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Founder/ Executive Director International: Grandmaster Frank E. Sanchez - Guam / Florida

Board Of Advisors: Grandmaster George Alexander – Florida, Grandmaster John Pellegrini – Florida, Dr. Lou Angel - Missouri;  Grandmaster John Byrne - Nebraska; Grandmaster Phil Little - South Carolina, Master Alan Goldberg – New York

Dragon Masters Committee: Shihan Chris Marquez - Florida; Shihan Jimmy Rutherford - Florida; Sensei Matthew Sanchez - Florida; Shihan Valerie Trizilla - Nebraska; Shihan Vivian Grantham - Nebraska; Shihan Peter Keko - South Carolina

Communications Manager: Grandmaster Daniel Verkerke 

Technical Committee:  Grandmaster Mark Colangelo, Esq. - California; Sensei Michael Lograsso, Esq. - Ohio; Grandmaster Phil Little – South Carolina

Healing Arts Division: Dr. Robert Goldman - Chicago; Grandmaster Ian Cyrus - Pennsylvania; Dr. T.R. Crimi - California; Professor Russ Muro - California; Professor Russ Coelho - California; Shizumi Crimi - California; Glen Fraticelli - California

Historical Committee: Don Warrener - California; Grandmaster Emil Farkas - California; Dr. Jerry Aiello - Michigan; Grandmaster Brian Kula Fung – California

Military Budo Committee: Grandmaster Glen Fraticelli, Major U.S.A.F. – California

Head Screener: Grandmaster Edward Badiang - Hawaii

General Membership Division: Shihan Chris Marquez - Florida

Writers Division: Master Guy Larke - Korea; Don Warrener - California; Grandmaster Emil Farkas - California; Grandmaster Rondy McKee - North Carolina


Note: In addition, each grandmaster of the Council is a representative of the Council in his/her own Country and State and may sponsor/ recommend an individual for membership. Membership is not automatic and subject to historical verification of the individual's credibility as a legitimate grandmaster within the world martial arts community. An individual who does not meet this criteria may seek acceptance from the Council by demonstrating his art before a testing committee appointed by Grandmaster Sanchez once he is sponsored by a member of the WHFSC. In either case, entry in the Council is based solely upon sponsorship and on the above criteria. The Council neither awards rank or accepts monies for membership. In this way, the Council maintains its eliteness and protects the reputation of its membership.


This is the Largest collection of Internationally recognized Martial Arts Grandmasters in the World

Elite Master Members

Honorary Members

Posthumous Members