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Had a wonderful and exciting time attending and supporting the World Head of Family Sokeship Council in Orlando, Florida a few weeks ago. Thank you Soke Frank Sanchez for including me in this year's ceremonies. It was an honor and I appreciate all your efforts to insure my experience was enjoyable.

- Quote from Master Don "The Dragon" Wilson on Facebook 10/4/17

Under the leadership of Soke Sanchez, the Sokeship is celebrating it’s 25th Anniversary. I’m proud to be a member of this great organization. The NCMA congratulates Soke Sanchez for his great leadership for making this happen! OSS”

– 2017 Facebook post from GM Lou Angel – National College of Martial Arts.

Action Martial Arts Referral

Grandmaster Gary Alexander reference

2014 congratulatory letter from the President of the United States

2014 congratulatory letter from Florida Congressman Ander Crenshaw


To be in the company of men and women who are true masters of a particular art is a great  honor. We may ask our self, what is a master. In reality there is no man or women who stands alone as a master. To master something  means that you have infinite knowledge of that something. The true seeker of knowledge is aware of this, so he/she seeks the wisdom of the UNKNOWN. If he/she dedicates his life to that which he seeks, his/her true image will be revealed. The image of the MASTER with in will manifest the ordination of the master with out. The True seeker knows this. This is why he/she is the master.
The World Head of Sokeship council 2001 Hall of Fame week end Was beautiful. My soul was enriched to be among so many different masters and grand masters of the Sokeship council who are truly gifted. 
Soke Dan R. Mc Eaddy
Member of The World Head Of Family Sokeship council
International Director OF The Circle Of Masters


The Hall of Fame Banquet was as usual, fantastic! However, I believe the event is much more than a dinner! I believe it is a gathering of the Worlds Greats and a time to spend with friends from our Global Community; it is unique, it is the highest accolade, it is beyond trophys and plaques, it is the respect of peers! --- it is to be cherished!

This is my sixth year as a member of the WHFSC, and in that time I have been richly rewarded by meeting with many of the Worlds great Grand Masters. I have been fortunate to have made many friends from around the World as a result of the association, and manage to keep in touch in touch with them by electronic communication. I look forward with great anticipation to the annual banquet where friendships are renewed and quality time can be spent with friends who also happen to be the leaders in the Martial Arts World.

The WHFSC is unquestionably in a extraordinary and distinguished position in the Martial Arts World. The Council membership includes many of the great names in the World of Martial Arts due to its leadership, its purpose and standards, and because of these strengths and attributes, the WHFSC has the unparalleled opportunity by its example if not obligation, to raise the bar of professionalism through out the World of Martial Arts.

My thoughts about Martial Arts would not only include The Way of the Warrior, but also a philosophy on the beauty in Nature and Life and the richness and wisdom the Masters of Old have left for us to contemplate and hopefully to pass on to our students. The Founders from centurys past lived in Feudal times where a struggle for life was in a delicate balance with the ever present specter of sudden and violent death. In this savage milieu however, the Warrior Founder found time to contemplate the Arts and Sciences and the beauty of Nature and the Natural Order; -- their thoughts and wisdom have been fortunately saved for future generations, however, I think there are Martial Artists of today who think only of an idealized fantasy of the Warrior, and have never learned of the beauty in Nature, the Arts, the Sciences, and who know very little, if nothing of the of the Way of the Peacemaker!


We are the Masters in this generation as there were Masters of generations past who we idealized, honored and revered, and oftentimes spoke of in glowing, hushed and reverent tones. Today, we are the Masters who our students idealize, and it is what we impart to them that will cause them to invoke memories of us when addressing students of future generations. What will they say about us? What legacy will we leave to our Martial Art posterity? The very diversity of philosophical thought in Martial Arts is a factor which makes us richly unique and individual on one hand, while being as One, on the other. With so many diverse philosophies within Martial Arts, what is it that is universal about our customs, practice and tradition that we want our students to learn? What lessons do we want our students to take with them and use in life once they leave the Dojo?

Gary Alexander's
U.S.A. Karate/Defense/Fitness/Sport Programs
Superior U.S.A. Isshinryu Plus Karate Defensive Combat Karate, Ju-jitsu, Aikido

P.O. Box 2204, Edison, N.J. 08818, U.S.A.
Tel. No. 732-326-0263, Fax No: 732-326-0265, E-Mail: garyalex@bellatlantic.net
Webpages: www.plaza.v-wave.com/lobo/iama and www.realmartialarts.com

World Head of Family Sokeship Council
Attention: Mr. Frank Sanchez, Grandmaster
Dear Mr. Sanchez,

I am writing this letter on behalf of myself, and our International Association of Martial Artists. I would like to commend you, and your organization, for the years of organizing the Martial Arts under your banner, to the point that you now preside over a very prestigious, impressive group of a truly representative array of International Martial Artists from a myriad of the Fighting Martial Disciplines.
I have always enjoyed the hospitality, and comradery, and respect to all, displayed while attending your events. Keep up the great work, and feel free to call upon me, if I can be of assistance.


Gary Alexander

chan.jpg (82963 bytes)
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It is indeed an honor to be a part of the World Head of Family Sokeship Council over the past five years. I would like to thank Grandmaster Frank E. Sanchez for personally inviting me to become a member and to sit at the front table at the annual banquet among some of the true martial arts greats.  I would also like to commend him for his vision and diligence in organizing such an impressive group of practitioners representing many styles and many countries.

The WHFSC stands as a dominant force in today's martial arts community. It has enlisted the ranks of the top names and foremost leaders due to its high standards and purpose of excellence. The weekend gatherings, from the outstanding seminars to the awards dinner, have always been conducted with impeccable quality, offering each of us the opportunity to meet with our peers and form meaningful friendships. I for one feel that the event improves every year while maintaining the true spirit and honor of the martial arts through its continued professionalism, hospitality, and respect. Kudos to you Frank and your family for your superlative efforts!

Keereeos Grandmaster Jim Arvanitis
The Father of Modern Pankration
WHFSC Member
Bradenton, FL

6 September, 2003

Oss Soke Frank Sanchez,
You're a hard man to talk to; always busy. But, that's a good thing.

First, I'd like to tell you what a surprise and pleasure the opening to our dinner was at the Radisson Hotel on Aug. 30th. I  recognized the music and was expecting a tape rendition of Lee Greenwood. I was not disappointed. You were much better. What could be better than doing it you? Especially, when you have such a fine voice. It was most inspiring.

My wife and I enjoyed the two days of being with such a distinguished group. The seminars were very good and we look forward to future events......

Ralph Viggiano
Johnny Kuhl Combat Karate
Old Greenwich, CT.

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From:> Heinz Scheidereiter
To: Grandmaster Sanchez
Sent: Friday, September 19, 2003 8:40 AM
Subject: comments for Hall of Fame website

Dear Grandmaster Sanchez,
iIt was honour for me to see you again. Me and my Family were impressed to hear you singing. It went under our skin and we wished you did not stop singing.

The event was in the eyes of a married wife good organized and it was ?Super?. >A suggestion of mine is, to take part of all the courses, to have a better time schedule. Me and my husband and our son had a wonderful time in especially to be honoured by the personal ceremony at the Award Banquet. We hope we can see you and your family in the next time in Jacksonville.
Many lovely greetings from Heike Scheidereiter and our son Kristian, who was very astonished, that you talk with him personally. Many lovely greetings from my husband Heinz, too.(Germany)

----- Original Message -----
From: PDillJKD@aol.com
To: san_jitsu@yahoo.com
Sent: Wednesday, September 03, 2003 3:52 PM

This was the best meeting and weekend that we ever had at the WHFSC.
Good job, Frank.Gary (Professor Gary Dill - Oklahoma)

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From: NOVACAT novacat@ameritech.net
To: <san_jitsu@yahoo.com
Sent: Sunday, August 31, 2003 11:16 PM
Subject: Many thanks...

Dear Soke Sanchez,

I did not want the opportunity to get away to thank you for your efforts
in once again bringing together so many truly terrific people. I am not
speaking necessarily in reference to their individual martial acumen, but
rather in terms of what genuinely nice people they again have shown
themselves to be. While from a martial perspective, I certainly appreciate
the skills that were demonstrated, I find that a fellow practitioner,
regardless of age, gender, or rank, who is not afraid to share a smile and
a bit of humanity is the real reason that I make the trip.

I especially liked your rendition of "God Bless the USA", as well as
"Bring Him Home". It made for a memorable and enjoyable evening. Where else can
you hear Lee Greenwood and "Les Miserables" all in the same night.

Again, many thanks. Making new friends and rekindling old acquaintances
made it a highlight of what has been an exciting year, to say the least. I hope
to see you in Sacramento.

Respectfully wishing you and yours the very best,

Glenn Gavin

----- Original Message -----
From: nick stratacos
To: san_jitsu@yahoo.com
Sent: Tuesday, September 02, 2003 8:27 AM
Subject: WHFSC 2003

Soke Sanchez,
Thank you for allowing me to participate in the WHFSC 2003 banquet and to teach a seminar. I got the opportunity to demo some old kata from Hohan Soken, Gokenkei, and  Ueichi Kuda ( a blast from the past ). I'm pretty old school like yourself. I don't mind the new eclectic stuff, but I have a tendency for traditionalism,. I  enjoyed your singing. and wish I could  time  more time  with you. See you next year,.

Soke Nick Stratacos

----- Original Message ----- From: RYUZADO@aol.com
To: whfsc@Bushido.org
Sent: Tuesday, September 02, 2003 11:00 AM
Subject: Thank You!

Dear GM Sanchez:

Thank you for a wonderful weekend.  Once again if there is anything I can help you with please let me know.  You have an excellent Organization with some outstanding people.

Thank you once again,
Yours in Budo
Namo Sat Nam, 
Dr. Crimi

----- Original Message -----
From: assya humesky assyahu@webtv.net>
To: <san_jitsu@yahoo.com>
Sent: Wednesday, September 03, 2003 4:22 PM
Subject: Banquet HoF

Dear Grandmaster Sanchez,
The banquet was very successful and quite speedy. Everything went very
smoothly......Wishing you and your family all the best , success in the
next year banquet.
God bless.

Grandmaster Eugene A. Humesky - Michigan
P.S.My wife wishes to express her admiration for your beautiful singing.
What a pleasant surprise!

----- Original Message -----
From: Soke Ruiz
To: whfsc@bushido.org
Sent: Wednesday, September 03, 2003 8:43 PM
Subject: Great Week-End

I had a great week-end. The evening was the best yet and  I didn't know you can sing. The evening gathering was the best run one yet......"Osu"
call me when you can

Soke Ruiz/IKKU Hombu

 ----- Original Message ----- 
From: BMFR28@aol.com
To: whfsc@bushido.org
Sent: Wednesday, September 03, 2003 7:08 PM
Subject: Gallery

Grand Master Sanchez
I had a great time at this year hall of fame. 
Thanks for all of your hard work.

Keith Badyna Shihan

----- Original Message -----
From: Soke Dai Ni Brandon Fisher
To: san_jitsu@yahoo.com
Sent: Monday, September 08, 2003 3:09 AM
Subject: Thank You

Hello Soke Sanchez,
Thank you again for putting on a terrific event. Seems that each year gets a little better and I am so proud to be a small part of it.  As I said after the banquet I am keeping my labor day weekends open so I can better my chances to be down there...... Thank you again and I am already looking forward to next years event.

Brandon Fisher
Tai Shin Doh / Tai Shin Jitsu International
Soke Dai Ni Tai Shin Doh / Tai Shin Jitsu
Asst. International Director Tai Shin Doh 
International Director Tai Shin Jitsu

----- Original Message -----
 Olaf van Ellen
To: Grandmaster Sanchez
Sent: Monday, September 08, 2003 9:59 AM

Dear Grandmaster Sanchez,
First of all I really would like to thank you for the nomination and the really nice organized event. In our next issue of Budoworld I?ll try to put an article about the event......
Many greetings to your wife from good old Germany

Yours in great respect
Olaf van Ellen

----- Original Message ----- 
From: Mark Shuey <Mark@canemasters.com>
To: Grandmaster Sanchez <san_jitsu@yahoo.com>
Sent: Tuesday, September 16, 2003 11:13 AM
Subject: Re: 

Hi there, Grandmaster Frank ;-)
Just wanted to tell you what a great time I had at the last World Head of Family HOF. What a great event you put on!!
Keep up the good work, your friend in the Arts,

Mark Shuey Sr.
Founder - Cane Masters International Association

----- Original Message -----
From: Soke
To: Grandmaster Sanchez
Sent: Tuesday, September 16, 2003 6:26 PM

Grandmaster Frank,

With regards to the Hall of Fame in Orlando...... It was a" First class event, celebrating a good and most prestigious Grandmasters Council"

My best regards to you and support always,
Grandmaster Gary Wasniewski.

From: Martin_Manuel@comcast.net
To: San_jitsu@yahoo.com (Frank Sanchez), whfsc@bushido.org (Frank Sanchez)
Subject: Thanks
Date: Sun, 03 Jun 2007 03:44:48 +0000

Grand Master Frank E. Sanchez, Soke
Thank you very much for the Hall of Fame weekend.  We ( my students and I) had a great time as always.......

God Bless You
Marty Manuel, Hanshi

From: Don Warrener <donrw@earthlink.net>
Subject: Re: 2007 WHFSC International Seminar Symposium and Hall of Fame 
Date: Thu, 31 May 2007 13:12:33 -0700
To: Grandmaster Sanchez san_jitsu@yahoo.com

Dear Frank,
Thank you very much for the award (author and historian of the year) and for being invited to be apart of your event.......

Thanks again for the terrific hospitality. I look forward to next years event and hopefully we will be able to share something special again with your group that is significant and entertaining.

Don Warrener
15805 Chase Street,
North Hills, CA


From: "Stephen K. Hayes" <skjh@skhquest.com>
To: "'Grandmaster Sanchez'" <san_jitsu@yahoo.com>
Subject: RE: WHFSC 2007 International Hall of Fame weekend
Date: Sun, 4 Mar 2007 15:05:14 -0500

Dear Grandmaster Sanchez,

Thank you for inviting me to the annual banquet and nominating me for the Living Legend award. I appreciate your kindness in thinking of me. Unfortunately, once again this year, I am already booked for a weekend seminar on the dates of the annual convention. My schedule is usually put together about a year in advance so that the branch schools teaching my system have the opportunity to prepare their yearly calendars around my visit.

I remember well the grand hospitality you showed me some years ago when I was able to be there in Orlando for the WHFSC event. You do a wonderful job of organizing and presenting professionally.

All best wishes,


An-shu Stephen K. Hayes
SKH Quest
6263 Far Hills Avenue
Dayton, OH 45459
937 436-9990



I hope you are well. I cannot attend WHFSC event at this time as i am appearing on Stage in a Play REIGN in London.The performance runs from 10th May to 1st June. I would like GM Sri Dinesh to receive my award for me.

I have nominated you for Director award for London Hall of Fame 2011. I am so busy with movies/stage that it makes life a bit crazy. But i am fighting on! I look forward to attend next year.

Please give my best wishes to all at WHFSC.The only TRUE grandmaster council!

Always best regards,
Thunderkick/GM.Gary Wasniewski

04 May

Rudy Ponali Kahokuokalani Tuiolosega

I would be honored to accept this position (on the WHFSC) knowing I can never replace my father but only continue to spread his art and maintain the high quality and integrity of the art that he fought so many years to groom. We have always thought highly of you and your organization as the original and true organization that holds its value throughout these many years. My mother would be happy to be an Honorary member as well since she is without a doubt one of the historians of this art and knows so many of the instructors, students and martial arts masters who have helped Limalama to grow throughout the world and she is well respected having studied this art. She is editing my father's first book and with some economic luck we will be able to publish it this next year as it is important that facts be written and that others who have stated they were co-founders are exposed for what they really are.

In any case, I will send you an email with all our information and will do my best this week to have my mother send the photos of his celebration to you for your newsletter. God bless you and thank you again for supporting Limalama and for having such a valuable organization that we can be proud of because it is so credible.

 Grandmaster Frank E. Sanchez
Founder/ Executive Director International
World Head of Family Sokeship Council

I would like to congratulate Frank on his dedication to promoting martial arts around the world and his continued drive in organizing events in the W.H.F.S.C.


I would like to thank frank personally for inviting me to participate in the grandmasters instructional DVD’s series in Texas in 2008 and the biography that Frank helped to compile which was released in 2009 by Grandmaster Don Warrener rising sun productions California.

Grandmaster George Alexander Maughan
American Advanced Kenpo Karate & Martial Arts


Dear Grandmaster Frank E. Sanchez:
The World Head of Family Sokeship Council is truly the most serious, non-commercial and prestigious Budo Grandmasters organization I ever had the privilege to be a member of.

Keep on the good work!

Yours in the Martial Ways,
J. Eduardo Castro
Okinawa-ken Ryu no Soke
Hanshi Ku-dan www.okr1964.org


As many of you know, I started in 1949 and received my 10th Dan from my sensei Kenjiro Kawanabe, direct disciple of the founder of Shotokan/ Shotokai Karate, Gichen Funakoshi Sensei. I was awarded this in Japan. This is my 61st year in the Art. My dojos are the "Legend Shotokan Karate" Worldwide and still going strong

When I was invited to join the SOKESHIP Council I had reservations, but on going there I saw many of my old friends like Peter Urban……Joe Onopa, Harold Long, Gary Alexander, Don Nagel…… Ronnie Van Clief, and so many great names that I was overwhelmed. It was a GREAT turn out and one I can honestly say has never been done before.

Grandmaster Sanchez united every division of every art in the world of egos, and made us all equal as brothers under one flag. That was a miracle. I am proud to have the title along with my many brothers as SOKE

Great Grandmaster Rick Lenchus 10th Dan SOKE

One of the recognized Founding Fathers of American Martial Arts and “Legend Shotokan” Karate