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WHFSC Hall of Fame Ceremony & Seminar Symposium

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International Martial Arts Achievement Awards
Seminar Symposium

Coverage of some of our seminar Leaders

Prof. John Denora of USA Daita Ryu in California during seminar

Prof. John Denora of USA Daita Ryu in California during seminar

Prof. John Denora of CA. lectures to attendees on Daita Ryu concepts

Prof. John Denora of CA. lectures to attendees on Daita Ryu concepts

02HOF05.jpg (19551 bytes)

Martial Artists / European action Star Andy Kuntz demonstrates a tech. for the crowd at WHFSC seminar.

02HOF06.jpg (21754 bytes)

Grandmaster Robert Williams of Maryland (in blue hakama) conducts seminar.

02HOF11.jpg (19353 bytes)

Lim's Kenpo student presents an action fight skit as part of their demo.

02HOF10.jpg (18234 bytes)

Grandmaster Mark Shuey demonstrates a cane Kata as part of his seminar presentation.

02HOF12.jpg (22571 bytes)

Grandmaster Jack Wang of Singapore performs a solo form as part of his demonstration

02HOF13.jpg (24790 bytes)

Grandmaster Phil Little's Isshinryu students square off in staff fighting.

02HOF14.jpg (13617 bytes)

Grandmaster Phil Little (left) introduces his students prior to giving Isshinryu demonstration.

02HOF15.jpg (25542 bytes)

Grandmaster Neal Hummerstone in action demonstrating Aiki Tora Ryu.

02HOF16.jpg (12846 bytes)

Shotokan stylist, Shihan Tony Troche of Hawaii lectures to seminar attendees.

hofa9.jpg (34703 bytes)

Grandmaster Daniel Verkerke (right) applying a kama technique from the Seicho Jutsu Kama system.

02HOF17.jpg (26010 bytes)

Grandmaster Hanns Von Rolbeck (white gi) addresses audience as Master Janet Gee & volunteer from the audience look on.

02HOF18.jpg (23154 bytes)

Grandmaster Hanns Von Rolbeck of Germany (white gi) demonstrates ki projection with the aid of Master Janet Gee (in black) & student volunteer.

02HOF19.jpg (14918 bytes)

Professor John Casarez demonstrates finger locking tech. on one of his Ju Jitsu students.

hofa02.jpg (22211 bytes)

Grandmaster Dr. Dan Mc Eaddy (left) demonstrates some of the touching arts from the Angelic system with volunteer uke.

02HOF25.jpg (25636 bytes)

Master Janet Gee demonstrates a tech. using two volunteers.

02HOF20.jpg (28898 bytes)

Grandmaster Alexander Retuinskih of Russia demonstrates a defense against two attackers.

02HOF24.jpg (15515 bytes)

Simo Patrice Lim of Lim's Kenpo bows to crowd prior to demonstration.

02HOF21.jpg (23536 bytes)

Grandmaster Alexander Retuinskih of Russia concludes his two man defense by throwing one on top of the other.

02HOF26.jpg (21154 bytes)

Martial Artist / European action star, Andy Kuntz demonstrates a take down.

hofa7.jpg (30938 bytes)

Master Andy Kunts demonstrates a tech. during his seminar.

hofa11.jpg (36434 bytes)

Olohe Solomon Kaihewalu demonstrates paddle tech. during his seminar.

hofa13.jpg (25587 bytes)

Prof. Robert Williams from Seattle demonstrates Makoto Ryu Aiki-Jujitsu techniques during his seminar.

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These seminars were really amazing. If you have a chance to attend next year, don't miss it.