction of new members into the WHFSC

WHFSC Member, Maestro Peter Urban of U.S.A. Goju addresses audience as WHFSC Founder, Grandmaster Frank E. Sanchez (left) and Dr. H.L. Mayle (right) look on.

Spectacular double lion dance by SiGung Glenn Wilson and troop at the1998 International Hall of Fame.

A few of the Council members inducted at the 1998 WHFSC Hall of Fame included (from left to right) Ama Guro Raffy Pambuan, SiGung Glenn Wilson, Master Don "The Dragon" Wilson, Hanshi George Alexander and Hanshi Ray Geraneo.

Grandmaster Bill Wallace (right) clowns around with Grandmaster Carl Stone after receiving Honorary Membership in the WHFSC at Carl's Dojo in FL.

Grandmaster Klaus Romminger of Germany waives his appreciation after being honored with an award from his fellow WHFSC Members.

The late great Soke Gary Castanza of New York demonstrates a throwing tech. at the WHFSC Gathering.

(Front row - far left) Great Grandmaster Tino Tuiolesega, the founder of Lima Lama and WHFSC Member oversees an event by his Lima Lama Group in Mexico.

Grandmaster Tom Hunniccutt of Arkansas

Left to Right: Grandmasters George Owens (Arkansas) ; Keido Yamaue (Sweden) ; Guest; Chas Gaven (S.Africa); Frank E. Sanchez (Guam/ Florida) ; and John Kanzler (Pennsylvania)

Grandmaster Jan de Jong of Australia poses with students and seminar participants.

GM. Harold Long, his Inheritor GM. Phil Little & the late GM. Don Nagle

Grandmaster Glen C. Wilson Chief of "The Dragon" Security celebrates with his student Don "The Dragon" Wilson after Don won the world title in Mass. May 14/ 99

The Council's name lights up the marquee at Universal Studios in Florida!

Hanshis Daniel Blanchet of France (left) and Raul Gutierrez of Spain take a break from teaching at a seminar in France.

Professor Frank E. Sanchez (left) and Professor Wally Jay share a moment at a martial arts tournament.

Professor John Casarez of Ohio prepares to "wreak havoc" on his student at the WHFSC Demo.

Grandmaster Chuck Norris & Grandmaster Gary Wasniewski demonstrate their striking prowess for camera at covention in England

(From left to right) Council members Grandmaster Vincent Marchetti, Ron Van Clief and Don Wilson pose with an admirer

Grandmaster S. Srinivisan of India (in blue gi top) prepares to demonstrate a technique on fellow WHFSC member, Master Amir Ardebily

Tiloa Limalama seminar held in Tuloea, Mex. June 27, 1998 Headed by Grandmaster Tino Tuioloseqa Limalama Art of Self Defense

Grandmaster Andrew McGill of England shows his stuff at European seminar

Dr. Jerry L.Aiello - Star of "Warrior Talk" Radio and 10th dan Hanshi of Shitokan Isshinryu

Grandmaster Sid Campbell

Hanshi Val Mijailovic with Soke Tak Kubota

Professor Albert Empron of Hawaii (in lei) host party after awards ceremony for his organization

Michael DePasquale Jr. puts on an X-rated hula dance while WHFSC Members discuss how they got talked into going on stage with such a "hussy"!

The Reverend Grandmaster Solomon Isaac of India.

Grandmaster Solomon Isaac of India, a Christian Priest performs a technique on an Iranian student in Barnes.

Sijo Adriano Emperado of Kajukenbo proudly holds up his WHFSC Membership Certificate!

Grandmaster Steve Lee Swift (right) with Master Sammo Hung from a motion picture they filmed together.

Professor Edwin Maley (middle) is joined by Soke Harris Warren (left) and Sensei Jose Rodriguez (right) at WHFSC Event

"Buddying it up" at a WHFSC function are (L to R) Masters Don Wilson, George Alexander, Ron Van Clief, a guest and Prof. John DeNora (kneeling)

Isshinryu Pioneer Harold Mitchum (left) and Long Isshinryu..Inheritor Phil Little take a break at seminar

Fumio Demura, Sensei

Soke Gerardo Cantore of Argentina

Grandmaster Ray Geraneo (left) with student pose for the camera

Former dojo mate under Prof. Sig Kufferath, Sensei Russ Coelho of Kilahana (left) & Soke Sanchez discuss old times

Grandmaster Stephen Hayes (black & yellow belt) & Dr. Dan McEaddy (red belt) in discussion with student.

Grandmaster William Duessel (left) & student with Soke Sanchez (middle) at WHFSC function in Orlando, Florida

rial57.jpg (11195 bytes)

Don "The Dragon" Wilson, Grandmaster Glenn Wilson and Cynthia Rothrock take a break from filming the movie "Redemption"

Grandmaster's  Reylson Gracie with John DeNora

GM. Phil Little with sons of the late Grandmaster Harold Long; Gary (Harold Long's Executor) Mike & Rick at Isshinryu Karate Hall of Fame.

Professor Sig Kufferath

Grandmaster Jim Arvanitis performing thumb push-ups (he is in the Guinness Book of World Records for push-ups with one and two thumbs)

Grandmaster Jim Arvanitis performing push-ups with only one thumb